Huawei P9 Reassembly After Replacing LCD screen, Battery and Camera Replacement

Since we’ve take the Huawei P9 apart, now we’re going to show you how to put it together. Get your tools ready, let’s get started!

Tools needed:

Step 1 Reinstall bottom side parts

First, put the loudspeaker back, reinstall the sensor flex cable and the vibrator. 



2.sensor flex.png



Then the charging port module, make sure they are in the exact place.


Then reconnect the signal cable, earphone jack flex and loudspeaker flex connector to the charging port module.


And don’t forget the motherboard flex cable, cover it with the metal bracket.


Next, fasten 3 screws, this part is done here!


Step 2 Put ear speaker and proximity sensor back

Put the ear speaker and proximity sensor module back to its position.


Step 3 reassemble mainboard

First we need to reinstall front and rear facing camera back to mainboard.

And put the metal protective cover back.

Step 4 Reinstall volume & power button flex

Do not install it in the wrong direction.


Step 5 Put the battery back


Step 6 Reinstall the mainboard

Gently set the mainboard back in place and reconnect all the connectors.

Then you can fasten 5 long screws as showed in the mainboard.


For the other 2 screws, don’t forget the metal protective cover.

Then reconnect the other side of signal cable.

Step 7 Reinstall rear housing

Done with the front screen assembly, now you can put the rear housing back on.

Remember to buckle the connector.

Gently push the front screen assembly in, then fasten the 2 screws in the bottom.


Last step  Put the SIM card tray back

All right, the reassembly work is done here, now power on the phone check if nothing’s wrong.

Feel free to ask about any questions by leaving a comment below or you can check more products details in our website Huawei P9 replacement parts

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