Top 5 Issues and Solutions for the Nokia Lumia 920

There is no doubt that Lumia 920 is one of the main actors of Nokia’s Lumia series. It runs a Windows Phone 8 operating system. However, this smartphone inevitably has some hardware and software issues like other

Issue 1: Battery Drain

People are always complaining about the rapid battery drain problem on almost every smartphone and Nokia Lumia 920 is no lucky to escape this fate.

Possible Solutions

1. Check if any background process stuck or not. A stuck process easily drains your Lumia 920 battery.

2. Disable apps you aren’t using: NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data, etc.

3. Reduce screen brightness.


Issue 2: Random Shutdown

Some users have reported that the device randomly switches off while in use. This is also a common problem for the Lumia 920.

Possible Solutions

1. First try to do a soft reset by holding down the Volume Down and Power buttons together until the phone vibrates three times.

2. If the soft reset fails, then try a hard reset (Camera + Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time). Hold all three buttons down until the phone vibrates then release power button and hold volume down and camera for a further five second. Remember by doing this you will lose all data, for it's basically a factory reset.


Issue 3: Overheating

Nokia Lumia 920 is overheating after some time (20 minutes to 1 hour according to some users’ reports). Overheating problem is a general issue for most smartphones.

Possible Solutions

1. Check the running tasks by pressing the back button for long so as to close all running processes.

2. When the Lumia 920 handset performs some programs that needs searching for permission to use location services, it may cause the Lumia 920 overheating problem. Try to launch every program you installed one by one and accept the terms and conditions.


Issue 4: Blurry Photos

Lumia 920 is famous for its photographing. But the blurry pictures taken by the device may annoy you.


1. If you use camera shutter key, then you should first half press the camera shutter key and wait till camera locks focus on the scene.

2. If you take pictures by tapping on screen, then you should tap on the part of screen where you want to focus, then take the photo.


Issue 5: Lumia 920 Freezes

Some users complaint that their Nokia Lumia 920 freeze when people use the bluetooth headset or Wifi.

Possible Solutions

1. Some users encountered with this problem after installing Viber. Uninstalling Viber might solve user’s freezing problem.

2. Some users point out that when the WiFi or Bluetooth is on, it may freeze and the battery may drain very quickly possibly due to large amount of data transfer. So you can try turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth and see if it helps.

3. If you still cannot figure out what the problem is, you can try a hard reset (Camera + Volume Down + Power buttons at the same time).

  1. BY Sudhakar Rodriguez

    I am using Lumia 535. Whenever I swich on camera the background shows dark green color. How to rectify it ?

  2. BY Maxwell Green

    Got one of these as an early Christmas gift. It worked fine for two days, then it simply refused to turn on one morning. Any troubleshooting tips I could use, or do I need to take it to be serviced?

    • BY May

      Hi Maxwell, I’d suggest you to take it back to the service center for help or for a replacement, good luck 🙂

  3. BY Manoj prasad tiwari

    i have Nokia 920 most of the times it gets hang and power button not working to swichedoff and its hit also.
    what can i do now,anybody knows what is the solutions

  4. BY Claudette

    Nokia Lumia 920 will not turn on

  5. BY Name (required)

    how can I download large files without wifi?

  6. BY Sam

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920, It ran out of battery so I charged it but ever since then it has stopped working and hasn’t charge at all, I need help can anyone help?

  7. BY Mariam

    Hi … I have Nokia 520 , my phone showing dead battery ,.. But when I charged it I shows such that it reset but does not process it … I have tried after hard reset but no response it shows .. Plzzzz give me a posssible solution

  8. BY boskey

    my nokia lumia 920 has shut down and not switching on. please advise

  9. BY Hello

    There is problem in my Nokia Lumia 520. When ever I press on/off is also automatic open. Please give some reason and solution too .thank u

  10. BY rosheal

    worst phone ever work for 2 weeks thn stop

    • BY L.nore

      I just bought this phone (Lumia 920) yesterday and today it has frozen twice and had to soft reset. At this point I’m just worried about it’s duration (lifespan). Hmmm

  11. BY jibin mathew

    Iam using nokia Lumia 920 .my phone is stuck .phone stuck is ended after my battery charge is end .its also has a blinking display

  12. BY Megan

    I’ve got a Nokia Lumia 625 about 2 weeks ago and running on windows 8.1, but after using my phone for a straight hour without putting it on standby the bottom right of my screen goes dark whilst the rest is still light? How do I make stop it doing that?

  13. BY nomin

    im very thankful for this. my phone was freezing and i did click that three button together and it solved the problem very well. thank you so much.

  14. BY Akshaye

    My phone keeps on switching on and off, only the Nokia logo is apperaring and nothing more. I tried to reset it but no response. Help me please.

  15. BY Roni

    My lumia 920’s touchscreen is not very sensitive.playing temple run is a nightmare.also there is a problem with the sim slot detection.

  16. BY Vincent Jones

    My Nokia Lumia 920 device did randomly turn off. But I did find the ‘Soft Reset’ method did work straight away, thank you for the advice.

  17. BY Vyte

    an upgrade option came up. when i clicked install my phone restarted. it’s almost 3 hrs n nothing came up xcept 2 gears -_-. is there any other optn xcpt factory reset?? plzzzz help!

  18. BY secco

    I have a lumia 920, it shows :-(, doesnt boot up! Please help me.

