Solutions to the Common Nokia Lumia 1020 Problems

The Nokia Lumia 1020 catches people’s eye by its stunning 41 MP camera with PureView Pro technology support. However, it is also accompanied by several flaws according to the users’ experiences. We have selected the top-four common Lumia 1020 issues and worked out the solutions to them.

Solutions to the Common Nokia Lumia 1020 Problems


• Restarts and Freezes Randomly Problems

Some users have reported that their Lumia 1020 randomly turns itself off or freezes sometimes. Since the specific apps or services may be the culprits, we have worked out the following solutions.

1. Make sure the apps aren’t running in the background if you don’t use it.

2. Check whether the apps are the latest and the Window Phone is up to date by going to Settings=> phone update=>check for updates.

3. Holding the volume down and power buttons together until the device vibrates to do a soft reset.

4. If the soft reset doesn’t work, try a hard reset to wipe your handset after backing up everything important. You can do this by going to Settings=>about=>reset your phone.

5. But if your device is unresponsive, you have to reset by holding the volume down button and connecting your charger. Then an exclamation mark should display on screen. And you have to press these keys in order: volume up, volume down, power and volume down again.


• Battery Drains Rapidly Issue

A few Lumia 1020 owners complained that the battery of their devices drains rapidly and gets overheating during the usage. In fact, the issues of battery draining fast and overheating are common among the smartphones, such as the HTC One. Therefore, the solutions to these issues are similar.

1. Disable the apps that you don’t use. Make sure they aren’t running the background.

2. Setting=>battery saver and choose when it should be activated. And check whether your battery is actually fully charged via Setting=>battery       saver=>battery information.

3. Check whether you had installed the problem apps. If so, uninstall them via Settings=>applications.

4. If the tips above don’t help, try a factory reset (back up anything important first) via Setting=>about=>reset your phone.


• Call Quality Problem

Some owners found that they are experiencing the call quality issue on their Lumia 1020 during the call. They found there is a rustling or fuzzy noise on the other side. And the other caller also found their voice is intermittent. If this issue happened to you, you can try the following tips.

1. Check your SIM card. Make sure your SIM card is OK and it’s inserted correctly.

2. But if the SIM card is not the culprit, you’d better to get a replacement device from your supplier, because that may be the hardware issue.


• Wi-Fi Connection Drops Issue

Wi-Fi issue is common for the smartphone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Lumia 1020 is no exception. You can try these solutions if you are experiencing this problem.

1. Setting=>wifi=>advanced and tap Keep wifi on when screen times out.

2. Try to turn off your router and soft reset your Lumia 1020.

3. Change channels on your router and turn your MAC filter off.

If you have encountered other Nokia Lumia issues, leave your experiences in the comment box. We’ll try our best to help you out.

  1. BY Jeff Mondi

    My 1020 displays only “NOKIA” on read background. Unsuccessful with resets. Windows device recovery process bar started but failed after very partial movement and now will not launch at all.

  2. BY shubham

    My Lumia 1020 camera is making a beep sound while taking pictures and shooting videos. Also sound is not of the shutter but its coming from camera itself. Beep destroy the the whole video and very annoying. Also after 2 minutes camera heats up too much… Plz anyone tell me that which parts need to be replaced so that I get it repaired soon…

  3. BY Vivek parihar

    My sim was block in slot and when i remove it with minor force phone do not detect the sim again. The sim slot is broken down and need new tray

  4. BY Roger K

    I have a problem with the new message icon on my Nokia 1020. The icon used to disappear when I accessed the new message, then it got so it sometimes stayed on for a while. Now it’s been on for days even though I turn off the phone at night. Can anyone tell me how to restore it to its normal mode please?

  5. BY manie

    Hi my Nokia 1020 died on me like literally just shut down and now is refusing to turn on. I tried charging it and that did not wow I’m in a dilemma let it for like 2hours still not working. Any advice or suggestion please

    • BY Celine

      I’ve had the same problem. It worked fine, then suddenly stopped. I sent it off for a Microsoft repair, and they’ve sent it back saying it’s water damaged which is bollocks. By the way it’s been hacked, I don’t think they could work out how to open it. Going by the collect and delivery timing they could have only had it for a few hours. When I plug it into charge, I can feel a buzz on the lens case, so it’s def not a charging socket issue.

