5 Tricks That Make Your iPhone Perform Better

Do you feel that your iPhone or iPad is running no so smoothly and quickly as it once did? Don't despair. There are a few tricks you can do right now to make your device work better, and they won't cost you a cent. Here are some easy steps for improving your iPhone's performance that you might not be aware of:

Apple iPhone

  1. Get rid of crap you don’t need Do you know what has taken up so much space on your iPhone? To check your usage, go to Settings, then General, then scroll down and click Usage. It might take a minute to load, but you’ll be able to see which apps are taking up the most space on your iPhone. Then, remove what you can. That weird game you never play might actually be taking up a ton of space on your phone. Trash it!

  2. Treat it like a computer and clear your browser’s cache Clearing your iPhone’s browser’s history, cookies and other data can actually increase the system’s running speed, believe it or not. “To do this, go to Settings, then Safari (or whatever browser app you use), then you’ll see ‘Clear History’ and ‘Clear Cookies and Data.’”

  3. Delete old texts iMessage history is stored in the cloud but heavy SMS users can definitely clear some space by deleting old conversations that are no longer needed. Simply open a chat, and then tap and hold on a sent message until you see the “More…” option pop up. Then choose the messages you want to delete or tap “Delete all.” If you have a lot of old chats you don’t need, you can also swipe chats to the left in the Messages app’s conversations view to reveal a hidden “Delete” button.

  4. Turn off auto app updates Most people may love trying new features afforded by app updates, but if speed and performance is your top priority, disabling auto-updates might be a good idea. To turn off auto app updates, go to Settings, then scroll down and click iTunes & App Store. There, push all of the buttons to the left to turn off automatic downloads.

  5. Turn off location services This tip is important not only for speed, but also for battery life and privacy. A lot of apps use location services to determine where you are, and it’s generally not necessary. Go to Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services. From there, you can choose to turn it off completely or just turn it off for certain apps. Some apps such as maps obviously need your location to best serve you. But many, like SNS platforms, don’t need to know where you are. Turn off location services for apps that are not so necessary. After doing above steps, you can then see how your device performs. If you are still not satisfied with the speed, you may try deleting photos, music and videos before which do not forget make a back-up first.


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