What to do if iPhone fails to turn on?

Does your iPhone suddenly go off automatically during use but can’t be turned on? If yes, please be patient and spend minutes to finish the details below for the causes and solutions. Why iPhone Fails to Be Turned on The possible root causes:
  1. Power button is damaged
  2. The battery runs out
  3. IOS crashes
  4. The screen is cracked
Power Button is Damaged The iPhone can’t be started up if the power button is broken. If in this case, please do not forget to get it to Apple Store or repair shops.While please keep reading if the button is in a good condition. Plug in to Charge Plug in the iPhone then check if it can be charged well. If no, please check details by “How to Fix Your iPhone Charging Issue” If yes, just wait for a few minutes then press the power button and check if the phone can be turned on. If no, please keep moving forward. etradesupply blog Reset The Device If the iPhone is crashed with IOS, you can force it to restart as below: Please press both of volume down button and power button for devices after iPhone 7, while both of home button and power button of devices before iPhone 6S for about 10s until Apple logo appears on the screen. etradesupply blog Restore iPhone Please restore the iPhone through iTunes if the device is stuck with an Apple logo during starting up, but all of the data will be lost in this case. etradesuply blog 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC. 2. Connect iPhone to the computer with a lighting charge cable. 3. Select the iPhone when it appears in iTunes. If no, please reset the device as aforementioned. 4. Click Restore iPhone in Summary page. etradesupply blog 5. Choose Restore to make iPhone resume to the default setting. etradesupply blog Replace LCD Screen If the LCD screen is broken or the flex connector can’t be well connected, that will cause the screen displays black or has some noise or vibration during starting up or reset. Then please replace a new iPhone screen or reconnect the flex connector. (Note: it’s not a bad idea to send the iPhone to Apple Store if it’s still under the warranty.) Hope the aforementioned tips would be helpful. If you have any good ideas, welcome to share with us. Thank you. (Source: Google, Apple) You may also like:


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