4 Ways to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery drop to 0% not charge issue

Recently, some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 users said their devices can’t be charged after the phone battery drains below to 0% and the phone can’t boot up. There is no indicator light on the top of the phone, no lightning logo on the screen and the device can’t boot up by press the power button. The device does not charge and can’t boot up. The issue has been acknowledged by Samsung and they say it happens only on very few devices. Do you have any friends around you who have encountered this battery issue? And what they do to fix this issue? Here we will talk 4 ways about how to fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery not charge issue.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 not charging photo

Before contacting the Samsung Customer Service, you can try the following ways to fix the Galaxy Note 8 battery not charge issue.

1. Charge your phone with another charger and USB cable which are in good condition.

2. Charge the phone for 10-15 minutes then force restart it. Press and hold Volume down and Power Button 7-8s to force restart the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

3. Stacking charge the phone. Some devices need a tiny amount of current to run the charging control. Get a few seconds of charging before the charge control system kicks in, plugging in and unplugging about 30 seconds apart builds up enough of a charge for the phone to take over. This way is proved to be useful for some users. Sometimes it takes about 20 minutes of plugging and unplugging.

4. If these methods do not work, please contact the Samsung Customer Service 1 (800) 726-7864 to get help.

It is said this issue not only happens to Galaxy Note 8 but also Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, so please charge your device before the battery drains below 0%.

If you have any other ways to solve Samsung Galaxy Note 8 battery not charge issue, please leave a comment below.

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  1. BY Slava

    Have the same problem. When the battery drops to 0% my only way to revive the phone is to charge it wirelessly for 10 minutes. After that, it can be charged with the usb cable.

  2. BY Muzz

    For anyone coming here in 2021… Samsung S21 Ultra – same issue, and the plug/unplug method worked for me

  3. BY Miguel

    What works whith me is to use a wireless charger. It’s the only way to start charging after it shuts down at 0%

    • BY GR

      Tried the wireless charger recommendation. Worked liked a charm. Changed the charger and cable before the wireless option. Made no difference. Go buy a wireless charger and save yourself a lot of grief.

  4. BY OkaMii

    For solving. just open your note 8 and put 2 jumpers made by a old usb cable directly to the + and ground of the battery for 30 seconds or whatever it needs, and it will have the necesary power to suply all the device to charge when you plug it in to the charger again. just be carefull because the batery is not made to support the 5v directly, thats the reason i said 30 seconds.

  5. BY Cherry

    Same issue with my s8 plus. Any of those wont work

  6. BY Willy Maykett

    You little rippa!!
    Samsung A5 wouldn’t charge after being flat for a while. tried everything, no luck.
    Tried the plug / unplug, routine and after about 3 min of plug/unplug, got the charge icon, then put it on the Samsung charger and now CHARGING!!

    Best and only solution I found that worked!!!
    Great job!!!

  7. BY Chirag

    Unfortunately my note 8 is having this issue for second time. Furthermore, my wife has a s8, and same exact thing has happened to her. How disappointing that this big of an issue is going unnoticed.


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