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  • HTC One disassembly video

    2013-06-13 06:52:52 | Views:4275

    Watch and learn how to disassemble the HTC One. It is strongly recommended to let professionals to do this. It's EXTREMELY HARD!

  • HTC Droid DNA Disassemble/Take Apart/Tear Down/Repair Video

    2013-02-28 06:44:51 | Views:2343

    Watch the video to see how our technician disassemble the HTC Droid DNA. DIY repair will void your warranty, but can save you money.

  • HTC Droid DNA Assembly Video

    2013-03-02 07:25:46 | Views:757

    Watch and learn how to assemble the HTC Droid DNA, DIY repair your beloved HTC Droid DNA!

  • Leaked HTC M4 Parts!

    2013-02-23 10:16:10 | Views:296

    These two parts which we formerly deemed as parts from HTC M4 turn out not to be. However, these parts are surely made by HTC. We think that they come from the unreleased HTC M4. Watch the video to get more details.

  • HTC One X Disassembly/Take Apart/Tear Down

    2013-02-20 10:33:24 | Views:5561

    This article is aiming to help you to replace your damaged HTC One X screen and internal component.
    HTC One X Repair Tutorials:
    1. Use Safe Open Pry Tool and Sucking disc to remove the rear housing
    2. Use Small Phillips Screwdriver to remove 5 screws
    3.Use Safe Open Pry Tool to remove the power button flex cable

  • Leaked HTC M7 Housing

    2013-01-28 05:22:59 | Views:4333

    Leaked HTC M7 Housing contains front housing and battery door

  • HTC EVO View 4G Disassembly

    2013-10-03 08:46:15 | Views:228

    This video shows how to disassemble the HTC EVO View 4G. Under the guide of this video, you could DIY your own repair!

  • HTC Status/Cha Cha Assembly Video/Tutorials

    2013-01-24 02:54:49 | Views:207

    Learn how to assemble the HTC Status/Cha Cha

  • HTC Design 4G Take Apart/Tear Down

    2012-11-15 04:17:07 | Views:499

    This is a video about how to tear down the HTC Design 4G into LCD screen, digitizer touch panel, flex cable ribbon and housing.

    1. Remove HTC Design 4G the top cover and screws.

    2. Remove the middle plate and rear housing.

    3. Disconnect the connectors and separate the LCD assembly from motherboard..


  • How to Take Apart/Tear Down/Repair the HTC 7 Trophy

    2012-11-15 04:16:37 | Views:509

    This is the video about how to take apart HTC 7 Trophy into LCD screen, digitizer touch panel, flex cable ribbon and housing.

    1. Remove the screws and HTC 7 Trophy middle plate.

    2. Remove the screws and HTC 7 Trophy motherboard with antenna.

    3. Remove the HTC 7 Trophy antenna.


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