  6. BY Adrianna

    hi this morning when i woke up i had service and was able to do everything i normally do. when i got to school, i had received an invalid sim message and decided to try to turn my Nokia 1020 off then back on because that worked last time. now my phone wont even turn on! I’ve had it plugged in and tried to turn it on and it still didn’t work. i know its not dead because my phone was at 98% when i turned it off. can someone please help me?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    • BY manie

      I’m having the same problem but like mine literally died on me outer interest did your phone miracles decide to work again or its still died

  7. BY kalpesh

    my mo is not blower photos

  8. BY Humberto

    The only issue lies with the screen LCD itself, there appears to be a background image that remains in the screen and is visible when the screen displays anything really light in color or white in colors

    • BY lolly

      That is what is known as Screen Burn. Common on Amoled screens, I believe. It’s a permanent thing. So, if you don’t like it, you’ll have to replace the screen.

  9. BY G

    Why can Lumia 1020 not connect to Window 7 and Window XP of PC?

  10. BY Kaitlyn

    My Nokia lumia 360 is always going back to the home screen.I will press on messages or contacts and it will go back to the home screen.I once read on line that you need to hold the up volume bo button and the power button for 15 seconds.I did that the first time and it worked.but now it won’t.Please tell me how to fix this.Thanks.

  11. BY Atlanta

    I’ve had fantastic experiences with the Nokia Lumia 1020 since receiving it just before Labor day September 2013.
    June / July 2013 it wouldn’t keep a charge more than 3 hours after a full overnight charge which was covered under warranty. I’m enjoying the replacement UNTIL a software update doesn’t allow use of HERE apps while requiring me to use Cortana (no thanks). I’m considering going back to an iPhone after this software update. I never downloaded apps which is probably why the phone has worked so well for so long. Until, Nokia or Microsoft “updated” my phone. I’ll go to try e Microsoft store in Atlanta and see after that visit if I return to Apple iPhone.

  12. BY Georgia

    My phone is completely flat. I tried charging it with the charger I normally use and it is not responding. I tried unplugging from the. Power,switching off then on and still no response after leaving it there for 30mins. I repeated the process with other Nokia chargers including pugging it I to my car with no luck. Does anyone know what I can do next ??? PLEASE HELP !!!!

  13. BY Marty Martin

    My Nokia 1020 keeps turning my ringer off. I go back to settings turn it back on and in no time it’s off again.

    • BY Judy

      Does it then get stuck on the exclamation point? Mine started doing this today as well.

  14. BY fallon

    I dropped my phone and cracked the screen, I had it replaced by some cowboys about 7 months after (will not get into it) but had to take it to 3rd party to be glued back in right. Since having it back I keep getting sim error coming up and no signal, it’s getting really bad especially when I’m half way through a conversation. Some times its so bad I have to restart it. I have tried taking the sim out and cleaning it ect but nothing i do seems to work. Is there a way to fix this?

    • BY Mario

      I have the same problem, only same person glue it back on. He blames it on a soffware update problem which seems to be to coincidental, And recommends to reinstal the sistem from 0. The Phone is a free ATT model from Amazon, And the screen replacement was done in Spain. The creen is not identical to the US Version.
      How was your problem solved?

  15. BY Debbie

    I dropped my phone and now when I turn it on it has a white strip down the right side of the screen. Have i broken it or is it repairable?

  16. BY Karen

    My Nokia Lumia 1020 freezes every evening for the last 3 or 4 days, in order to get the phone to turn on in the morning I have to do a soft reboot (volume, power button) and the battery is draining rapidly (charged it to 100% yesterday by the time I finally got it rebooted this morning it was down to about 30%). What can be done to correct this problem. Could it be from the last update, as someone else has thought??? Any ideas?

  17. BY Cristian Chie

    I’m facing some issues with my Nokia 1020. Out of nowhere it starts browsing through all the apps, opening them randomly. If I’m going back to the home screen, is starts again, and shortly it becomes unresponsive. I have to reset it, but sometimes it starts again.

