Top 5 Issues and Solutions for the Nexus 4

Google Nexus 4  

Issue 1: Cracked back glass

Just like the iPhone 4 and 4S, the Nexus 4 has a glass back panel. It’s a stylish look, but there is obviously a risk that it will crack, especially if you drop it. The back glass of the Nexus 4 is beautiful and stylish, but it's so vulnerable that even tiny impact may cause it crack. Over thousands of people have already experienced it. Solution:  Get a case for the phone. A protective case can absorb impacts in case of accident, which may save your Nexus 4. A good Nexus 4 case can in some degree help a lot, but you still need to pay much attention not to drop it. If, unfortunately, you got the back glass cracked, then you can only replace the glass lens. It's only 30 seconds work. (You can follow our Nexus 4 DIY repair tutorials)  

Issue 2: The Camera Lag & Freeze

Nowadays taking pictures is an important function of a cell phone. But while using the camera of N4, sometimes you may experience annoying lag and freeze of it. Many users reported that they’ve encountered that problem and have to reboot their device because it froze when they were taking pictures. Others reported that there are noticeable lagging and freezing every time they use the camera. Solution: There’s no problem with the stock camera at all. There are also no problems with the hardware. However, there seems to be some minor issues with the gallery app. Both the camera app and the gallery work together in an Android environment. When the sensor snaps a shot, the camera app will do its job and relay the picture to the gallery app for storing and viewing later. This is where the problem comes from. That’s why lags happen after the photo was taken. If this problem happens to you, you can do the following: Clear Gallery App Data 1. Go to Settings, then scroll to and tap Apps. 2. Find the Gallery app and tap on it. 3. Tap Force Stop. 4. Tap Clear Cache. 5. Tap Clear Data. 6. Launch Gallery again. You can now try to use your camera again to see if lags were gone. If they persist, try rebooting your phone.  

Issue 3: Poor battery life

A lot of people complain about poor battery life with the Nexus 4, but this is a very common complaint for all smartphones. Your battery life depends entirely on how you use your device. You can get some insight into what is eating your battery by going to Settings > Battery. It is unlikely to be a hardware fault. Possible solutions: 1. Turn off anything you aren’t using: NFC, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, etc. 2. Reduce screen brightness. 3. Turn off automatic updates of accounts like Facebook within the relevant app. 4. Watch out for battery hogging apps in Settings > Battery.  

Issue 4: Random rebooting

Some users have reported random rebooting and the occasional shut down of their Nexus 4. This is most likely linked to the Android 4.2.2 update and incompatible apps. If you had a lot of apps installed and then updated to 4.2.1 then it’s possible one of the apps is not playing nice with the latest version of the operating system. Possible solutions: 1. You could check which apps are running by going to Settings > Application manager and looking at the Running tab and then try removing them one at a time. If you remove one and the reboot happens again, you can eliminate that app from your investigation. Rinse and repeat until you find the culprit. 2. Do a factory reset to delete everything by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset and enter your pattern, password, or PIN when prompted, then tap Erase everything.  

Issue 5: Proximity sensor turning screen off during calls

A few people have encountered an issue where they make a call and the screen turns itself off during the call and then it remains black when the call ends. This could be caused by a screen protector, in which case it’s easy to fix (See: solution 1). However, if the screen doesn’t turn off when you hold it up to your ear, or you continue to encounter problems with no screen protector on the phone, then you might have a hardware fault (See: solution 2). Possible solutions: 1. Remove your screen protector. If the screen protector doesn’t have a cutout for the proximity sensor, then you should get a different screen protector or cut a hole in your existing one. 2. You should get a repair for the phone from wherever you bought your Nexus 4.   There are still many other Nexus 4 issues not listed here. If you have encountered any other problems, leave your comments. We will do all we can to help you out. If you have found other better solutions, please share your experience.  
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    In some time my sensor key button is not working

  2. BY Richard

    Add a comment in section ‘Clear Gallery App Data’ at step ‘5. Tap Clear Data’: this step will delete your pictures. Please backup first.


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