Can iPhone X Face ID still work after repair?

To get a bigger screen, Apple removed the Home button from the iPhone X screen and replaced the Touch ID with a Face ID. The hardware setup for Face ID is called “TrueDepth Camera System”, it includes an infrared camera, ambient light sensor, front facing camera, dot projector, proximity sensor and others, it can be shown as the picture below. We all know that iPhone 7 Touch ID will not work after replacing it, here we will test whether the iPhone X Face ID still works after replacing the hardware.


Test 1. Replace the front facing camera assembly

Step 1. We go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Set up Face ID to set up a Face ID and test the unlock function, it unlocks the device quickly.

Step 2. Tear down the iPhone X > replace the original front facing camera assembly with aftermarket part > install the screen > boot up and test the Face ID. Our test result is that we can’t set up a Face ID on the device. We also tested the front camera, it works well.

Step 3. To make sure our test result right, we repetition the step 2, this time we replace back to the original parts. The Face ID can be set up successfully and unlock quickly.

The front facing camera assembly includes an infrared camera, front camera and dot projector. As the mounting brackets are welded together by the laser spot welding technology, they are hard to tear down. Here we will dismantle with much force.

The infrared camera and front camera can be taken out easily with pliers. While the dot projector can only be removed after heating with a heat gun. The temperature we set is 150 degrees. Be careful when dismantling the dot projector. Here are the front facing camera assembly parts.

Front facing camera assembly

Here is our test conclusion, after replacing front facing camera assembly, the front camera worked well but Face ID failed. The infrared camera and dot projector as the main parts of Face ID system are tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X.

Test 2. Replace the sensor flex cable and ear speaker

Step 1. Tear down the iPhone X > replace the sensor cable and ear speaker with an aftermarket part > install the screen > boot up and test the Face ID. The test result is that the Face ID can’t read. We also tested the ear speaker, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor function. Our test result is that the ambient light sensor not works while the proximity sensor and speaker still work.

Step 2. To make sure the test result right, we repetition the step 1, this time we replace back to the original sensor flex cable and ear speaker. There is an interlude in our test, some dust was found on the screen which leads to the Face ID can set up but fails to unlock the device. After cleaning it with a clean cloth, the Face ID unlocks successfully.

The sensor flex cable is welded to the ear speaker and can be dismantled with a spot welder.

Tear down Sensor cable and ear speaker

Here is the test conclusion, after sensor flex cable and ear speaker was replaced, the proximity sensor and ear speaker worked well but light sensor and Face ID failed. Ambient light sensor, proximity sensor, and flood illuminator are integrated on the sensor flex cable. The flood illuminator works with the Face ID system and is tied to the unique logic board inside each iPhone X, so it failed after replacing.

All the aftermarket parts we used are disassembled from another iPhone X.

To know more details about our test result, please watch our video here:

Any questions and suggestions about iPhone please welcome to comment below.

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  1. BY mins

    i have a qustion. Is there only DOT projector among FORNT camera ,DOT projectoc or IR camera with serial number CHIP except for the ear speaker?

  2. BY Rahul Dwivedi

    How i can buy the flex cable face id

    • BY kaye

      There is no such part for sale. You can buy a replacement display screen or front-face camera. The face id can be reset after replacement as long as your brightness sensor flex cable no damaged.

  3. BY Flaki

    Hello there, i just replaced the earpiece with a new one on my iphone x , and my face id and ambient light are not working , any updates one how to fix this issue, thank you!

    • BY kaye

      Hi! You may reset your face ID and check again if it is working. If not so, you should go back to the repair center to see if any other part is damaged. We suggest you go to Apple official center if your iPhone X is in warranty.

  4. BY Lee

    Hi I replace the x screens all time without problems but the True Tone.
    I went and replaced a frame because back glass broken.
    After transfer everything worked but the Face ID.
    Doesn’t power saying failed Face ID. But when I go so setting to set it up the phone ask me to raise the phone a little higher or lower but never recognizes my face. After trying for about a min or two it finally says failed to setup ID, try again later. Any ideas for me.

