How to Repair a Cracked Screen on the Galaxy Note 3

Cellphone repair shop may charge you a lot of money when you need to replace a cracked or shattered Galaxy Note III screen. To be honest, it is very easy to replace the Note III screen assembly. So when you have damaged your brand-new Note III screen, why not replace the screen yourself to save money? Here we walk you through in detail how to fix the broken galaxy note 3 screen assembly.

What you'll need to repair the broken Galaxy Note III screen

Small Phillips Screwdriver

Spudger Tool

Case Opening Tool



• A new Galaxy Note 3 screen and digitizer assembly with front housing replacement part

Step 1: Power off the Galaxy Note III, then remove the back cover and battery.

Step 2: Use Phillips Screwdriver to undo these 12 screws securing the back housing and front housing.
unscrew Note 3 screws on rear housing

Step 3: Take out the Note 3 Stylus/S pen


Step 4: Wedge the Spudger tool to the S pen place, then pry up the rear housing.

Step 5: Disconnect six cables connectors as well as the antenna connectors.


The six flex cable connectors cover the front-facing camera, proximity sensor, headphone jack, LCD, home button and charging.

Step 6: Remove the Note 3 motherboard.

Note: If you need to replace the cracked Galaxy Note 3 screen including the following components: front housing, charging port flex cable ribbon, front facing camera, earphone jack with ear speaker flex cable ribbon, signal wire and vibrating motor, then you can stop disassembly at this step and assembly the Note 3 by replacing the new Galaxy Note 3 screen and digitizer assembly with front housing.

But when you need to fix only the cracked Note 3 screen assembly without other components, then go ahead disassemble the following Note 3 inner parts.

Step 7: Take off the antenna connector at the bottom with the help of case opening tool.


Step 8: Release the charging port PCB board glued to the front housing by strong adhesive.


Step 9: Unscrew the screw securing the earphone jack and earphone, then take it out.


Step 10: Peel off the metal shield of front housing to lift up the front camera and proximity sensors.


Step 11: Pry out the vibrating motor gently with the Phillips screwdriver.


Step 12: Release the three small components.

Galaxy Note 3 components

Step 13: The whole Galaxy Note III screen assembly is released at this step.

We go ahead with assembling a new Samsung Galaxy Note III display assembly.

Step 14: Getting a new replacement part for the Galaxy Note 3 screen assembly with front housing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 reassembly

Step 15: Install the vibrating motor with power button cable.

install the vibrating motor

Step 16: Place the Note 3 front camera and proximity sensors to the front housing, then cover the cable with a metal shield.

install the metal shield

Step 17: Put back the earphone jack with the earphone. After that, screw it with the note 3 front housing.install the ear phone jack with ear phonefasten ear phone with 1 screw

Step 18: Install the Note 3 charging port flex cable ribbon.

4. install the charging port flex cable

Step 19: Place the motherboard and buckle six connectors.

buckle 6 connectors

Step 20: Assemble the antenna by connecting two connectors.

install the antenna

Step 21: Insert the SIM card.

Step 22: Put back the back housing to the front housing and secure it with 12 screws.

install the rear housingfasten 12 screws

Step 23: Place the Galaxy Note 3 battery and the back cover.

install the batteryinstall the back cover

Step 24: Turn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

power on Galaxy Note 3

  1. BY Tyra Hill

    Very nice post! Thanks for sharing and keep up the amazing work.
    For more info:

  2. BY Anand

    I was watching video song and slowly slowly screen became black. Still the phone is working but cannot view the screen. Please advise what could be the reason. I have removed battery and pressed the power button for 1-2 mins but still the display is not working. Is it the motherboard issue or the display issue

    • BY kaye

      Hi Anand, try to charge your phone several minutes then try again.

  3. BY IAN

    I replaced it as explained but after that the screen continuously shows Retail Mode not responding. Do you want to close it? And it is also showing some other things in the background that wereally nit part of my phone layout. My phone did not have any retail app and I have also done a factory reset. Please let me know what has gone wrong.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Ian, you can try to remove your phone battery and wait 5 minutes then install the battery to turn on your device. May this can help you.

  4. BY Jake

    Can my screen be replace if I fix it to someone else? It has many cracks and water is inside but my phone still works

    • BY kaye

      Hi Jake, you should do a water damage clean first, send it to a repair shop to clean it, if it still works well then you can replace a new Note 3 OLED SCREEN.

  5. BY Elyas

    Is there any way to fix the screen with it replacing it.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Elyas, it is always hard to fix the broken screen and may cost more money. Fix the broken screen needs some repair machines so the best way for you is to replace a new screen. May this can help you, Thank you.


    I drop my note 3 and my screen crack. With no display. But when i on and off i can feel the vibration. Is there any problem with my motherboard? Or once i change the lcd it will fine?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Suresh, it hears like the LCD screen was damaged, if you change the LCD it would work well.You can visit here to get the Note 3 LCD screen.

  7. BY Fuad


  8. BY Cornelius

    I bought a new screen housing and put on but it’s not displaying

    • BY kaye

      Hi, have you check whether the screen flex cable connector were connected well before?

  9. BY Lepden

    I’ve bought a damaged note 3 and need to replace the screen. I’ve checked on ebay for it. My model is n900. Now the screen for n900 is double than that of n9002 or 9005. I’ve checked their specificitions and all three phones has exact same screen size and resolution. I’m wondering if their screens are cross-compatible. Anybody can give me some inputs?

    • BY May

      Hello Lepden, the LCD and digitizer assembly replacements for N9002 and N9005 are interchangeable, while the LCD and gitizer assembly with frame replacements are not.

  10. BY Lily

    I also forgot to mention that it has little cracks on the right hand side of the phone from top to bottom.

    • BY May

      Hi Lily, I’d strongly recommend you send your device to the Samsung Service or a professional repair shop ASAP, the coffee might have come inside and ruined the logic board. Asking a professional technican to handle it would be better.

  11. BY Lily

    Hi, I dropped my galaxy note3 and some coffee went in. I can hear it turning on also the top and bottom buttons work, but the screen is completely black. Is it the LCD part I only need to replace? And how to replace it. Thanks

  12. BY T. Joseph

    Thank you for the explanation. Very useful. It is very very clear.
    I want you one question, Where can I get the Galaxy Note 3 dispaly screen?
    If time permits, inform me.
    T. Joseph

  13. BY Linda Tremblay

    I followed the instructions to take the phone apart, but the assembly does not release. Any one else have this happen?

    • BY Davi

      What can i help you? Which step did you get stuck?

  14. BY Tonya

    This helped me a great deal! I bought the part, followed your instructions, and now my phone is like new again!!! (happy dance) Thank you!!!

  15. BY Mie Mie Aung

    Thanks for your information. My phone is Note 3. Now i can’t see anything in screen, i can’t call to others but i can hear phone ring. Does it need to change new LCD?

  16. BY Ruth

    sorry my phone is Samsung Galaxy note 3

  17. BY Ruth

    hello I just got my phone and the screen is cracked, or I do not know because I’d like to buy the repair

  18. BY joe

    hi, you guys have that 12 screws show in the picture? i need them since i bought the phone that missing all of them. thx

  19. BY d.cain

    My galaxy 3 note screen is cracked from top left corner to bottom right corner and it still works great. Can a crack like that be repair? Or should I replace the screen? Thank you for your input

  20. BY tim

    Hello there.. Thanks for the information. Just wanted to ask if there are issues when it comes to s pen sensitivity after just replacing the glass cover. I use the pen a lot for writing and just wanted to know whether it made a noticeable difference. Thanks. Appreciate the reply.

    • BY Fuad



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