How to replace your iPhone 7 Plus battery

Though we have non-removable battery in most of the smart phones, still sometimes we need to get our battery changed to continue its life. Here we’re going to show you how to replace iPhone 7 Plus battery.

These tools are needed during the repair process:

Step 1 Remove LCD screen assembly

First we need to power off the phone, then unscrew 2 Pentalobe screws at the bottom. 1.Unscrew 2 Pentalobe screws Next, we’d better heat up the screen assembly for a while before using the suction cup to separate the screen and rear housing assembly. 2.REMOVE SCREEN ASSEMBLY After a small gap between LCD screen assembly and rear housing assembly was generated, use a spudger to insert to cut the adhesives around the screen edges. 3 4.seperate screen assembly Till all the screen adhesives were cut off, then we’re ready to separate the screen from the rear housing assembly. 5.remove screen 6.screen assembly Before taking the screen off, there are some connectors need to be disconnected. Undo these 3 tri-point screws holding the metal cover, remove it and release the front facing camera with sensor flex cable underneath. 7.undo 3 screws Then undo these 4 little screws and remove the metal cover. 8.undo screws Now, we can release the digitizer and LCD display screen connectors. 10.release screen connector 11.release screen connector Now time to take out the screen assembly. 12.screen removed

Step 2 Remove battery

Remove taptic engine screws and the barometric vent (according to Apple) screws. 43.remove taptic engine screw 44.remove 2 screws Then remove the barometric vent and disconnect the taptic engine connector so you can remove this vibrating motor. 45.remove plastic cover 46.remove vibrator connector 47.remove vibrator Then all we left is taking out battery. Pull out 2 stripe of battery adhesives underneath and battery can be removed easily. 48.pull off battery tape 48.pulloff adhesives Battery removed! iPhone 7 Plus battery

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