    • BY kaye

      Seems nothing wrong with your face id sensor or front face camera. Here are some tips for you:
      1. Update your ios.
      2. Check the face id setting, make sure it is active.
      3. Reset the face id.
      4. Restart your iPhone X.
      5. Make sure you are directly facing TrueDepth.
      6. Reset all setting, in order to reset, got to settings, then general, next reset, and finally reset all settings.

      Hope these might be helpful. Good luck!

  5. BY Muckl

    I changed the iPhone X Battery. Now Face-ID doesn‘t work anymore!
    I can‘t turn on the LED-light (when I use the camera, flash works – when I User the flash, I can turn on LED light normaly…!!!)
    When I start the Cam, it takes about 5 seconds until a picture is displayed on screen…
    I only took off the display, changed the battery and put the display on again.
    I‘m sure, that nothing is damaged…

    Have you an idea?!?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Muckl, I suggest two ways. Firstly, update your device system to the latest version. The second way is to tear down the device then reinstall the front-facing camera flex cable.
      If these two still not work, you’d better go to a Apple Store/repair shop for help

  6. BY Lukas

    Hi, I have a question about my Iphone X. I was bought one and there is not function face id and true tone function missing. Next is front camera portrait mode is not function. My new phone has Warranty but in the official repair center was told me that phone was opened and for this reason can’t be repaired there. I mean that maybe someone change some part or I don’t why it is not function. Is some solution how it can be repaired? Thank you very much for all responds.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Lukas, the Face ID and true tone are tied to the Motherboard. They do not work maybe the parts are damaged or replaced before. Also, there are no solutions to fix this issue unless you repair it in the Apple Store. As you said the device is opened, Apple will not repair it in the warranty. If you still want to repair it, it is very expensive, the repair cost is according to the other damage.

  7. BY Umar

    I repair phones on the side but I have been hesitant in attempting to repair iPhone D’s due to the complexity of the new face ID. Am wondering if am just replacing the screen, which I will be transferring all the parts from the old screen to the new one, Will it work? Also, will the phone still function normal if the face ID is not working? Thanks.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Umar, only replace the iPhone X screen, the Face ID still works. If your device iOS is 12, the only function you lose is the true tone. Also, the Face ID not work doesn’t affect you to use the iPhone X.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Umar, only replace the iPhone X screen, the Face ID still works. If your device iOS is 12, the only function you lose is the true tone. Also, the Face ID not work don’t affect you to use the iPhone X.

  8. BY Jan van Rissenbeck

    I have exactly the problem. I can’t find anyone in Hong Kong to fix it. Can you help me?

    • BY kaye

      Hi Jan, the Face ID will not work if you repair the Face ID model and the sensor flex cable. If you want the Face ID work, you should go to the Apple Store or Genius Bar.

  9. BY Maxim

    Hi, I did replace for Motherbord and all front camera, swap from damage phone to other phone.
    I take off Motherbord and front camera and install the works one, everything works but face iD not working at all.
    I didn’t take any part from broken screen.
    Can I did fixing for this. If yes what kind of parts need.

  10. BY John Karty

    Very informative blog. Please share such knowledgeable article with us..

  11. BY Amir

    Thanks for good review and video. I did repair (screen replacement) on several iPhone X and for all of them everything works fine but the ambient light sensor! Face ID, speaker, proximity sensor all of these work perfectly fine but auto brightness does not work on any of my repaired phones! I checked it multiple time, cleaned the sensor but did not work. brightness level is stocked on the middle and the screen is very dimmed unless I turn off the auto brightness and restart the phone to get a shiny bright screen again.
    Do you have any suggestion about this problem?


    • BY kaye

      Our suggestion is that:1. check the sensor flex cable and make sure it is in good condition. 2.check whether the white filter of the ambient light sensor is still on it.

    • BY kaye

      Hi Amir, which parts did you replace? In our video, we replaced the sensor flex cable and the ambient light sensor fails to work.


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