Problems of Fixing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen

Get shocked when you dropped your new Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Feel sad when you discovered the Note 3 screen has been cracked? Annoyed because you realized the Note 3 screen was smashed and you had no ideas about how to fix it? Facing a cracked screen problem of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, what should you actually do? If you choose to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 replacement screen and fix the broken Note 3 screen part yourself to save money, please check the following possible problems related to choosing suitable Galaxy Note 3 screens and fixing the Note 3 screen.


What are the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Features


Samsung’s smartphone displays have always been the spotlight at the market, and the Galaxy Note 3’s screen is not different. The 2013 IFA has witnessed the phablet - Galaxy Note 3 carrying an impressive Super AMOLED HD display, which is composed of the front glass lens, capacitive touch screen and LCD screen. To make the display thinner and lighter, Galaxy Note 3’s LCD screen and touch screen digitizer are hermetically fused together, attached the front glass lens with optical adhesive. Therefore, the Note 3 digitizer touchscreen with LCD screen plus the glass screen is integrated into the AMOLED screen as a whole part which is called Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD screen and digitizer assembly.

Problem 1: Which Screen Parts Can Be Replaced for a Broken Note 3 Display


Before replacing cracked Galaxy Note 3 displays, users need the basic skills to judge what kind of damaged screen parts can be DIY replaced. Below listed the common Note 3 screen repair problems followed the corresponding solutions.

Can I Replace Only the Cracked Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Front Glass Screen


If the Note 3 front glass lens is shattered, but both the images and touch screen of Note 3 perform normally, you only need to replace the front glass screen.

Note: As we mentioned above, the Note 3 front glass lens is hermetically attached to the digitizer screen, so replacing only the Galaxy Note 3 glass only is almost impossible without professional help and special tools.

Can I Replace Only the Damaged Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Digitizer Touch Screen


If the touch panel or the touch screen is damaged, but the images on the phone displays as usual, the Galaxy Note 3 touch screen panel part is damaged.

Note: Like the Note 3 front glass lens, replacing only the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 touchscreen is hard to achieve, because the Note 3 touch screen is integrated into the LCD screen.

Can I Replace Only the Broken Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD Screen


If the images under the Note 3 glass are black liquid or damaged but the touchscreen responses well, the LCD screen component is broken.

Note: It is also very hard to fix only the broken Galaxy Note 3 LCD screen, because the LCD screen is hermetically fused with the Note 3 touch screen. The whole part LCD screen plus touch screen is called AMOLED display.

Can I Replace the Shattered Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Screen Assembly


If you check the broken Galaxy Note 3 screen and find the touch screen doesn’t response correctly and the display fails to show normal images, then you need to replace the whole Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LCD screen and touch screen assembly.

Problem 2: How to Fix the Smashed Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Glass Screen or Touch Screen Only?


This new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 model uses optical adhesive to attach the LCD screen, digitizer touch and glass screen together, meaning although only one part of these components is broken, all three parts need to be replaced. If you are confident with your skills at DIY repairing cellphone, you can take the risk of replacing only the Note 3 front glass screen or the touch screen. You can check this tutorial how to replace only the glass screen on the Galaxy smartphones to know more information. But it is highly recommended you turn to a professional or replace the entire Galaxy Note 3 display assembly.

This article is only for your reference. We’re not responsible for any damage caused during the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen repair replacement.

  1. BY Victor

    I replaced the LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer +Frame For Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005.
    Would you know why? The screen just appears ‘Samsung galaxy note 3’ The text is turned on, then off, then on, then off, and so on.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Victro, try to reconnect the screen flex cable to see whether this can fix the issue? If not, insert the old screen to see whether this issue appears?If this issue still happens on the old screen, it is maybe the motherboard issue, if not, the new screen may be a defective product and you can get an exchange from where you buy it. May this can help you.

  2. BY Steven

    i want to know if Note 3 Screen got puple color how to fix it ??

  3. BY Tanya

    I am wondering if there could be any other factors that could result in a dysfunctional display (black display with no touch response). I replaced the complete LCD screen/digitizer assembly, but I only get a black display. The phone powers on, the LCD light comes on and there is vibration in the power button. Before I assume it is a faulty display, I just wanted to rule out any other possibilities (i.e. connectors, etc.). Can you offer any suggestions?

  4. BY DJ

    Have a note 3 with broken glass, is it possible to replace only a glass without oled replacement as I heard that that part needs to be replaced as the glass is very thin?
    all options on phone work except the broken glass
    thank you

    • BY May

      Hi DJ, it takes a hard work to remove the broken glass and replace it with a new one, we don’t recommend individual users to try, you can watch below tutorial video for reference:

  5. BY Simbarashe Kaziko

    I have a galaxy note 3. The screen is broke I sat on it and nothing is displayed its just black. Is it the screen only or the body have a problem too?

    • BY May

      Hello Simbarashe, looks like the LCD display was damaged.

  6. BY dalia

    my phone screen broked from inside but when i try to open the phone the screen doesnt show but the phone is working so it can work or no i have to buy new one

    • BY May

      Hi Dalia, sounds like the LCD display was damaged and to replace a new screen replacement will fix it.

  7. BY mike ss

    i have replaced my front glass, the screens of the phone keep flipping to different ones after i turn the phone on. does not start out that way . gets worse the longer the phone is on.
    Any suggestions

    • BY May

      Hello Mike, try to disassemble your device again and check if any of the flex ribbons isn’t connected tightly. Good luck.

  8. BY ganesh



  9. BY Jennifer

    I recently changed my glass and had only one very small burn spot to the left side of the screen (about the size of my pinky nail). I was very happy that this was the only problem, but over night the spot has gotten bigger and has a yellow tint to a 1 inch diameter. Can this be fixed? Will it keep getting larger or can I stop it?

  10. BY Tobias Claren

    “Galaxy Note 3’s LCD screen and…”

    Not “LCD”, OLED 🙂 .

    So far (with LCD) glass and touch is usually one.

    Is it possible to bond the replacement glass all over with the display?
    Are there any disadvantages or “effects” after replacing the glass without full surface gluing?

    Are there replacement glass with a glue?
    Or is it possible to buy the optical adhesive?

    How does the professional repair?
    A special temperature of the whole display?
    I have an infrared thermometer.
    I may be slow and monitored heat the broken glass with a hairdryer.
    Or a hot air soldering iron.

  11. BY Marjorie okamura

    My screen is not crack…i was listening to music while suddenly it stop..then it turns out to black.i pull out the battery and open again i was shocked coz it has no dislpay and all black only..what seems to the problem of my phone is my lcd broken?

  12. BY Shawn

    Hi, I have one with just the cracked glass and it works still but I have seen just how hard it is to replace the glass, where would I go to buy the whole front screen assembly and just install it myself?


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