How to identify refurbished HTC One X

How can we distinguish a new HTC One X from a refurbished one? Step one:  Appearance 1. Housing: The brand new phone housing joint is compact and the surface of is smooth without tiny bump. Refurbished phone generally uses aftermarket housing which leaves far space in joint section. For the typical refurbished phone, profiteers would spray paint on the housing to make it looks like new one, which will fall off after some time 2.  For brand new phone, when you crack open the box, you could smell faintly Sandalwood. However, for refurbished one, the smell is like plastic, rubber and chemical medicine. 3. It's inevitably to have scratches on USB port, charging port and HDMI port of refurbished phones Step two: Check the IMEI code and SN code You could go to HTC official site to check your phone information, such as deliver time, manufactory time and market area. For further inspection, you could dial *#06# to see the IMEI code and compare it with the one on the back of the phone. If these codes do not match, it must be a refurbished one. If the codes do match, it's far from being happy, profiteer could make fake IMEI code both in the phone and on the back. So you need to check these. Step three: Check the usage record Dial *#*#4636#*#*, then you could check the usage of software. The less time it be used, the more likely it's a brand new one. Step four: Check the accessories For brand new phone, the accessories should also be new. These accessories like charger or headphone should be sealed in plastic bag. If you find some using traces in the accessories, the phone may be not a brand new one.
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