How to Upgrade the iPhone X Memory From 64G to 256G

Tools Needed:

 Screwdriver – pentalobe, Phillips

 Suction cup

 Ultra-thin steel pry tool


 Hot air gun

 NAND flash data recovery programmer

 Mobile phone PCB board holder


Step 1: Tear down the phone, separate the display screen and take out the logic board

>>Firstly, we need to turn off the phone and take out the SIM card tray. Tear down and separate the display screen. The procedure of the iPhone X teardown refers to Etrade Supply’s previous blog of iPhone X Tear-down/Disassembling for Screen Replacement , take out the logic board carefully.


Take out the logic board


>>Fix the logic board on the PCB holder table, tear off the adhesive tape carefully with tweezers on the mainboard, and flash chipset.


fix the logic board on the PCB holder table


Step 2: Heat and tear down the NAND flash, back up the 64G flash data with NAND flash data recovery programmer   

>>Use hot air gun to blow on the NAND flash chipset closely, adjust with the air with 330℃ for blowing. Use the ultra-thin steel pry tool to slice and pry at the same time until the NAND flash is loosened and off.


Pry and separate the NAND flash chipset


>>Flip over the NAND flash and remove it with tweezers. Clean the board pad carefully with soldering iron at 365℃, past the pad with PCB cleaner. Use hot air gun to blow and steel pry tool to clean the adhesive.


Clean the logic board pad


>>Turn on and connect the programmer to computer, insert the 64G NAND flash into the programmer. Open the program on computer and back up the data.


Place the 64G NAND flash into the programmer


Step 3: Copy and rewrite the 64G NAND flash data to the 256G NAND flash, and install the 256G flash

>>Place a brand new 256G NAND into the programmer and restore the data. Put the NAND on the repair table, get a BGA reballing stencil, and place it in the right position.


Reballing the NAND flash on the GBA stencil


>>Smear the solder on the stencil and heat the solder with 330℃ hot air gun blowing until it shapes completely. Leave it to cold down and remove the stencil.


heat the soldier until it shapes


>>Heat again for a while to make sure the solder balls are in the right format. Leave the NAND aside and let it cold down again.


heat to make sure the solder balls format


Step 4: Install the logic board back to the iPhone, assemble the display screen

>>Past some BGA fluid on the boarding pad and place the reballing 256G NAND on the pad, adjust it to the right position with tweezers.


Install the NAND flash back to the logic board


>>Use 380℃ hot air gun blow to solder it. Once it is finished, leave it to cold down for 5 minutes.


connect and assemble the display screen back


>>Install the logic board back to the phone, connect the display screen back, and insert the SIM card tray back.  


Step 5: Connect the iPhone to computer and restore in DFU mode, turn on the phone to check the storage. Storage upgrade successfully.  

>>Connect the phone to computer via iTunes or 3uTools, restore in DFU mode. When it is completed, the iPhone will restart automatically.


connect the iPhone to computer via iTunes and store it in DFU mode


>>Turn off the phone and assemble the iPhone X display screen and digitizer, connect the flex cable and the battery cable and fixing the metal plate with screws.


>>Turn on the iPhone and go to Settings to check the storage data. The iPhone X memory has been upgraded from 64G to 256G. All process is completed successfully.


iPhone X memory upgrade successfully


Notice: The whole procedure is manipulated under the hands of the professional repair person. You should never try it if you are not familiar with iPhone repair. Your iPhone X memory will be largely upgraded after the process, but the logic board and the NAND flash life will be shortened. We suggest you reconsider it if you want to try it on your iPhone. In the end, we recommend you to come to our online store for some iPhone X replacement parts if you are interested in iPhone repair. You may contact us on email if you need our help. Etrade Supply is always here to offer our best service.



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