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Explosion? How to Distinguish Between Original and Aftermarket Cell Phone Battery


As the developing cost of cell phone battery is relatively lower than other cell phone parts like LCD or Digitizer. There are a huge amount of batteries available in the market currently. However, their quality comes in different levels according to the material and manufacturers. Most important of all, for a battery sold in the [...]

The New ipad, perfect?

On march 7th 2012, Apple released its new generation tablet, named The New ipad. Only a week later, Apple announced that 3 million units were sold during the first week, breaking its fastest selling ipad record. After being sold in more countries around the world, the total selling figure would bound as sky rocket. Though [...]

HTC One X and EVO 4G LTE delayed at customs due to ITC exclusion order

From We’ve just received a statement from HTC indicating that two of its flagship devices — the One X for AT&T and the EVO 4G LTE for Sprint — have been delayed at customs due to an ITC exclusion order that was handed down last December at Apple’s behest. That order was set to [...]

Nokia N9 Take Apart/Tear Down

You can found info of Nokia N9 parts at  

iPhone 4 disassembly

Disassembly Iphone 4s

this is a video about how to tear down the Iphone 4s into LCD screen assembly, LCD screen, digitizer touch panel, rear camera, battery door and battery.  

How to seperate your Blackberry 9350

This is a video that shows how to seperate your Blackberry 9350 into glass lens, keyboard, LCD screen, digitizer touch panel,battery door and housing  

Iphone 5 coming to release?


Iphone 5 release date According to former schedule, we are expecting the new Iphone to debut in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Event (WWDC) this summer. However, the focus of 2011 event is about software. Considering the case of Iphone 4s, which set up a new sales record at 37 million per season in 2011, [...]

iPhone 4 Take Apart Video

This iPhone 4 Take Apart video shows how to take your iphone 4 into pieces, such as iPhone 4 LCD, iPhone 4 Digitizer Touch Screen, iPhone 4 Battery Door, etc. Please visit for more detailed information about this video.

Compared — Apple iPhone4S and iPhone4

Compared — Apple iPhone4S and iPhone4 Do you have any questions to identify Apple iPhone4S and iPhone4?  Do you know how to distingusih Apple iPhone4S and iPhone4? This article distingusih Apple iPhone4S and iPhone4 from the perspective from thier apperance.     First Distingction: 3 mm of change—Compare iPhone 4S with iPhone 4     [...]

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