Big News About iPhone 13 Features – How Much do You Expect?


According to the news from Doctor Mark Gurman, Apple has been working on new product development. It is reported that one of its new products will be iPhone 13 series. The new iPhone models will be published in 2021, as the rumor leaks. Since we have been impressed by the iPhone 12 series’ powerful performance and hot-sale extent in the global mobile market, this new iPhone generation will be another remarkable improvement of Apple. What differences will this new iPhone model make to us and what features will it have? Let’s check it below.


1. Under Screen Touch ID

Since Apple has removed the touch ID function from iPhone in 2018, users did not focus on this function anymore. Now, the newest iPhone generation is coming back with the under-screen touch ID function, this will be big news for our iPhone users. The under-screen touch ID function is not fresh anymore, we’ve seen this on most Android mobile phones. Apple has been working the best on the up-gradation of touch ID technology since it pushed the iPad Air 4 and iPhone SE in 2020. Now, this feature has become a hot topic. The possibility of the under-screen touch ID function coming back to iPhone 13 is high.

iPhone 13 under-screen touch ID


2. Better Screen Resolution

News of the iPhone 13 series also leaks about the better function of the display screen. Firstly, the iPhone 13 will have a 120Hz resolution screen. This will be the most powerful display screen on all the iPhone models. According to Samsung display screen manufacturers company, Apple will continue to use OLED screens on the newest iPhone models. The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will feature of LTPO transistor OLED screen. What will this 120Hz OLED screen make difference to us? We can see it on the Samsung S20 Ultra display screen. News also reports that Apple plans to publish all iPhone models with LTPO OLED display screen. It will be great for users to have the best iPhone display screens.


iPhone 13 better screen resolution


3. Bigger Rear Cameras module

Same as the iPhone 12 series rear camera design, the iPhone 13’s rear cameras will be better. It is said that the iPhone 13 rear camera will be bigger and will be functioning better. According to the supplying reports, Apple will upgrade all the 13 series models equipment with LiDAR razor radar. This will make the new iPhone 13 model better at photo or video taking because the rear cameras can adjust the focal distance automatically and accurately for us when we put the camera against the subject. Further, the iPhone 13 front camera will adopt a slimmer True Depth notch, flush rear camera module on the screen.


iPhone 13 bigger rear camera module


4. Larger ROM Storages

The iPhone 13 series will have larger ROM storage, according to the news report. The iPhone 13 mini is expected to be equipped with 4G RAM and 64G or 128G or 256G optional ROM storage. The iPhone 13 will be the same RAM parameter as the 13 mini. The 13 Pro are expected to be more than capable. It is expected to be 6G RAM with 128G/256G/512G/1TB ROM storage. This is quite a massive ROM capacity for a mobile phone. The 13 Pro Max are expected to be better functions, but the ROM storage is the same as the 13. It is large enough for users for daily data storage.


iPhone 13 large ROM storage


5. Smaller Battery with longevity

The first piece of news relates reported by 9to5mac, analyst and Apple leaker, said: "we predict that iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone model to adopt battery soft board technology, which will help save internal space and reduce costs." The newest iPhone generation will feature of smaller battery with longevity. Soft board technology for the battery could help Apple in its quest to keep putting out small smartphones like the iPhone 12 mini, or just make the batteries higher capacity than what's currently in use. Another news report that Apple was to keep the same battery capacity between its iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the actual physical battery would end up smaller. Regarding both of these leaks, we still need to wait and see if they turn out to be true, but they sound pretty good for the future of iPhone batteries.


iPhone 13 small battery with longevity


Finally, we have to say that Apple has been leading the mobile technology of the world to a new age. News about other aspects of iPhone 13 will leak in the coming days. Let wait and see it. Anyway, you can also follow Etrade Supply’s blog about iPhone repair and iPhone parts. We suggest you come to our store for the new iPhone 12/12 Pro LCD screen and small parts if you are interested. You may also contact us if you have questions about our service or products, we are glad to help you.


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