  19. BY mike

    I have Lumia 520,by its like its touch is shaking itself sometimes when not in brings like 3 pages shaking and have tried to reset by its not

  20. BY John Paul Bert Fielding

    My nokia Lumia 920 is not switching on,its almost 2 weeks,I dont know what to do,or I will bring it to the nokia care center.

  21. BY Dick Edwarf

    I have a Nokia Lumia 920. if I use the phone for say straight an hour , the screen gradually goes blur… what is wrong?

  22. BY Husnain

    My Lumia 920 is automatically shutter down during plssss help me

  23. BY Moniruzzaman

    My Lumia 920 work well but sometimes it become so hot and battery power reduce a lot but no apps running at that moment.

  24. BY yasir Bhatti

    my nokia 920 shutter down during use

  25. BY Akansha

    My new Nokia Lumia 920 is sucking! I tried all the solutions but it’s not switching on. HELP ME PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

    • BY gohamfather

      this cellphone has a inner battery and in order to protect it from overextended periods of charging or incorrect charging devices, it has a kind of “break” inside that jumps (or melts, depends of the problem) when it detects continuos overcharging or a wrong supply of power, maybe this is why your cellarphone doesn´t switching on and only an authorized Nokia service could fix it.

      • BY Harry

        That fusible link requires a lot of heat to disrupt the battery, so try another idea. The issue is the battery charging circuit implementation which is a faulty design. And yes, I have been designing those a few years.

  26. BY AnnoyedPalache

    Hey! I’m having problem with my Nokia Lumia 820’s WiFi, please reply me ASAP!

  27. BY Bethany

    A really annoying problem from my Lumia is the over-sensitive keys at the bottom of the phone (back, home, search) as it seems whenever I’m on an app they activate, switching the screen away from the app or game. What can I do to stop this?

  28. BY James

    My nokia lumia 920 screen keeps on freezing, the 3 keys at the bottom and the screen stays lit up but there is no response when I touch it, this happens about 10 times daily and a soft reset solves the problem for a little while but then happens again, I still have not found a solution to this problem and it’s doing my head in, it’s my second 920 as the charger burnt out my old one but nokia would not tell me the cause instead just gave me a new one had this one just short of a year and would love it if someone has a solution to the freezing problem

  29. BY ursula

    I use a lumia 920 too but for some unknown reason the Bluetooth isn’t working; can’t even connect with other devices. Wi-Fi works only when no password or username is required.. any help?

  30. BY joe

    My phone has turned off chqrging dont work and cant soft resett becase the power button dosent work

    • BY Steve

      My 920 Power Button is unresponsive, a new flex cable does not fix the problem. Soft reset is not possible due to power button not working. Hard reset doesn’t solve the problem. I’m finding out this may be a software glitch in win 8.1? Anybody know anything?

  31. BY Julius

    My Lumia 820 keeps back pressing itself especially when in the house.

  32. BY Noorullah

    Thank you for helping an information and working of this lumia.

  33. BY victor

    guys I need help I replaced my screen then when it comes on a charging symbol and a settings symbol comes on what do I do ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

  34. BY siddhi chouhan

    lumia 920 freezes again and even after soft reset. please give some permanent solution other than hard reset. its not even been a week since i bought it. please help

    • BY Bill

      return the handset and get back your money !

  35. BY Nikitha

    Hi i am using lumia 920.

    While i am loginto the Microsoft account it is not allowing me to Sign in but i am able to login to the account in another system.

    Please help on this issue.

  36. BY beyon

    i have nokia lumia 920, recently my phone gets freeze….i mean i cant open any applications but i can open call menu… sense.
    when i restart the phone….it works fine but still the same problem comes sometimes.
    is is because there might be virus in my phone..??

    please help!

  37. BY anamika

    I’m very thankful for your advice.Actually my lumia920 has a proximity issue, So i tried the soft reset & it worked!!!.
    And one more thing ,My phone switches on even i switch it off while charging. So can u suggest me what to do?

    • BY gohamfather

      that´s not a problem anamika, is a normal function of the phone system in order to check if the source of charging is correct. For a long life battery, charge your cellphone when it´s has “0” power, and disconnect it when it alarms you that it has a full/complete charge, otherwise the inner battery could damage.

    • BY Ashish

      I had this problem of phone turning off and on when its dead and being charged. I changed my charger and the problem reduced significantly, though hasn’t died out completely. Check if changing your charger helps

  38. BY wangchuk

    i am a nokia lumia 920 user, my phone gets blank unknowingly additionally it starts with hang ,i have tried the software repair and it worked but two days later it had the same problem what should i do ?

  39. BY ramy

    nokia lumia 920 was charged on wifi for an hour and the result blank display with touch working tried resetting both hard and soft still blank display

  40. BY aarush

    I am using lumia 920 every time this will gets hang and strucks
    screen is gets struck after hard reset it will gets open hard reset will be 2 to 3 times to apply then it will works properly.
    Is it my mobile is gets a defective ?

  41. BY Mr E

    What happens after trying the reset and problems persist? Can I get an exchange or refund?

  42. BY gyanu rai

    Im using nokia lumia 820 and my problem is; when i open cmera it doesnot open but directly displays home screen. Camera does’nt work.

    • BY morris

      reset your for or update the phone software


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