How to Disassemble the LG G5 to Replace Cracked Screen

The LG G5 caught the majority’s attention because of its revolutionary modular design with a removable battery and the LG G5 Friends: the LG 360 Cam, the LG Cam Plus module and the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play, enabling users to access to more professional services according to personal needs by switching to different modules. Thanks to the modular design, the LG G5 is easily to be torn down and repair. Here we introduce you how to disassemble the LG G5 for screen replacement.

Tools Needed:

1. Release the LG G5 Battery.

Press the battery module lock button, slide out to remove the battery.


Pull it out to separate the LG G5 battery from its module, be careful not to damage it as the battery is stuck in the module firmly.


2. Disassemble the LG G5 Module.

Undo the 2 screws as shown in below picture.

Insert a guitar pick or spudger to release the aluminum back bottom cover, which is glued by strong adhesive sticker.

Undo the screw and then pull to separate the module into pieces.


3. Remove the LG G5 SIM Card Tray.

Eject to release the SIM card tray.

4. Separate the LG G5 LCD Assemly from Back Cover.

Undo the 2 screws.

Insert the guitar pick and walk it around to separate the LCD assembly from the back cover.


5. Disassemble the LG G5 Back Cover.

Pry up to release the LG G5 earphone jack.

Remove the LG G5 fingerprint sensor.


6. Release the LG G5 Motherboard.

Pry up the connectors to remove the LG G5 motherboard and 3 cameras.




Watch How2Tech disassemble the LG G5 LCD assembly for screen replacement video.

(Sources: How2Tech)

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  1. BY Steve

    I don’t know why people are complaining about this video, I think it is an incredible video. It shows you how to completely dissemble the LG5G with step by step instructions and helpful comments along the way. The video also doesn’t talk about the phone for half the video like so many others.. I know I don’t want to attempt this repair on my own lol

  2. BY Jack

    Why the hell are you taking apart the sim try unit and the finger print scanner….are tou trying to fucking troll WHEN IT IS FOR A FRONT SCREEN?!

    • BY kaye

      Hi, we are mainly to tell you how to tear down the LG G5. To replace your smartphone screen you’d better go to a repair shop.

  3. BY Scott

    Replaced screen and only half displays

  4. BY anvedizio

    please there is anyone who knows where to buy the glass that covers the camera lens?

    • BY wedgemoose

      same here!!!! my camera glass is shattered. don’t even know how happened

      • BY Ryan

        Same here. Camera glass is shattered. The phone is in an otter box case, so I don’t really know how it happened either. The origin of the shatter is on/near the side of the center square in the camera area, and spreads to the left, across the left lens only.

        • BY Anna

          Me too I have no clue how it happened

  5. BY Laura

    This is very informative. What is the tool used for heating the LG G5 to remove the screen?

    • BY Kaye

      That’s a heat gun, you can also use a hair dryer instead if you don’t have a heat gun.


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