How to Fix Phone Gets Hot and Battery Drains Fast

Why does my Phone overheating and battery drains fast? Many people may suffered this issue. If your phone whether it's an iPhone 6S or a Galaxy S6 suddenly gets hot although you’re not using it in a hot summer or it's not charging, then you should pay attention. An overheating phone will lead to a faster battery draining or even cause the battery to explode, which is dangerous. Why does it happen? What to and not to do when a phone gets too hot? Here we go:

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Why does my phone get hot and battery drains so fast


  1. 1. High Temperature.

The working temperature for a smartphone is 0~35 degrees Celsius, equals to 32~95 degrees Fahrenheit. Be aware when your phone is exposed to a hot summer or direct sunlight for a long time.

  1. 2. Intense Workload.

Too many apps running in the foreground or background results in the processor always working and lasting in an overload status which makes the device unable to dissipate heat timely.

  1. 3. Poor Signal.

If your device is in a poor mobile network, the device will increased transmitter power to have a massive data interaction with nearby base stations, which will also lead the processor to run in overload and have no time to cooling down.

  1. 4. Faulty Battery.

An original battery which is about to finish its service or a faulty battery produced by a third-party manufacturers.

  1. 5. Heavy Covering.

Cover your phone in a protective case or some heavy stuffs will bring on poor heat dissipation.

  1. 6. Calling while Charging.

Battery inputs and outputs at the same time will produce heat and the input and output of electric current will also put you in danger when you’re calling while the phone it's charging.

  1. 7. Software Incompatibility.

An iPhone after jailbreak or an Android phone after root may be installed some malicious or incompatible plugins without notice, which give rise to the cellphone heating.

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What to do? How to cool down a hot phone fast?

  • 1. Keep or use your phone in a good ventilation place.
  • 2. Turn off background running apps and uninstall the seldom use or never use apps.
  • 3. Disable auto download and auto update selections.
  • 4. Remove the protective cases when a phone is getting hot.
  • 5. Use a good quality earphone instead of placing the phone close to your cheek when having a long conversation.
  • 6. Stop the app you’re using or the video you’re watching when a phone is getting hot.
  • 7. Install a professional app to detect what causes the phone to heat.
  • 8. Watching out the weird overheating at any time.
  • 9. Power your device off to let it rest for a moment.
  • 10. Turn to local service center or repair shops for help.
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How to avoid?

  • 1. Avoid playing a game, watching a video or calling while the phone is charging.
  • 2. Avoid protecting your phone with poor heat dissipation case.
  • 3. Avoid charging your phone with faulty chargers or cables.
  • 4. Avoid holding your phone or putting it into a pocket when it's getting hot.
  • 5. Avoid rapid cooling like placing it in a refrigerator or in front of the air conditioner as the large difference between the inside and outside of cellphone will lead to condensation which will damage the phone.
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  1. BY kevin

    I used my phone as a hand warmer in winter. Its a galaxy J5. I guess as a 2016 cracked screened hand warmer its time to get a new model and a pair of gloves

  2. BY Chijioke king

    When I bought my infinix hot 7 my I didn’t make use of that day, I charged it, next day I noticed that it’s draining. I changed the battery and it is still draining please what will I do?

  3. BY matthias luke

    Hello bro,I ve got an infinix hot 7 pro that over heats and damages battery , please,what can I do.?

  4. BY jordan

    Add a comment…I found this very helpful

  5. BY John morillo

    Hello please comment why is my phone getting hot fast even i just opened it

    • BY kaye

      Thanks for your comment. Please check the reasons in the description of our blog and you may find out the reason.

  6. BY Akwarandu chimuanya

    Add a comment…I have an infinix hot 6,I was charging it with power bank and it gave me 40%,I on the phone it was 12,and I decided to charge it on Electricity it stopped charging and it was very hot and tripped off since then it doesn’t want to on again

    • BY kaye

      Maybe it is the problem of the battery, you should be careful. We recommend you have the battery replaced.

  7. BY Yvonne Jones

    This phone gets very hot and drains so fast. Is hate to et stuck somewhere because it would be dead. I keep it charged but don’t have a clue what is wrong with it. Please help. Thank you kindly

    • BY kaye

      Hi Jones, you can try these ways: 1. hard reset your device 2. reset all settings 3. find which App drains the most battery, update the App or reinstall it then install it.
      May these ways can help you.

