How to Assemble Small Parts on iPhone 6 LCD Screen Assembly

We recently posted an article showing you how to install all the smaller parts on the iPhone 5 LCD screen assembly, which takes a lot of time for repair shop owners. Now we want to show you how to install all the smaller parts to the iPhone 6 LCD screen assembly, hope it helps you out.


We do recommend a qualified person do the job since it is easy to damage the parts during installation. If you are DIY enthusiasts and confident, follow our steps to complete below. We also have a video tutorial at the bottom of the blog for your reference.



Tools Needed:

  • Tweezers
  • PH00 Philips Screwdriver


Small parts list:



1. Put the rubber ear speaker gasket into the slot. Be sure to dip it in a little adhesive before setting it in place.



2. Put the front facing camera's retaining bracket into the slot, same like the rubber gasket before dip the bracket into some adhesive before installing it. Pay attention to how you set the part. You want to be sure you get it centered otherwise you may block the camera.



 3. Lay the Proximity Sensor's retaining bracket into the slot. Make sure to line it up carefully before like with the camera bracket.



4. Apply the anti-static sticker on the left and corner of the back of the screen, covering the QR code.



5. Place the home button's flex extension cable on the metal back plate, while making sure all the holes line up. 



6. Pull off the adhesive covers and line it up, also take care of the holes both on the heat shield and back plate when applying the heat shield. Make sure the flex ribbon, heat shield and metal backplate are perfectly fit. 



7. Attach the rubber cover to the back of the button. Make sure the flex goes through the rubber cover then just line it up and squish them together.



8. Lay the metal back plate on the back of the LCD screen. (Notice: the top and the bottom of the metal plate are different, and to avoid damaging the IC during the installation, you’d better insert the back plate after pulling aside the flex cable at the top of the LCD screen assembly.)



9. Fasten the 7 screws in the metal back plate. There are 5 different screws so pay close attention to the picture below. 



10.  Put the home button assembly into the slot and connect the home button flex cable to the home button extension flex cable. 



11. Lay the metal mounting bracket on the home button. 



12. Fasten the 2 screws in the mounting bracket. You can try the home button to feel whether it is installed right or not. (Make sure to choose the right screws as we have displayed in the picture below.)



13. Put the front-facing camera flex cable with sensor assembly into the slot. (Notice: You have to fold 2 small cable ribbons on the assembly to make sure they can be inserted to the slot and fit perfectly.)



To install the flex cable, you should insert the microphone into its slot first.



Then, you should put the sensor flex in the right place.



14. Once the front-facing camera flex cable with sensor assembly has been inserted into the slot, you need to put the ear speaker in the assembly. Make sure the 4 contacts are connected to the ear speaker and it is flush against the mesh cover.



15. Put the ear speaker retaining bracket on the flex cable, then you should fasten 3 screws in the different slots. (Notice: Refer to the picture below.)




Questions, feel free to contact us directly or comment below. You can also send us an email at, and we'll reply ASAP.


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