What Surprise Stretchable OLED Will Bring to Us?

With the blossoming and flourishing of various brands in smartphone industry, many of them share the common design and function, and there is quite limited space to make further technology innovation so far. Perhaps remarkable changes will keep focusing on the display and battery, which are the most promising parts that appeal to transformative technology features. That’s why OLED has received increasing attention nowadays, along with the accelerating popularity of curved new products.


The OLED is based on a substrate which can be either glass or plastic. The plastic material makes the OLED screen flexible, which can provide rich color and resolution density needed for a smaller screen without being a power hog and resistant damage by its malleable nature.

Here you will find two kinds of options when we talk about flexible OLED displays.

1) Screen is curved, but the shape is unchangeable.

The device maker curves the screen, but the end user is not able to change the shape. Besides the beautiful designs, a flexible OLED has several advantages especially in mobile devices - the displays are lighter, thinner and more durable compared to glass based displays.


2) The device is flexible, can be foldable, bendable or stretchable.

This may create all sorts of exciting designs that will enable large displays to be placed in a mobile device and only be opened when required.


However, besides its attractive strengths like being stretchable and not easily getting broken, there is also weakness. It’s said that the surrounding environment will have influence on the flexible OLED display effect. Either high temperature that up to 100℃ or lower than -10℃ both can’t ensure good performance. We believe it can be improved along with the maturity of technology, but of course it takes time to realize.


Even like that, there is no denying that the flexible screen will become the mainstream in the coming years.

Just imagine, the notebook would be more portable. The screen can be automatically rewinding as a pen with flexible thin and transparent keyboard.

There will be more space in the car. The flexible display can fit more complex automotive interior space, without any extra physical key for control area, but by a combination of interaction design in display and buttons.

The screen attached on the cup will show your daily health data when drinking water. And you will have idea of the meal by the display on refrigerator door without opening.

The TV screen can be huge enough, even to occupy the entire wall, where you can press the button and it will be rolled into a picture shaft if necessary...


It’s expected that the flexible OLED screen will eventually hit the mainstream of smartphone and wearable products. We look forward to see what kind of technological innovation will surprise us in the coming years? What surprise stretchable OLED will bring to us? How could the stretchable devices change the repair industry?

If you have any idea, please feel free to share with us by sales@etradesuply.com, thank you!

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