  8. BY motlatsi

    Add a comment…my phone is over heating ,but the battery is still new and it is just getting empty fast.please help me

    • BY kaye

      Hi motlatsi, try these ways below:

      1. 1. Upgrade your phone system to the newest version
      2. 2. Find out which App drains the most battery, if it is always used, upgrade the App to the newest or reinstall the App; If the App is not used, uninstall the App.
      3. 3. Don’t use your phone in a high-temperature environment, or use it when charging
  9. BY pascal

    I have an infinix note 3 phone, I have been experiencing constant battery drain… so I got a new battery, the draining didn’t stop…. even if the phone is idle it drains

    • BY kaye

      Hi Pascal, 1. find out which App drains the battery fast then uninstall or reinstall the App. 2. Upgrade the phone system to the newest one. 3. Backup your phone then do a factory reset. May these ways can help you.

  10. BY Anjala

    I have an iPhone 7 and it was all fine till one morning , the battery had lowered fast and I placed it at home nd abt to school. When I came back and opened my phone, it was dead and no one had used it. It was at 92% when I had left. Then later on, I put it in charge and when I checked it it kept say “No SIM card installed” literally every 10 seconds and it was overheating very fast. In 5 minutes, u couldn’t even touch it Bacharach it was that hot and so I just turned it off. What do I do??

    • BY kaye

      Hi Anjala, try to hard reset your iPhone,
      1. Press and hold down the On/Off button on the right side.
      2. While continuing to hold the On/Off button, press and hold the volume down button on the left side of your iPhone.
      3. Hold both buttons as the screen turns off, and keep holding them until the screen turns back on and displays the Apple logo.

      if it still not works, send your iPhone to Genius Bar or repair shop to check, it may be a battery or motherboard issue.

  11. BY Charles byrd

    I was looking for app to stop my phone from overheating since somebody told me to download a app that will do just that for me.

  12. BY Adam

    I have iPhone 5S and mine just gets really hot and won’t do anything for hours and none of those tips works. HELP

    • BY kaye

      Hi Adam, try these ways in this article, may this can help you.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Adam, try these ways in this article, may this can help you.

  13. BY sabina

    My phone is giving me problems because of that am not enjoying my phone the battery drains daat I have check all the apps that drains my battery but still it still the same pls help me

    • BY kaye

      Hi Sabina, how long have you used your phone? The phone battery will drop as you have used a long time, you can replace a new battery to have a try. Also you can backup your phone then factory resets the device, if the battery still drains fast, it is the battery issue, if not, it maybe the apps you have installed. May this can help you.

  14. BY Fahim

    Thank you.

  15. BY Anne

    Found this very helpful, thanks

  16. BY Goldie

    My phone lava x11 is overheating.
    Please suggestion me.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Goldie, my suggestion is not used in high-temperature place, not use when charging it, close the not used App. May this help you.

      • BY danjay

        nice one

  17. BY ekong ebong

    Please can you fix it for me, because I can’t fix it and in Nigeria the can’t fix it

  18. BY ernest osas

    pls when I got to repair my charging port of lenovo A670t the phone was now having problem whenever I switch it on it will be very hot and if I switch it off it will still be hot I don’t know what to do and my battery is no more stronge. its draining very fast.pls help out.

    • BY Sandra Tupe

      My phone stays hot and things pop up to clean it all the time. My ph. Chnge the l open my ph. By itself. O habr to slide it 5 times to get it on do l vsn use it

  19. BY lwesa

    how if I cool it down with small fan? will it damage the phone like the air cond do?

    • BY Patricia

      Don’t use a fan. Any sudden drop in temperature can damage it. There are apps that help by closing running apps but you need to find out which apps run in the background as that is likely what’s causing it. There are also apps for that. There are too many variables to give which apps to use but I would just suggest searching for the app in the play store or the iPhone Apple Store and look for an app with a good rating. I like apps that allow them to view each app then be opened, used and uninstalled right from it.
      My biggest suggestion is to become a member of G+ & seek out helpful communities like

    • BY kaye

      Hi, lwesa, don’t think cooling the phone by small fan can cause damages.

      • BY lance kylo a malto

        can i ask i accidentally left my phone charging for too long and i went to school.. so when i came home i noticed that my phone is hot and its says about the temperature and remove the charger i just want to ask if it will damage my battery cuz when i let it cool down the battery level is 92 then when i checked it again after 3-5 mins because i let it cool down my battery levle is 62?! SO im a bit worried is my battery damaged already? need a reply ASAP

  20. BY Dollieen costa

    I have a elite samsung that is always saying its too hot becaude my straight talk account is running in the backgroung. Im concerned if i shut down my account. What will that do will it shut down eveything i need from from account I. Other than that the tips in this article were very helpful thankyou.


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