How much does it cost to replace iPhone 8/8 Plus battery and LCD screen?

Recently, it had reported at least 10 cases iPhone 8/8plus split open in the world due to the swollen battery, most of them happened in the transport or charging process. Fortunately, the iPhone 8/8 Plus didn’t explode as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 did last year. Customers can return the broken iPhone 8/8 Plus and get a new device. Here we are talking about how much does it cost to replace iPhone 8/8 Plus battery and LCD screen. The cost of replacing an iPhone 8/8 Plus battery 1. Apple repair cost. If the iPhone 8/8 Plus device is out of warranty and you want to repair it in Apple store, it will cost you $79 plus $6.95 if shipping fee is required. 2. Repair shop cost. Due to the long waiting time, some people would like to repair it in the repair shop nearby instead of sending it to Apple Store. What you need to pay in a repair shop is battery cost plus service fee. The iPhone 8 Plus battery cost about $40 now and the price is fluctuating, more details about the battery you can visit here. 3. DIY cost. DIY is an exciting thing for some people. What you need to pay are battery cost + shipping fee + repair tools cost + tariff. ( Tariffs are required only when importing products ) Note: DIY has a risk of damaging the device. The cost of replacing an iPhone 8/8 Plus LCD screen 1. Apple repair cost. If you have an AppleCare+, it is cheaper to replace an iPhone 8/8 Plus LCD screen. 2. Repair shop cost. If the device screen is broken and out of warranty, we always repair it in a repair shop nearby. The repair costs are screen cost + service fee, according to the different quality level of LCD screen, it has a different price, and the OEM LCD screen is more expensive than the copy one. More information about iPhone 8 LCD screen please click here. 3. DIY cost. DIY is just suitable for those people who have experience in maintenance or teardown if you are a novice, I don’t suggest you do it. As a new product, the OEM iPhone 8 LCD screen price is more than $300 now, but don’t worry, with the passage of time, the price will come down slowly. The price for iPhone replacement parts is fluctuating, please check below for the latest prices. iPhone 8 replacement parts: iPhone 8 plus replacement parts: Repair tools: Check our iPhone 8 teardown and assembly tutorial video here.

iPhone 8 teardown video:

iPhone 8 assembly video:

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