Tips you should know for iPhone 7 series LCD screen assembly

Recently we got common feedback from customers. They complain that there are pressure spots or lines occurred after iPhone 7 series screen been installed. Our company attaches great importance to this issue and submitted it to our tech central. After careful depth learning and practice, our engineers found the solutions. Followings are some recommendations from them.


1. Tips for LCD flex cable and Touch function flex cable


Stick an anti-static sticker between the LCD flex cable and touch flex cable as the picture shown below. Same procedure for 7 Plus


Put an anti-static sticker


The LCD flex cable and touch flex cable can't be misaligned and should be on the same level.


same level


2. Tips for LCD Back Plate


Stick the double-sided adhesive on the bottom of the LCD back plate as the picture shown below to fix the flex cable. Same procedure for 7 Plus.


double-side adhesive


For iPhone 7 plus, as the LCD back plate is not exactly the same, we have to put an anti-static sticker on the iPhone 7 Plus LCD back plate as the picture shown below.


Put an sticker on iPhone 7 Plus plate


When installing the LCD back plate, make sure the space between the flex cables and the back plate is more than 1mm.


more than 1mm


Tips for fixing the pressure spots or lines issues on the iPhone 7 series LCD screen is completed now.


If you have other problems when installing the iPhone 7 LCD screen or other brands of smartphones, please feel free to comment below and our Etrade Supply tech group will answer you as soon as possible.


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  1. BY inzamam naufer

    I need iphone 100% original Displays

    • BY kaye

      The iPhone LCD display screen is also as good as the original one and is even cheaper than the original one.

  2. BY john park

    I have an iphone7. But its LCD screen, not proper working. after reading this article we try to solve our problem if I can’t solve these problems I will contact you .thanks for sharing with us.

  3. BY Alex

    i would like to know if you have lcd for samsung divices the list and prices please

    • BY kaye

      Hi Alex, you also can send an email to then our staffs will reply you ASAP. Have a nice day.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Alex,Glad to hear from you. Visit the EtradeSupply and leave your message, our sales manager will connect you asap. Otherwise you can see it here by yourself.


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