How to Repair a Cracked Nokia Lumia 820 Screen

Cracked your Lumia 820 screen accidentally and don't know how to deal with it? Then this tutorial could help you repair a cracked Lumia 820 screen. Like the Lumia 520 screen repair, it's not tough to repair a cracked screen on the Lumia 820. Follow the steps below and you’ll know how to do it.

Tools and parts:

Step 1: Release the back cover from the top part to remove it and the battery. Notes: If your Lumia 520 digitizer is broken and doesn’t response when you want to touch it to shut down the phone. You have to remove the battery to turn it off. 1Release the back cover 1.2Release the battery Step 2 Use to T4 torx screwdriver to undo the three center screws. 2undo the three center screws Step 3 Use to T4 torx screwdriver to undo the four side screws. 3undo the four side screws 3.2undo the four side screws Step 4 Use to T6 torx screwdriver to undo the four corner screws. 4undo the four corner screws 4.2undo the four corner screws Step 5 Remove the SIM card and SD card. 5Remove the SIM card and SD card Step 6 Lift up the rear housing. 6Lift up the rear housing Step 7 Use plastic pry tool to disconnect the digitizer flex cable on the top of mainboard. 7disconnect the digitizer flex cable Step 8 Use plastic pry tool to disconnect the LCD display flex cable on the bottom of the mainboard. 8disconnect the LCD display flex cable Step 9 Remove the mainboard away. 9Remove the mainboard away Step 10 Separate the LCD display with metal frame from the digitizer by lifting the taps gently. 10Separate the LCD display Step 11 Remove the LCD display with metal frame. 11Remove the LCD display Step 12 If only the LCD display is broken, you can separate the metal frame from the LCD display. And replace the display with a new one and reassemble the phone in reverse order above. But if the new LCD display you get comes with the metal frame, like this Lumia 820 LCD screen with metal frame, you don’t need to separate them. If you need to replace the Lumia 820 digitizer touch screen, you have to follow the steps below. 12separate the metal frame from the LCD display Step 13 Remove the ear speaker from the digitizer touch screen. If the new digitizer you get includes the front housing, like this Lumia 820 digitizer touch screen with front housing, you can replace the broken digitizer now and reassemble the phone in reverse order above. But if the new digitizer doesn’t include the front housing, you need to separate the front housing from the broken one, which is a little difficult and complicated. If you have no DIY repair experience, you’d better get a new digitizer with front housing. step 13Remove the ear speaker from the digitizer touch screen
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  1. BY AAGarcia

    The upper left corner of my Lumia 820’s glass screen became cracked after a fall and the lower right corner of the display is partially (and barely) viewable. From what I can tell, the touch screen remains functional. What replacement kit(s) do you recommend I buy? Thank you!

  2. BY kay

    my phone (Nokia Lumia 820) fell and screen cracked, however i can see the image clear behind. The touch screen functionality on majority of the screen does not work including the keys at the bottom (windows, back and search). Should I replace the digitizer or LCD screen? Finding a little difficulty finding separate parts.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Kay, as the screen touch not work, you’d better replace the LCD screen as it is easy to replace and find the replacement parts. You can find the Nokia Lumia 820 parts here.

      • BY kay

        Thanks for your response. So no need to replace the digitizer?

  3. BY Rishi Kumar

    What if I only have digitizer.

    • BY Kaye

      Hi, do you mean you ‘ve got the digitizer replacement only? so the LCD screen is in good condition right? Replacing the digitizer only needs professional skills, you’d better ask for professional maintainance.

  4. BY Dawn R

    Wow! With this tutorial I was actually able to fix my phone by myself (someone who is sooo non-technical)! Thanks a million!

    • BY May

      Good job, congratulations!

  5. BY Mark H

    Really useful stuff. Thank you so much!


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