How to Tell Copy iPhone USB Cable and Charger and Prevent Loss

iPhone ke‍eps its success in global market. Millions of iPhones have been shipped out . However, since retailers have no big profit on this popular device with Apple's transparent price, so they play their tricks on accessories to make more money. For example, they would replace the OEM Accessories with copy parts. It is more common for customers get trapped in the situation when they come to buy accessory only. Fortunately, ETrade Supply show you guys how the tricky sellers deceive customers with fake parts and how to distinguish copy iPhone USB cable and charger.


Lightning to USB

There is a printed line in the cable“Designed by Apple in California Assembled in XXX”, the country name behind in" are the country where the cable was assembled. Until now, only China and Vietnam have the authorized manufacturers to produce the cables. It's reported that Brazil will also join this club soon. There is a serial numbers behind the sentence, which consists of 12 numbers if the cable is original produce, meanwhile, the copy cables also have the serial numbers but usually they are consist of 13-17 numbers. However, copy cable with 12 serial numbers is already available in market now. Fortunately, other clues below will help you out.

Apple prints the copyright sign with light color but very clear. However, the 3rd party producers won't pay attention on the details due to cost. It is very clearly for us to tell the copy part from the print performance in the picture above. Generally speaking, products in Apple family all keep the same style.


OEM USB cable has no gap in the joint of cable and USB port, however, as far as we find, no matter how good quality copy USB cable is, tiny gap always can be found in the joint. 

There is a subtle metal gap in the OEM USB port as the picture shows, which is processed as smooth as possible. On the contrary, the copy cables have obvious flaw such as bigger gap in the second one, a little embossment in the 3rd and 4th port.

Looking at the iPhone Lightning area, the gold contacts on the changer are very smooth while the contacts on the copy cables are kind of rough. It may be difficult to find the subtle difference by your eyes. When you put your finger on the area, the feeling will tell you the distinction. 


Apple 5W USB Charger Adaptor 

The easiest way to tell the copy and OEM USB charger is to compare the copyright sign and attentions. As we mentioned above, the part with clear display and light print color is the OEM USB charger.


There is also a line of serial numbers inside the USB port, which can be used to find the distinction between OEM chargers and copy chargers by the serial number and the print direction. However, as time goes by, tricky sellers also improved their products’ quality which make customers confused, but Checking the fonts is still the best way to figure out the OEM part. Below is the contrast for you to check:




As far as we know, the left and right sides inside the charger USB port has resistance and black shield. 3rd party charger producer has not copy the detail so far. It is an very important clue for us. Since the area is located inside the USB port, which is impossible to take photos, so we mark the area in the picture blow.

After tearing down OEM and copy chargers, we can check details inside the parts. No surprise, the copy charger inside is very simple and crude. To add more weight in the charger, a metal block is put inside though.


There also are other clues for us to find the distinctions, such as the thickness and flexibility of cables, but it is easy for tricky manufacurere to improve the details. Customers may be not able to figure out the differences.


You may think that the USB cable and charger are not very important accessories, but it really matters when you use the parts to transfer data or charge. To be honest, if current in the copy USB cable is not as high as rated current 1A, the data transfer may be paused due to the low current, which also leads to slow charging and damage on motherboard parts. Copy charger which are not produced in quality requirement, may even explode unexpectedly. ETrade Supply do recommend people get iPhone USB cable and charger in reliable places.  

Hope the blog can help people to get OEM USB data cable and charger and prevent unnecessory loss. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or just comment below to let us know your opinion. If you are also interested in ETrade Supply's cellphone parts wholesale business and want to do business with us, please ‍‍sign up the wholesale program and check the Membership System, which explains how we work togerther with our partners and what are our partners' privileges.


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