How To Fix Slow Or Unable To Charge Problems


Whether you have an iOS device like an iPhone, iPad or an Android device like the Galaxy S6 Edge, charging problems like slow charging or not charging at all are commonly reported in forums after frequent use sometimes even after only a few days. Generally, when charging problems appear, the first step is to check the charger and USB port, however, in many cases solutions may be more complex than simply replacing a charger, let’s look at some other possible solutions.


Solution 1: Check if the connection between the USB port and the charger is loose. If so, reconnect the cables to make sure everything is connected correctly.


Solution 2: Check if your charger is in good shape, if not, you may want to replace it with a new one. Always use an original charger, which will lower the risk of damaging the device and battery.


Solution 3: Double check the USB charger port on your device.


If it’s not in good shape, you might want to contemplate replacing it with a brand new charging port. It’ll cost you roughly $1 ~ $2 to buy a new replacement online.

If the USB connectors or ports are dirty/oxidized, you can clean them with anhydrous alcohol. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hands while cleaning.


Solution 4: Check the battery to see if it’s aging or bulging. If you find that your battery is bulging or showing other wear then a new battery is definitely necessary. Be careful not to buy a fake one. Check out how to identify an original vs a fake cellphone battery.


Solution 5: Disassemble your phone to check if the battery contacts are in good condition. Sometimes, slow charging or an inability to charge is caused by a loose connection between the battery contacts and the motherboard.


Solution 6: Check the resistance with a multimeter to confirm everything is working normally. You can Google it or ask a repair shop to give teach you how to use a multimeter to test the battery resistance.


Solution 7: Check if the U2 IC chip is veraciously soldered or damaged. If not, re-soldering or replacing the IC chip will help. Also, you can Google it or send it to a repair shop to fix it if you have no idea what you are doing. Or you may check out how to change IC via this Youtube channel: Ashfaq Tech.


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  1. BY Sacashi

    Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program () Portable USB cahrgers like the are very popular. I myself own a and it has been a lifesaver many times.The Duracell Mygrid USB Charger allows you to carry extra power for USB chargeable devices. It comes with attachments for both standard and micro USB charging, but can be adapted for others as long as you have a USB cord.Once I received it I plugged it into my laptop and allowed it to charge; this is why the Mygrid Charging Pad is not necessary for use. After it had charged fully I decided to test it out on my first which had about half of it’s battery life left. After plugging it in I could see the charge indicator on my Kindle light up and I left it for about an hour. When I came back to check on it, the indicator had gone from orange to green; the sign of a full charge success!The next test (again after charging up the Duracell charger) was on my iPhone. Because the iPhone charger is specific to Apple you will need the original white charger cord to use this. This time my phone was near dead when I started the charging and because I was curious about exactly how long this one would take to charge I kept a better eye on it. Normally on the wall charger it takes about 90 minutes for a full charge. At just about 107 minutes my phone registered as fully charged and that was good as the Duracell charger was nearly depleted.Overall I can definitely recommend this, especially knowing that there is no need to invest in the additional Charging Pad. Unless of course you would like to do so for re-charging convenience or use with several chargeable items. Because of it’s compact size, this is a great emergency power supply to carry for your cell phone and it will be appreciated if the need for it arises.


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