iPhone 5S Repair: Step-by-Step Disassembly Instruction

Apple's latest flagship iPhone 5S has become the spotlight these days. We managed to get the new smartphone and settled down to disassemble the iPhone 5S. Honestly, it is quite difficult to repair than its predecessor - the iPhone 5. So, we walk you through the entire iPhone 5S take apart instruction here to provide how to repair iPhone 5S. Following the step-by-step iPhone 5S disassembly guide, you can master the repair steps and learn the important notices during the repair process.

iPhone 5S parts

According to the iPhone 5S disassembly guide, users not only know the way to tear down iPhone 5s, but also learn how to repair broken iPhone 5S parts: such as, how to replace the damaged iPhone 5S screen. Mastering DIY repair skills, people can also fix these broken 5S parts problems:

• Replace cracked or shattered iPhone 5S screens.

• Repair iPhone 5S broken rear housing.

• Fix iPhone 5S malfunctioned loud speaker.

• Replace damaged iPhone 5S earphone.

• Replace iPhone 5S charging port flex cable ribbon.

What you'll need to disassemble/repair broken iPhone 5S parts

Case Opening Tools

•  Metal spudger opening tool

•  iPhone Repair Tools

Recommend follow these details steps below to accomplish the iPhone 5S disassembly job.

Step 1: Power off the iPhone 5S and remove the SIM card tray

Before performing any 5S components repair, you need to power off the device and take out the SIM card tray before opening up the phone.

power off the iPhoen 5S

Step 2: Remove the iPhone 5S back plate

Use a Pentalobe screwdriver to undo 2 screws at the bottom of the phone.

undo screws of iPhone 5S

Step 3: Use Metal Spudger Opening Tool to pry up the LCD screen assembly.

Gently pry up the LCD screen assembly to avoid damage on the flex cable ribbon.

pry up iPhone 5S lcd screen

Step 4: Pry up the retaining bracket and home button connector

A flex cable ribbon connecting the fingerprint sensor in the home button to the Lightning port assembly. The flex cable ribbon is fragile. Handle it carefully to disconnect the Touch ID sensor.
pry up iPhone 5S home button connector

Step 5: Undo 4 Phillips screws to remove the bracket


remove 5S bracket

Step 6: Disconnect 4 connectors to remove the LCD screen assembly. After lifting up the flex cable ribbon connectors of the FaceTime Camera, digitizer touch screen, power flex and LCD screen, the display assembly is free.


disconnect iPhone 5S lcd screen screws

Step 7: Disconnect a connector to remove the 5S rear facing camera

remove 5S front facing camera

Step 8: Undo 2 screws to remove the retaining bracket.

remove iPhone 5S  retaining braket

Step 9: Disconnect 2 connectors then pry up the battery.
The battery is stuck firmly on the rear housing by the glue. Use the cellphone spudger tool to carefully pry the battery.

undo 2 connectors of 5S batterypry up the iPhone 5S battery

Step 10: Undo 7 screws, then pry up the loud speaker

Undo 7 screws of 5S loud speakerpry up iPhone 5S loud speakeriPhone 5S charging port cable

Step 11: Remove the charging port flex cable

lift up 5S charging port flex cable

Step 12: Undo 7 screws to remove the motherboard

remove 5S motherboard

Step 13: iPhone 5S Tear Down Parts

iPhone 5S replacement parts

Click to learn iPhone 5S Take Apart Video and follow it step by step.

  1. BY iphone 5s restarts

    iphone 5s restarts every 2 to 2.5 minutes. Sometime during winter it is okay , but if i starts to stream any youtube or any video then it restarts every 2.5 min .
    Battery health is also extremely poor.
    suggest me the option to replace battery or both battery+ reball?

    • BY kaye

      You need to check if it’s the problem of the battery. Sometimes the disconnection of the flex cables inside could cause the iPhone restart.

  2. BY Tami Gaddis

    I dropped some jelly in the power button on phone. It will turn on to Apple sign but will not go to home screen. Any suggestions?

    • BY kaye

      You should go to the repair shop and tear down the phone. Maybe the flex cable is corroded and cost the short circuit to the motherboard. You should not press and turn on the power button again.

  3. BY hunter

    my iPhone keeps powering itself off and dying at a high battery percentage. What do i do? I’ve hard restarted and it didn’t work.

  4. BY Camden

    in my phone there is a little shake in the back I think that it is the battery and this has been shaking arround for about two months. that is when I had the screen and battery replaced and now there is a problem with it acting like it dosn’t have enough power the screen will dim out fast and the whole phone will turn off and restart does this sound like the battery connection is loose?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Camden, it looks like what you say.

  5. BY Bobbie Bray

    I dropped my apple 5 phone in the water

    • BY kaye

      that’s a sad story, can it work now?


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