Important Info: Pay Attention To Defective Recycled iPhone LCDs

‍‍Recently, some friends in cellphone repair community told us they got some "OEM iPhone LCD screen parts", however, several days after they completed the LCD screen replacement for their customers, the LCDs had a mass of color dot on the screen. They confirmed that these parts are definitely original parts (at least for the LCD) and there was no sign showing the parts are defective when they first installed them, they are so confused with the situation and the loss. After inspecting these samples, our engineers come to result that the "OEM iPhone LCD screen assemblies" are refurbished by damaged but still working LCD screens. The quality of this kind of iPhone LCD screen assembly is not stable, in other word, very fragile and sensitive. In our opinion, these parts can only work normally for 2 months at most after installation. ‍‍‍


Refurbished Material

‍At present, there aren't sufficient supply of OEM iPhone 5 series LCD screen, so the so called "OEM iPhone 5 series LCDs" in market are almost refurbished by recycled OEM LCDs. Due to the rapid increasing price of the recycled LCDs (from $5/pcs to $25~$28/pcs), the cheap LCDs with discoloration and broken corners which can be lit up is an alternative choice for some small refurbishing factories. However, even though these LCD screen assemblies are recycled and work well apparently, the damages are irreversible. As far as we know, the parts are very fragile and sensitive to environment changing, such as temperature changing, air pressure changing and force on the screen. Thus, the screen will definitely go bad within a short time after installation.

Why the Defective LCD Working

If the defective parts are really fragile and sensitive, why so many experienced repair shops and tech guys can't figure them out? Why tricky suppliers can sell these parts all the time?


Since the tricky suppliers recycled the damaged LCDs and they revised the IC in the flex so that they can raise the electronic voltage in the screen flex. With high voltage, the area which has the mass of color shading will be brighter so that the color dot won't be caught easily.


However, this method only make the defective screen work in 2 month at most.



Since the supply of OEM iPhone LCDs’is still in short supply and the price is rising all the time, plus the possibility to get the defective LCDs described above, you may lose money, time and customers on tricky suppliers. ETrade Supply keep up supplying OEM LCD screens at this particular time but with high price to match the quality and demand. If the price of OEM iPhone screens is unbearable for you, high copied iPhone screens sold by us isn't a bad choice. We make sure the quality before putting the parts on shelves and testing is also a must-do before shipping. Try any sample? Please feel free to contact us at Any questions, please comment below and we will reply ASAP. 


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