How to Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Problems

It is annoying to drop or bump the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and find the screen is cracked, shattered or smashed. Also, if you accidentally exposed your Galaxy Note 3 to heat or water, the Note 3 touch screen failed to respond because of the damage to the LCD screen or glass digitizer touch screen. What can you do if you met the damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen repair problems? Don’t worry, we walk you through several solutions to the Note 3 screen repair issues.

Solutions to Replace Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Broken Screen

Solution 1: Carriers' Stores Fix the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Broken Screen


If you bought the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, US. Cellular or T-Mobile carrier or the Best Buy store, you can take your broken phone to the stores to have it inspected. If the screen suffers slight scratch or thin line of glare but you didn’t drop or bump the new smartphone, you may consider it is an original defect by the technical issue and you want to require the carrier’s store to replace it with a new Galaxy Note 3 without additional charge.

Note: But you may experience many problems when you have the Note 3 replaced, for they will tell you it is the Samsung manufacturer’s issue and ask you to go to the Samsung Service Center for the Note 3 screen repair.

Solution 2: Samsung Service Centers Repair the Damaged Galaxy Note 3 Screen


If you think the defective Note 3 with a damaged screen problem should be replaced by the Samsung Service Center, you need to spend money sending the phone to the Samsung repair shop. They will apply a strict inspection process to check if the Note 3 screen is broken by dropping the Note 3 phone or applying strong pressure to the screen resulting in the Note III screen breakage.

Note: The Samsung Service Center may refuse to acknowledge it is their technical defects for the split in the screen if they consider the phone is damaged because of your personal factors. You may have to pay for the Galaxy Note 3 screen replacement and also the shipping fee. It is time-consuming and you will be overwhelmed with many troubles for the Samsung Note 3 replacement.

You should know: Both smartphone carriers and Samsung Service Center will not cover the repair fee for the damaged Note III screen caused by accidental damage they consider, such as dropping or bumping the device even though your brand-new Note 3 is under the warranty. Also, you should take into account the time and money spent to have the Note 3 screen repaired.

 Solution 3: Insurance Companies Replace the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen


Some insurance companies promise they will cover the Galaxy Note III damages caused by personal factors, such as users drop it, spill on it or step on it. So if you have purchased the insurance, you will get your Note 3 repaired for free when you unfortunately crash the Note 3 screens.

Note: You should evaluate if the Galaxy Note 3 is worth the insurance investment and think if you are prone to damage your phone. Also, you need to calculate if the added monthly insurance premium is costly and take the risk, because you may receive a refurbished or secondhand Note 3 when your old broken Note 3 is beyond repair.

Solution 4: The Third Party Repair Shops Fix the Broken Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen


If there is a repair shop nearby your home, you may think of taking your broken Note 3 screen to the repair shop claiming they will have your broken Galaxy Note 3 screen repaired soon.

Note: The Galaxy Note 3 glass screen, digitizer touch screen and LCD screen are integrated as a whole part and the Note 3 glass screen is hermetically attached. But please be aware that the repair store may charge you the same price or more of the Note 3 LCD screen and digitizer touchscreen assembly although they only replace the Galaxy Note 3 glass lens (the cost is about $20) by special tools. Worse still, if your Samsung Note 3 only suffers small problems, like broken Note 3 microphone, distorted sound from loud speaker, malfunctioned antenna, faulty earphone jack or damaged Note III charging port, you may be charged high repair fee though these small internal parts of Galaxy Note 3 are very cheap.

Solution 5: DIY Repair Damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen


According to the above-mentioned reasons, taking the cracked Note 3 display to Samsung repair center, insurance company or repair shop to have it fixed will spend much money. There is a good solution - fix the damaged note 3 screen yourself.

Note: If you are confident at your cellphone repair skills, you can choose to purchase cheap Samsung Galaxy Note 3 replacement parts online, then follow Galaxy Note 3 screen repair tutorial on YouTube to save money. But please kindly note disassembling your Note 3 will void the warranty.

If you have any problems relating to fix Note 3 screen, please let us know in the comments below.

  1. BY felicity ugwuibe

    Plz my Note 3 have screen problem, car climb on top of it, how much WL it take me to repair it? Plz reply with 08034213339

  2. BY Ainy

    My daughter dropped my note 3 on the floor and now touchscreen is not working with fingers but s pen is working.can anyone guide me about this and how to fix it

  3. BY solomon daniel

    pls where is your head office in abuja and phone number.


    I drooped my Samsung S318MLGs and got screen broken thereby necessitating a new screen and touch.The phone was bought in USA.Iam presently in Nigeria.Please advice on where i can get it repaired in Nigeria. Urgent.

    • BY kaye

      Hi,since we don’t know exactly where you live so we can not find the exact repair shop for you. you can call the Samsung service center for repair or google where’s the nearest repair shop around you.

  5. BY menyechel mekonnen

    my note 3 is problem of screen doesn’t work normally its black color some times of one light what is the problem?

  6. BY Abhishek

    I want to know note 3 touch rate in samsung care

  7. BY lyana

    I have the auto-rotate on, on my Note 3, yet it still won’t rotate to landscape, or any other position for that matter. Help please?

  8. BY dale simon

    I dropped my note 3 in water and my screen would light up but my touch screen wouldn’t work but I could se my s-pen but now the s-pen wont work. please help

  9. BY Mengiste

    Help please!
    My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 dropped on the ground. At the beginning, nothing has been observed on the touch screen. But after about six hours, small black dots have been observed in some portion of the screen and at times goes on those dots getting large and large and covered almost the whole screen. I couldn’t know the problem is. There is no visible crack on the screen.

    Does any one came across solutions for such problem?

    • BY May

      Hi Mengiste, it seems your note 3 lcd display is damaged.



  11. BY Victor

    Help please! I have a note 3, my charging port got broken and unscrewed the phone, I unscrewed it and discovered that the charging port board is also burnt, I screw it back and powered it on, I discovered that the touchpad stopped sensing my touch on it. what could’ve caused the touchpad problem? is the touchpad somehow connected with the charging port board?

  12. BY David

    I left my Note 3 in the heat to long and now I can’t get the screen to light up. I can see the blue light blinking in the upper left corner. Any ideas on what part may be damaged and any ideas on how to repair it.

  13. BY david

    Does a Note 3 screen from an AT&T/T-Mobile phone work on Sprint Note 3?

  14. BY zeeshan shahzadd

    i have got my s4 touch lcd crashed …what is the solution now??

  15. BY Jessica

    I dropped my galaxy note 3 and the screen shattered
    Wen I turn it on u can’t see anything but u can hear it dose that mean I need to
    Replace my digitizer??

  16. BY Praveen Patel

    hi guys, i broke the cabal between lcd and digitizer touch screen on my samsung galaxy note 3, so do i have to buy whole lcd+digitizer or i can buy only digitizer because lcd working perfectly. where from i can buy only glass with digitizer. if it is possible thanks for your help.


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