Galaxy S6 Edge Not Charging? Here’s What You Need To Know To Fix It

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is experiencing problems charging or not charging at all, and using a new charger or USB cable doesn’t help. Then chances are the charging port itself is the cause. Here we walk you through how to replace a charging port so you can fix it yourself.


1. Power off your Galaxy S6 Edge. Heat up the Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery door to soften the strong adhesive with a hair drier or a heat gun. Pull up the battery cover with a suction cup tool, and use a case opening tool or some poker cards to separate it from rear housing.


(Notice: Take your time and be patient during this step.)




2. Take out the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SIM card tray with an eject pin.



3. Undo the 13 screws in the Galaxy S6 Edge’s rear housing. Heat up the LCD assembly then separate the rear housing from the LCD Assembly with the help of a suction cup and case opening tool.


(Notice: Be careful not to damage the wireless charging coil attached to the battery.)



4. Remove the Galaxy S6 Edge’s motherboard by prying up the LCD assembly connector, front-facing camera connector, battery connector, ear speaker connector and the connector on the backside of the board.



5. Remove the Galaxy S6 Edge’s RF antenna cables and undo the AUX port screws. Then pry up the navigation light stickers to remove the Galaxy S6 Edge’s charging port assembly.


(Notice: be careful not to mix up this screw with the rear housing screws, they are different.)



Now reassemble the new charging port assembly in reverse order. If you need the other related tutorials, here they are below.



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  1. BY Rod

    My S6 charges just fine using the electrical wall outlet charger. The phone will not charge when hooked up the auto/lighter adapter. I’ve tried 2 different charging cords (both new) as well as 2 different vehicles so I’ve eliminated the broken cord as well as equipment problems with the vehicle.

    Any ideas as to why the auto charging method no longer works? It worked just fine for the past year and never had any issues until lately.


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