iPhone 5S or 5C cracked screen repair guide

Usually dropping iPhone 5S or 5C would result in a cracked or broken screen. Smash your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C and lose your mind? Will you take it to Apple Store for iPhone screen repair? But you would keep in mind Apple Store will not take the responsibility for any iPhone problems caused by accident. To save your time and money, you can try other solutions to save your damaged iPhone 5S or 5C screen, such as DIY repair iPhone screens. Below we work you through how to check which 5S or 5C screen parts you can DIY replace.

iPhone 5C and 5S screen repair guide

How to Tell which iPhone 5S or 5C Screen Part You Need to Repair?


Before tearing down the 5S or 5C for screen repair, users should acquire basic knowledge about what kind of iPhone screens parts can be DIY replaced.

Fix iPhone 5C or 5S Glass Screen Only


If the 5S or 5C front glass screen is smashed, while the image under the glass is fine and the digitizer touch screen responses well, you only need to replace the 5S or 5C glass screen only.

Note: The iPhone 5S or 5C glass screen is hermetically attached to the digitizer screen. Special tools and professional skills are needed to replace only the iPhone 5C or 5S glass lens.

Replace iPhone 5C or 5S Digitizer Touch Screen Only


If the top 5S or 5C touch panel is cracked or broken, but the image under it is fine, then you need to replace the digitizer touch screen only.

Note: Because the iPhone 5S or 5C touch screen is integrated into the LCD screen, replacing only the touch screen digitizer requires professional equipment and skills.

Repair iPhone 5C or 5S LCD Screen Only


If the images under the 5S or 5C glass are black liquid or broken, while the 5S touch screen works normally, then you need to replace the LCD screen only.

Note: To replace only iPhone 5C or 5S LCD screen is very difficult, for the iPhone LCD screen is fused with the digitizer touch screen.

Replace iPhone 5C or 5S LCD Screen Assembly with Frame


If the images under the 5S or 5C glass are black liquid or broken and the touch panel is cracked or broken, then you need to fix the 5S or 5C complete screen with LCD screen and touch screen attached with glass screen.

You can follow our iPhone 5S Repair: Step-by-Step Disassembly Instruction to fix your cracked or shattered iPhone 5S screens.

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