How to Tear Down an Apple iPad 3: Step-by-Step Disassembly Guide

It happens to many people that they break the iPad 3 and turn to repair shop, which can cost more than fixing it by yourself. So why not take a time to learn how to repair it? Below is an iPad 3 step-by-step disassembly guide. You can increase your skills and have fun during the process. Just have a try. Tools Needed:   Step 1. Press the Sucking disc on the up right corner of the screen 1 Step 2. Use the Hair drier to heat up the edge of the screen 2 Step 3. Insert the Case open tool into the gap between the digitizer and frame 3 Step 4. Separate the digitizer, watch out for the flex cable behind the down left corner 4 Step 5. Undo 4 screws at four corner of the frame 5 Step 6. Turn over the LCD screen 6 Step 7. Disconnect the LCD screen connector to remove the LCD screen 7 Step 8. Peel off the anti-static tape on the connectors and disconnect them to release the digitizer 8-1 8-2 8-3 Step 9. Peel off the tape  9 Step 10. Disconnect 2 connectors then use tweezers to remove front camera and microphone 10-1 10-2 Step 11. Disconnect the connector and undo a screw behind it 11 Step 12. Undo other 8 screws 12 Step 13. Remove audio PCB board 13 Step 14. Disconnect the rear facing camera from the PCB board 14 Step 15. Peel off the tape 15 Step 16. Undo 2 screws 16 Step 17. Disconnect the Charging port connector 17 Step 18 Take out a plastic stick then remove the charging port 18-1 18-2 Step 19. Disconnect the antenna and battery connector 19 Step 20. Undo 4 screws to take out the motherboard 20-1 20-2 You can also click here to view the iPad 3 disassembly video.


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