How to Replace OnePlus 5 LCD Screen, Battery and Charging Port?

OnePlus 5 as the OnePlus company newest flagship phone caught great attention since its release. Now let’s tear down it to see how to replace the LCD screen assembly replacement, battery, charging port and other small parts.

Repair tools needed:

Heat gun

Pry tools


Screw driver

Step 1 Power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray

The SIM card tray is on the right of the phone.

power off the phone take out the SIM card tray

Step 2 Separate the LCD Screen Assembly from the rear housing

Unscrew 2 Hexagonal screws at the bottom

Tear off 2 screws on bottom

Use the pry tool to gap the screen assembly from the rear housing

Gap the OnePlus 5

Use the pry bar slide along the screen edges to separate the LCD screen assembly from the rear housing. Notice: As the charging port is on the rear housing connecting the mainboard with flex cable, so please be careful when separating or it will be damaged.

Slide along the screen edge separate one

Undo the Phillips screw on the metal cover of the charging port and take it off.

Undo the screw take off the cover

Release the charging port connector.

release the flex cable screen is separate from rear housing

Step 3 Remove the Charging Port and Headset Jack

Undo the 4 screws on the charging Port, use a heat gun to heat it then you can remove it easily.

undo 4 screws use hot gun heat it

Here is the charging flex cable

take off the charging port

Step 4 Remove the Motherboard

Use the pry bar to release battery connector, screen connector and other connectors

release connector on mainboard 1 release connector on mainboard 2 release connector on mainboard 3 remove connector on mainboard 4

Undo 7 screws holding the motherboard. Heat with heat gun then you can take out the motherboard easily.

undo 7 screws on the mainboard pry the mainboard mainbard is separate

Step 5 Remove the Front Camera and Rear Dual Camera.

The front camera is on the back of the motherboard

remove the front camera

Remove the rear dual camera

remove the rear camera

The Proximity Sensor and Light Sensor are welded on the motherboard.

Step 6 Remove the Battery

Tear off the battery glue on the battery side and pull the battery out. It is easy to take out the battery.

pull the battery out

Here is the OnePlus 5 battery.

Here is the OnePlus 5 battery

Step 7 Remove the Loud Speaker

Undo screws holding the loudspeaker, and heat with a heat gun then take it out easily.

undo 4 screws on louder speaker remove the louder speaker

Step 8 Remove the PCB

Release the connectors on the PCB and heat it so you can remove it easily. The microphone is on the PCB.

release the LCD screen flex cable release connector on pcb 1 release connector on pcb 2 remove the pcb

Release the antenna connector.

release the signal line connector

Step 9 Remove the LCD Extension Cable

Tear off the battery glue, release the LCD extension cable connector and take it off.

tear off the battery glue take out the LCD extension cable 1 take out the LCD extension cable 2

Step 10 Remove the Ear Speaker and Vibration Motor.

take out the headphone take out the Vibration motor

Step 11 Remove the Volume Button Flex Cable

remove the volume button flex cable

Step 12 Remove the Power Button Flex Cable

remove the power button flex cable

Step 13 Remove the Signal Flex Cable

remove the signal flex cable

Until now the OnePlus 5 is totally disassembled.

Here are the all OnePlus 5 parts

Check the whole OnePlus 5 teardown video on YouTube Etrade Supply. Should you have any ideas or questions, please do not hesitate to share with us.

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  1. BY Nav Khangura


    Thank you for the detailed description of tear down, it’s very helpful. I dropped my phone yesterday and it landed the volume rocker which is now bent inwards and jammed in to the main chassis of the phone. Means I can’t toggle the volume up or down through the button but it also seems to be lodged in further on the down button. I plan to open the phone and see if I can try and fix it myself.

    One question – is the volume rocker attached to the front (screen) part of the phone or the main base of the phone? My plan is to try and push/bend it back outwards. Do you think this is possible?


    Nav Khangura

    • BY kaye

      Hi Nav, you should total disassemble the OnePlus 5 then you can see the Volume buttons, your think is possible but it has a risk for you to do it. The volume is a separate part of the phone. I suggest you send it to a repair shop or the phone manufacturer. If you want to do it yourself, please watch the video before you do it.


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