Nexus 4 Take Apart Tutorial

As Google’s fourth generation smartphone, Nexus 4 has been the spotlight for its special dotted glitter pattern design, fast processor, and Android 4.2.2 operating system etc. However, the device’s etched glass is easy to be broken. Users should pay more attention to their Nexus 4 when hold it on hands. Dropping your new Nexus 4 only takes few second, but the pain of repairing the smashed screen lasts for more moments. If your beloved Nexus 4 is not covered insurance, you have to take it to repair shop to have it fixed. Or if you plan to replace cracked screens on your own, this Nexus 4 teardown infographic is a good tutorial for you.

Tools Needed

1) T5 torx screwdriver

2) A Pair of Small Philips Screwdriver

3) Tweezer

4) Case Opening Tool - Triangle

1. Take out the SIM card tray Take out SIM Card Tray SIM Card Tray2 2. Use Torx 5 screwdriver to undo 2 screws at the bottom of the phone. undo buttom Screw 

Undo buttom Screw23. Use a case open tool to separate the case from the main part.

Seperate CaseSeperate Case2

4. Use Small Phillips screwdriver to remove 13 screws on the rear housing. Undo Screws of Housing 5. Use case open tool to remove the rear housing remove Vibrating Motor

6. Use a Pair of Tweezers to pry out the vibrating motor and ear phone head phone jack flex cable

7. Carefully pry out the loud speaker module remove loud speaker module

8. Disconnect all connectors on the motherboard Disconnect all connectors on motherboard

Take out the charging port flex cable

 Take out the charging port flex cable

9. Remove the motherboard

 remove motherboard

10. Remove the front facing camera and rear facing camera

 rear facing camera

11. Pick out the head phone jack flex cable

 head phone jack flex cable

12. Take out the antenna and side keys

 Take out antenna and side keys

13. Remove Battery

Please note: The battery is adhered to the front housing by strong adhesive. Prying up the battery with too much strength could break it.

 remove battery

14. Tear down Nexus 4 parts 

 Nexus 4 Parts

You can check our Nexus 4 Disassembly YouTube Video to take apart Nexus 4 devices step by step.

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    What is the name of the little grey part on the left upper corner? Please send me a message and I’ll send you the pictures part.


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