9 Important Tips to Prevent Motherboard Issues during Repair iPhone 5

iPhone 5 has been released for 3 years till now, many users may have come across issues on iPhone 5. It’s easy to replace the iPhone 5 LCD screen assembly but when it comes to issues on motherboard, many people even technicians will  feel they are hard to work out. In this blog, we show you the 10 common motherboard issues caused during repair job, which should be prevented.


1. Battery Connector

When you pry up the battery connector on the motherboard, Attention should also be paid on the small components besides the connector. Otherwise, if the components get damaged, the battery data circuit will also be affected, which the device will not be charged and may restart randomly. 


2.LCD screen assembly connector.


Just like the first tip, when remove the iPhone 5 LCD screen Assembly, you should take care of the small components next to the connector. If the tiny part is damaged, the LCD screen may not display anything. In the 2 o’clock direction, there is a geomagnetic sensor. When the sensor get damaged by water or breaks during teardown, you device will (not) load the system with warning displayed on the screen.


      3. Baseband Chip.

When you remove the RF antenna connector, the baseband chip should be prevented to be damaged. Otherwise, once the chip is out of work, the mobile communication will not be available in your device, what’s more, the damage is irreversible. To fix the issue, you need to replace the whole baseband chip, while the repair work is complicate.


4. USB Control Chip.

The USB control chip is assembled in the bottom of the CPU chipset, so it would be in high risk to dry joint on CPU during the USB control chip repair. However, it is much possible to result to damage on the USB control chip, if people use their phone frequently when charged. Usually, if the chip goes bad, device will not be charged or can’t be powered on. Another situation is that the current is too high for the device when it get started. To fix the problem, the USB control chip need to be replaced. 


5. Wi-Fi issue Based on Chip Short Circuit.


*Short circuit here will result in digitizer failure


*Short circuit here will result in Wi-Fi failure

When iPhone 5 drop into water or the top of the device got wet, it leads to short circuit on different ICs, which may lead to different issues.  


6. Resistance Short circuit on Baseband circuit. 

If the bottom of iPhone 5 get wet, it’s possible that the resistance on the baseband power-up circuit go dead. While the baseband is out of work, the mobile communication will not be available again. However, the solution to the issue is very easy. A thin copper wire is a good substitute for the bad resistance. 


7.  Power Amplified Chip Issue.

If using the data traffic to browse internet websites and watch videos for a long time, it may lead to damage on the 2G power amplifier chip. The signal will be very weak and unstable during communication. Replacing this Chip will solve the problem.


8.  Audio chip Issue.

If sounds are available from music player while no sounds during calls, the audio chip or circuits may be damaged. To replace the chip or check the corresponding circuits to fix the issue.


9. Home Button Issue.

Home button failure, is always caused by the damaged lightning port itself. If not, the possible cause may be the gold contact on home button are bad or deformed. The solution is to correct the gold contact or replace the lightning port.


The whole iPhone family are all designed and produced with advanced technology and assembled precisely. ETrade Supply do not recommend non-professional people to tear down the iPhones or repair them. Turning to professional repair shops will be a better choice for people who are not confident to do the repair job.   


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  2. BY Oleg

    Interesting article, thank you for sharing this information. I have one question. Like Sylvain, the problem i have (code 50) is located somewhere in baseband ic. But what needed to be change is still no clear for me – only baseband chip, which shown on the picture below, or all modem components (qualcomm etc.)? Any help will be appreciated.

  3. BY Sylvain

    Is there any known shop that do resolder baseband chip? Because I got two iPhones with error 50, they are not water damaged, they were working fine, except for the network reception before I tried for both to make a factory restore! A mistake that brought me to error 50 for both of them!

  4. BY naresh arora

    very good tipps halping in repairring


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