Methods for maintaining the iPhone8 battery

This article has assembled the following 11 techniques to maintain the battery of the iPhone8 for cell phone users who are still using it.  
  1. Please use it while charging; do not wait until the power is extremely low before charging. The battery will not be harmed by frequent charging.
  1. To avoid an unstable current, use the original or authorized charger and charging cable.
  1. When the battery is fully charged, the charger will no longer give power. When fully charged, you must unplug the charger for the first time. If you do not unplug the charger, the iPhone will continue to drain battery power.
  1. Do not use your phone in high-temperature environments, such as the sun or very cold places. In the case of the iPhone, Apple considers that the normal operating temperature range is 0 to 35 degrees Celsius.
  1. Avoid leaving the charger plugged in after a full charge. Plugging in the charger for an extended period will result in frequent discharging and charging of the iPhone. In general, not very long and will not harm the battery, but if you can't use external power, why not unplug it?
  1. You can securely charge the iPhone using any USB port on your computer; this will not damage the battery and will result in somewhat slower charging. Don't worry, some laptops include a 5V 1A charging connector.
  1. Leaving the iPhone plugged into the computer's USB port is likewise not a problem. However, it is recommended that you do not keep it for an extended period, such as once inserted for half a day or anything that is not recommended, as it will charge and discharge.
  1. Do not play with the phone while it is charging, whether it is attached to the charger or on the USB port. Playing with the phone without a signal will result in battery overheating and battery damage, as well as the inability to listen to music or watch movies.
  1. Do not believe in any so-called battery maintenance software, here do not specifically say the name of the software. They just take care of the charging state of the system, and will not have any maintenance effect on the battery, only power consumption.
  1. Charging or daily use found that the temperature becomes high, it is best to stop charging or shut down to calm down. In addition, the charging process is also best to take off the phone case.
  1. Once a month a deep charge and discharge, remember not to use up the automatic shutdown and then charged, is the power to 20% below and then charged to full, to help maintain the battery's lithium-ion activity.


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