How to Tear Down iPhone 12/12 Pro for Screen Replacement?


Tools Required:

 Screwdrivers – Pentalobe screw, Phillips screw, Y-type screw



Suction cup

 Steel prying tool

 Hard plastic plectrum

 Hot air gun


1. Tear down the iPhone 12 display screen


 1.1 Power off the iPhone, unbolt and loosen off the two pentalobe screws on the bottom.


Unbolt the two pentalobe screws of iPhone 12


 1.2 Use hot air gun to blow on the screen and four corners for screen easy separation.


Hot air gun blow on the iPhone 12 screen


 1.3 Use a suction cup to pull the screen, and plastic plectrum to slice around and separate the display screen.


Slice around to separate the iPhone screen


 1.4 Pry and flip over the screen aside, loosen the six Y-type screws and remove the metal shield for fixing the flex cables.


Unbolt the screws for fixing the display flex


 1.5 Unplug the battery cable, and then the display screen flex cables.


Disconnect the display screen flex cable


 1.6 Loosen the four screws and remove the metal panel for fixing the ear speaker’s flex cable, disconnect the cable so that the screen can be entirely separated.


Disconnect the ear speaker flex and separate the iPhone 12 screen


2. Replace the iPhone 12 display screen


 2.1 Unbolt the two Phillips screws and two Y-type screws for fixing the ear speaker, disconnect the flex cable and take down the ear speaker carefully from the screen.


Take off the ear speaker


 2.2 Take out a new iPhone 12 screen and install the ear speaker to the screen, connect the flex cable to the screen and fixing the cable with the metal panel with screws.


Install the ear speaker to the new screen


 2.3 Connect the new replaced screen flex cables to the phone.


Connect the new screen to the phone


3. Test the new screen function and assemble the iPhone


 3.1 Connect the battery flex cable, Turn on the iPhone, and test the new screen’s function.


Test the new screen function


 3.2 After all the functions are confirmed to be normal, turn off the iPhone. Disconnect the battery flex cable and screen flex cables, separate the screen again.


Separate the display screen again


 3.3 Clear the remaining adhesive sticker on the back housing frame with tweezers. Apply a new iPhone 12/12 Pro frame adhesive sticker onto the frame.


Apply a new iPhone 12 frame adhesive sticker


 3.4 Connect the screen flex cables and the battery connector, fix the connector cables with the small metal shield and screws.


Connect the display screen back to iPhone 12


 3.5 Assemble the display screen back, gently press to make sure it is closely assembled. Tighten the two pentalobe screws back. The whole process is finished.


Assemble the iPhone 12 and tighten the two pentalobe screws



The screen replacement procedure works for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, but the iPhone 12 Pro ear speaker doesn’t install on the screen. The iPhone 12 screen and digitizer with flex cables are easy to break, just be careful. The battery connector should be unplugged at first and connected back last, just remember this. For more details about iPhone 12 tear down process, just follow our blog or leave comments about your questions. We are glad to discuss it with you.



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