  18. BY chee burger

    I bought my 1020 in november and the camera didn’t focus. i had it repaired by nokia and now the bottom left corner of the screen isn’t sitting snug in the unibody. and just yesterday, the power button started to not return out as far as it used to. i put all this down to it being dismantled when it was repaired. you can NEVER get the same fit and finish as from the factory. i don’t blame Nokia because every manufacturer gets a defect now and again. in my case it was the camera. the other problems are from repairing that problem. i’m heading back to the country where i bought the phone in a couple of weeks and i’ll try to get a replacement.

    other than that, the phone is phenomenal and has run faultlessly. even with these cosmetic/fit issues, it’s still running well. the camera is brilliant. i won’t be leaving Nokia without a new phone.

    • BY Suresh

      The camera not focusing in Lumia 1020 is not an isolated problem. I had the same problem with mine for almost 2 years. A recent software upgrade seems to have fixed it, but not 100% of the time 🙁

    • BY daniel

      have a look at how to take out the screen of the 1020 on youtube, it’s really easy so you should be able to fit it in properly yourself to fix it

  19. BY Kullaya

    I have my nokia lumia 1020.I replaced the touch screen after being broken and there after the charging system is not working at all.But if you charge the battery using external device,the battery charged fully 100% but after using in the phone when it drains it does not charge using normal charger.

  20. BY Terry Downing

    I have a nokia 1020 and my problem is this if any of my friends ring me there number and not there name appears on the screen so I never know who it is despite there names being displayed in my phone book any advice please

    • BY Alan

      Hi Terry I had the same pdoblem when I was setting up my phone and to me a long time to work it out, It was the sim settings, not sure of the correct procedure but try this.
      Go to settings look for mobil+SIM this should display your sim network provider eg EE,02,Vodafone etc. now click on SIM settings click and temporarily chang the highest connection speed to 3G. (you can change this back later).
      now click on Network Selection and search for your network and select it. You may whant to come back to this point and read through the notes in learn more, however at this point go back to your home screen and re boot your phone, now get someone in your contact list to call you. as long as there number is not witheld it chould display who’s calling. If this does not work go back and select auto in network selection insted, then re boot and try again to receive a call. You may wont to change your network speed back to 4G if you are signd up for it.

  21. BY Barry Payne

    Dropped calls, dropped calls, dropped calls. Particularly when in conversation with a Verizon user (have ATT – always terrible telephones). Four Nokia Lumia 1020’s – three with same problem, over and over, regardless of service area, microcell or tower. Some power issues, but nowhere near as maddening as dropped calls.

    Seems to me it is an incredible camera, that is also a mini windows tablet that is acceptable, and an also ran telephone. For the privilege of coughing up $200 for the upgrade, I get sh_tty service and equally bad customer [dis]service.

  22. BY Sandra Waller

    Nothing but problems with the phone since I got it!! Apps suddenly just stop working and disappear… Phone freezes then switches off and on for 20mins or so even reset doesn’t work!, will get a week maybe 2issue free then a month or 2 of more shit!!! This is my first windows phone and will be my last!!! Have always liked nokias but this has put me off for life! Last phone was a Sony Ericsson had for 2 years without a single problem!!!

    #sick of this fecking phone!!!!

  23. BY aisha khan

    Mine got so hot it nearly burned my hand, so I got it fixed by Nokia. When it was given back to me it worked fine for 2-3 days then the same problem occurred, overheating, rapid battery drain. I couldn’t use it for fear of it getting wrecked up again, in the end I got fed up of it sold it to cex after only having it for one month.

  24. BY Josie

    Every time I plug in my phone, it turns on the camera and repeatedly takes pictures. I have to plug it in press back or main button, wait.. it will go right back to the camera, Press back again and usually it will stop some times tho I will check in the morning and there are 40+ images of darkness. Because it kicked over for a 3rd time. Anyone else have this issue?

    • BY Anthony

      I am… it is annoying as all hell
      I’m trying to get mine fixed now with Nokia

  25. BY Anne Wandling

    Actually I meant it resets to 13 or lower

  26. BY Anne Wandling

    Is there a way to lock in the volume level so you can actually hear the phone ring and hear message alerts? I like to set it to 25 or higher but it always resets itself to 23 or lower.

  27. BY michael

    Hi i have a number of nokia devices, and the 1020 has horrible volume when on calls through the earpiece. its almost a strain to hear the person talking on the other end when its quiet let alone noisey!

    i have been to a few forums to try and solve and it appears that it is quite common.

    Can you please let me know how to fix this issue.



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