Compatibility of the 2017 iPad (iPad 5) and iPad Air parts

Along with the release of red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus, Apple also lunched 2017 newest iPad at the same time, which is just called ''iPad'', with a very similar appearance and structure to iPad Air 1. Maybe you are thinking if their spare parts are compatible due to their similarity. About the compatibility of all iPad parts, how much do you know? Here we'd like to share with you something you may not know.

From the photos of iPad Air 1 and 2017 iPad, we can easily see that the 2017 iPad is just an updated iPad Air 1. After doing a comparison and survey of 2017 iPad, iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2, we found that some parts of them are compatible.

  1. 1.2017 iPad LCD is compatible with iPad Air 1, if you install the 2017 iPad LCD on iPad Air 1, it will be brighter; On the contrary, the iPad Air 1 LCD can also work in 2017 iPad, but it will make the display dim, and the left edge has weird back-light leak.

  2. 2.2017 iPad digitizer is compatible with iPad Air 1, and works well.

  3. 3.2017 iPad battery is compatible with iPad Air 1, they have the same model number and specification.

  4. 4.2017 iPad microphone flex cable is compatible with iPad Air 1, both can fit and work well.

  5. 5.2017 iPad left Antenna is compatible with iPad Air 1, they can work without problem.

  6. 6.2017 iPad digitizer frame adhesive is compatible with iPad Air 1.

  7. 7.2017 iPad rear facing camera is compatible with iPad Air 2.

  8. 8.2017 iPad Headphone Jack is compatible with iPad Air 2.

Except above 3 models, many other iPad parts of different models are also compatible:


If you need to fix your iPad 3 LCD, but it's out of stock. No worries, its compatible part iPad 4 LCD can make your iPad 3 work well too. Your 2017 iPad digitizer damaged? Now it's good for you to choose its compatible part with a reasonable price.

Welcome to share with us if you have found more compatible parts of iPad.

(Picture source: Google.)

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