Cost of Repairing a Cracked iPhone 5C or 5S Screen

Dropping your iPhone 5C or 5S will result in a cracked screen, which can completely ruin your day. You want to have the broken screen repaired to rebuild your life, but some reports claim Apple Store will charge $269 dollars for cracked iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S screen repair. Also, cellphone repair shops charge higher money for the iPhone 5C or 5S LCD or touch screen replacement.

Fortunately, the iPhone 5C or 5S screen isn't much difficult to be repaired. Some people would learn which iPhone screen parts can be replaced, and purchase suitable iPhone 5C or 5S parts with the right tools to DIY repair the cracked screen. Here we conclude the cost of repairing a cracked iPhone 5C or 5S screen in different ways.

iPhone 5S broken screen

How Much to Replace the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C Glass Screen only?


When you check your cracked 5C or 5S screen, if you find the touchscreen performs well and the images under it are fine too, you can only replace it with a new and original iPhone 5C glass lens or iPhone 5S glass lens, whose cost is around $6.95 on ETrade Supply. You can also find many glass lenses on eBay or Amazon, but be careful to choose an original one rather than a fraud one.

Although the cost of a new 5C or 5S glass screen is quite cheap, you'll take risks if you replace only the glass lens, for the glass screen is hermetically fused to the touch screen. Therefore, you have to acquire professional skills on repairing glass screen on iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, or you can get a new glass lens and turn to a local repair store, which may increase the cost but decrease the risks.

How Much to Repair the iPhone 5C or 5S Screen Assembly?

If your iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S digitizer touchscreen fail to work, you have to replace the complete screen on the iPhone 5C or 5S, which will be costly. Apple Store charges $269 dollars for the 5S screen replacement repair, while ETrade Supply supplies a new and original iPhone 5S LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame at about $40, and iPhone 5C LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly with Frame at about $39.

The new iPhone 5S and 5C screen assembly comes with the frame, so it will be a little more expensive but the replacement process will be much easier than replacing the screen assembly without frame. Anyway, comparing the $269 dollars in Apple Store for fixing broken iPhone 5C or 5S, you have saved much money. You can watch the following video of disassembling the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C to learn how to replace the 5S or 5C screen assembly with frame.

Considering the expensive screen repair in Apple Store and the easier reparability on iPhone 5S, many iPhone users choose to purchase iPhone 5S replacement parts to DIY repair the cracked screen. What about you? Will you try to DIY repair your iPhone 5C or 5S? Let us know in the following comments.

Apple iPhone 5S Disassembly / Tear Down / How to Replace iPhone 5S Screen


iPhone 5C Disassembly/Tear Down/ How to Replace iPhone 5C Screen

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  1. BY Mercy

    I want to repair my iPhone 5s
    How much will cost me
    Abeg urgent reply

    • BY kaye

      What’s the problem with your iPhone 5s?

  2. BY collinsbezor

    my iphone 5c doesnt display any thing on the screen at all so where can i purchase the screen and the camera

  3. BY Rachel Sillah

    I have a cracked I phone 5s and I want to fix it but I only have 90 dollars to fix pls help fix fo 80 or 90 dollars

  4. BY Ali

    Lcd and frame replacement

  5. BY no phone-sad girl

    I dropped my iPhone 5c on grass and the screen is completely ruined, its not cracked or anything but this weird thing comes up; like static, really worried it will cost lots….PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  6. BY Lex

    I need to fix my phone for cheap does the LCD come with the screen or do I have to buy that separate and how much would that be

    • BY May

      Hello Lex, strongly recommend you buying the LCD with digitizer unit though the cost is higher, the glass only replacement requires repair experience and it’s very easy to cause further damage to the screen.

  7. BY TigerLover

    I need to know the price to fix a broken iPhone 5c screen. Please help a girl in need 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 :0

  8. BY lee mcneill

    I phone 5 cracked the screen it says 39.00 is this right and how do I get it to you and turn around time

  9. BY Hetho112

    I need to know how much it will cost to fix my iPhone 5s screen

    Prices anybody???

  10. BY olga

    I roped my Iphone, and it doesn’t work, what can I do ? How much it will be ?

  11. BY Frankie

    Iphone 5c broken, need only screen repaired.

    • BY hhfhfhshsh

      they repair those phones at west town mal i got my phone repaired there they did amazing there is a kiask in the mall that does it to

  12. BY broken phone girl

    I droped my phone I screwed up but were all human someone help me I want to go to a phone shop but for CHEAP Im in need to know help please.

    • BY Khadijah

      I know someone who fixed my iPhone 5. He did an awesome job. He is located in Atl ga.

      • BY Karen

        Khadijah, could you please give me the contact information of the person who repaired your iPhone 5?

  13. BY tech dad

    Hi my daughter dropped her 5s phone and smashed her screen i went on Amazon got a new screen with tool kit for 64 pounds watched a couple of you tube videos and took me abt an hour to change it my daughter’s over the moon i look like the best dad in the world job done


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