Top 8 Features of Redmi K30 You May Not Know About

Xiaomi is going to release the newest smartphone model, Redmi K30, to the mobile market in January of 2020. This will be Xiaomi’s mobile technology milestone of 5G age. Since Xiaomi has made the point on the announcement conference that the Snapdragon 765G processor is stronger than Kirin 990 5G on many aspects, this new Xiaomi model will be one of the most expectable 5G network technology leaders in 2020. What differences will it make to us? Let’s see the features about Redmi K30 we list below.


1. First 5G phone and 4G variant as well

The Redmi K30 phone is the first smartphone for the 5G network supportive. It is the third Xiaomi series to support 5G. The Redmi Brand General Manager, Lu Weibing announced that Redmi K30 will seem as the 5G trendsetter in 2020 at the beginning of the conference. With the feature of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor using the latest 7nm EUV process, Redmi K30 adopts the latest 5G technology which makes it be the most aggressive product features and the fastest 5G smartphone released. It will be welcomed by the users who are expecting the coming of the 5G network. Furthermore, Redmi K30 is an alternative to the 4G model. It is a little different from the 5G model on the processor, the camera function and the GPS frequency support.


Redmi K30 5G


2. Sony IMX686 sensor features

Redmi K30 has the most powerful and incredible rear cameras because it features of Sony IMX686 sensor inside. Being equipped with a superior 64MP quad rear camera setup, Redmi K30 is super powerful to output 64Mp shots and 9248*6936 high-resolution images from the rear camera. The main camera is placed inside with Sony’s IMX686 1/1.17-inch large sensor, which ensures it a powerful function on pictures and video taking. Besides, the Redmi K30 series also offers a 4-in-1 1.6μm SuperPixel camera with a Night Mode 2.0 feature and the latest RAW multi-frame AI noise reduction algorithm to capture rich details in low light conditions.


Sony IMX686 sensor


3. First Snapdragon 765G

As it is announced at the conference, Redmi K30 is the first smartphone in the world to use Snapdragon 765 chipset. Xiaomi has been working hard on developing mobile technology, only for the adaption of users’ dynamically expectation. The Redmi K30 is the outstanding work of Xiaomi’s to 5G network technology. With this technology, this mobile phone will be running at an extremely high speed when users are watching HD movies on the phone, downloading files or playing online games. This will bring our users the highest wireless network experience we have never seen before in the world.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G


4. First true mid-range 5G model

Xiaomi also has considered the marketing price of Redmi K30 into mid-range consumers. According to Xiaomi official announcement, Redmi K30 5G will be started from RMB 1999, which is 284 USD on the market price. This acceptable to most users. Redmi K30 5G is set to be the true first mid-range 5G smartphone. It will be entirely welcomed in the mid-range groups of the consumers.


Redmi K30 is mid-range 5G


5. 67 inches IPS LCD display with 120Hz refresh rate

Redmi K30 features of a 6.67 inches slender LCD display and digging holes developed technology support. The whole display size is designed at 20:9 and screen shared at 91%. Indeed, the thickness of the 8.79mm’s fuselage is not light and thin, but it does not sacrifice too much grip because of the problem of proportion. Furthermore, Redmi K30’s screen is empowered with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is the first time for Xiaomi phones. With this new technology features on Redmi K30, sliding on the screen will go more smoothly. There will be no shadows sense left on the image, no matter you are playing games or taking videos. Moreover, the Redmi K30 series offers Vlog mode and AI Chinese audio transcribing capabilities which automatically adds Chinese subtitles while someone is speaking. This will make our life so much fun and convenience.


Redmi K30 6.67 inches LCD display with 120Hz sensor


6. First punch-hole camera phone from Xiaomi

Redmi K30 is the first Xiaomi model which has punch-hole front cameras on the screen. There two front cameras on the screen, a professional portrait lens, and a 20MP dual AI front camera that creates a natural and vivid effect on your photo taking. Since it is equipped with a dual punch-hole front camera setup integrated into the display, users can switch the modes of selfie portrait in settings. However, the two cameras are separate sensors that are ‘joined’ by a software setting. The phone has three sets of options to customize the dual punch-hole setup on the front.


Redmi K30 punch hole camera


7. Perfect phone for gaming

With the powerful Snapdragon 765G chipset and 5G network support, Redmi K30 is a perfect phone for gaming. This smartphone is coming with 8G RAM and large capacity battery power, which makes it the best mobile device for gaming. Besides, the 256G TFS Micro SD card slot could make it an extra storage space for large files. This is pretty cool, isn’t it?


Redmi K30 for gaming


8. 4500 mAh battery and 30W fast charging

We all know that the 5G network needs a lot more battery power to motivate the device. Xiaomi’s official manager has announced that the Redmi K30 has a 4500 mAh battery, which is powerful enough to support the device on the 5G network. With the 30W of fast charging feature, it only needs us one hour to full load the battery. This is quite fast comparing other smartphone brands on charging. Besides Redmi K30, Xiaomi also announced other brand new 3C products on the announcement conference. Xiaomi’s new products are not only high-intelligent but also at an acceptable price. We are still looking forward to the coming of the Redmi K30 5G model. On the other hand, it is suggestable to learn something about Xiaomi’s internal structure and replacement parts, such as the Xiaomi Redmi S2 LCD screen and digitizer assembly. Any New opinions on features of Redmi K30 above? Please leave your comments and share them with us. We appreciate your support.


4500 mAh battery and 30W fast charging


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