How to Tear down the Huawei P9 for Screen, Battery, Camera Replacement

The Huawei P9 is widely known because of its LEICA co-engineered dual lenses, enabling you to capture more high quality and amazing photos and videos. How did Huawei put these stunning cameras into P9 without compromising on the handset’s sleek and compact style? Let’s tear the Huawei P9 down and have a look.

Tools Needed:

Step 1 power off the phone and take out the SIM card tray. 1-tak-out-sim-card

Step 2 Remove the rear housing

First thing we need to do is to undo the 2 screws through Pentalobe Screwdriver at the bottom of the phone. 2-undo-screws

After that, we’re going to separate the front screen assembly and rear housing through the screen separation tool, here you may need the spudger for help to prop up the front screen assembly through the headphone jack hole.


Gently pull up the Huawei P9 LCD assembly until a small gap shows up, insert a spudger tip in between and run it back and forth to release the rear housing. The LCD assembly and rear housing are connected by clips. Be careful not to scratch the back housing or the screen edges. 3-seperate-screen-assembly2


Remove the front screen assembly. 3-seperate-screen-assembly4 Take your time here, because the fingerprint sensor flex cable is still connected to the motherboard, disconnect it! 4-disconnect-fingerprint-sensor-flex-cable There, we’ve separated the rear housing! 5-remove-rear-housing

Step 3 Remove mother board

Disconnect the signal cable first. 6-disconnect-connectors Undo 7 long Phillips screws in the mother board. 7-undo-screws Disconnect the flex ribbon connectors as shown in below. 6-disconnect-connectors2 Then we can remove motherboard now. 8-remove-motherboard On the motherboard, we now take out the amazing Leica Double back camera module. 9-disconnect-connectors2 Disconnect the camera connector, then the rear camera can be removed. 10-remove-rear-camera Let’s have a deeper look at this Leica camera. 11-rear-camera Next, the front facing camera, just release the camera connector. 12-remove-front-camera

Step 4 Remove charging port, loudspeaker module and vibrator

Disconnect the battery flex cable connector first. 13-disconnect-battery-connector Undo 3 Phillips screws at the bottom. 14-undo-screws Remove the metal bracket which covering the screen flex cable. 15-removemetal-bracket Disconnect the screen, signal cable and vibrating motor connector. 16-disconnect-connectors2


Now the charging port can be removed easily. 18-remove-charging-port By the way, vibrating motor and earphone jack can be removed at the same time, easy piece. 19-remove-headphone-jack


Then let’ s turn to the loudspeaker module. 21-remove-loudspeaker Step 5 Disassemble the front screen assembly.

First we’re aiming at the power & volume button flex, which is sticked tightly to the front frame. 22-remove-power-volume-flex-cable Next, the ear speaker and the proximity sensor module, apply a little heat would make the work easier.


24-remove-proximity-flex Step 6 Remove battery

Finally, we are coming to the battery, be careful here. We need to pull out the easy-to-pull sticker, which is easy to get broken, do not pull it too high. 25-pull-battery-sticker

26-pull-battery-sticker After that we can pry up the battery. 27-pry-up-battery Then we left the LCD screen assembly only. Cause separating the front frame is a tough job for most people, we suggest you to replace the whole screen assembly with frame if your screen is broken.

28-front-screen-assembly-and-battery All right, above is the whole teardown job for the Huawei P9.

29-whole-p9-tear-down If you guys have any thoughts about this phone or any other ideas, leave a comment below to let us know. we’re looking forward to seeing your interaction with us!

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