How To Identify If Your iPhone Is New Or Refurbished?

Global smartphone shipments totaled 1.55 billion units in 2017, creating a new record. However, due to the sales decline in China and Europe, the global mobile phone market declined 5% in Q4 2017.

In contrast, the market for refurbished smartphone becomes more and more popular, according to the latest report from Counterpoint Research, the global market for refurbished cell phones grew 13% in 2017, the shipments close to 140 million units. The mainly market share of the refurbished mobile phones are Apple and Samsung, they two hold nearly three-quarters of all. And Apple is still leading by a significant margin.

So there is a question, how can we identify the iPhone we bought is new, refurbished or others?

Here we will tell you how to identify your iPhone is new or refurbished.

Go to Settings > General > About, scroll down to find the Model number, if the number is not like the picture shown below, tap Model to switch from the number to the model number. We identify the device through the first letter, the different letters have different means.

find iphone x model number

The letter M means your device is new, it was purchased from the Apple store online or Apple retail shop.

The letter F means the device is refurbished.

The letter N means your phone is a replacement device, which means your device was replaced by Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Center. The replacement device is a refurbished device too.

The letter P means your phone is a personalized device, there is a personalized engraving on your device.

My iPhone model number is MQA52ZP/A, the first letter is M, so my device is a new iPhone.

Have you learned how to identify your iPhone now? Is your iPhone new or refurbished? Welcome to comment below.

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  1. BY Helen kwan

    I bought an iPhone xs max from Craigslist, I want to find out whether it is legit please advise, model no. MQA52ZP/A serial no C39SDGN3JQ36,

    • BY kaye

      You can go to Apple’s official website to check the coverage of your iPhone. Go to Apple website page >> support >> check coverage >> enter your serial number

  2. BY Flica Hussey

    hello…nice article

    Is it possible to change that model ??
    some software can reset all data and make it brand new…
    here you can buy iphone parts at mobile sentrix….

  3. BY Aidan Kelwood

    Thanks Kaye!


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