Solutions to Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems

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Nothing is perfect. So does the Samsung Galaxy S4. Although the Galaxy S4 has got into the public’s good graces since released, some common problems are also accompanied according to the complaints from the S4 owners. If you have encountered these listed software problems, hope the following solutions could give you answers. But if you have met the hardware issues on your Galaxy S4 and need to repair its broken parts, ETrade Supply is always your best place to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 replacement parts.

  Galaxy S4 Battery Drain Issue

Many new Galaxy S4 owners would complain the 2600mAh battery is not enough to keep the phone charged the entire day because of the rapid battery drain for the 5.0-inch display and many other smart features of the device. In fact, the default settings were to blame. Samsung enabled all the smart features to be available in order to make the device as attractive as possible when the users do the test for the first time. Therefore, the remedy to this problem is to choose the settings you need and disable the ones that you don’t use.


1. Disable Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. if you are not using.

2. Turn the Power Saving Model on.

3. Adjust screen brightness to a low level, and reduce your screen timeout duration.

 Wi-Fi Network Connection Problem

Lots of owners reported that their GS4 can’t connect to Wi-Fi, and found the connecting speed is very slow or the connection keeps dropping. All these issues could be caused by the hardware, the software, the setting, etc. which are complicate.


1. If you are using a D-Link router, you could solve this problem temporarily by reconnecting your Galaxy S4 and the router again.

2. If the hardwares are OK, then you can try the following steps.

1) Settings => Connections and tap Wi-Fi. Then tap Menu and make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

2) Or turn off Wi-Fi power save mode on your S4. Type *#0011# on the phone dialer, then Menu => Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi power save mode to Off.

3) Or change your router settings to 802.11 model

•  Galaxy S4 Insufficient Storage

It’s normal that if you found the storage of your 16GB Galaxy S4 is only left 9.15GB after you got the device. The reason is that the operating system and the preloaded apps have taken up the rest of the storage.


1. Disable the apps that you don’t use. But be careful not to disable the native functions and features. You’d better follow these steps. Settings => More Tab => Applications Manager => All Tab => Find Apps to Disable => Tap Disable button.

2. Buy a microSD card. However, some apps can’t be installed to a microSD card. The good news is that Samsung has already rolled out an update that enables users to move apps to SD card, which should solve this lack of storage problem.

  Smart Features Problem

Galaxy S4 was advertised with the highlights of smart scroll, smart pause, smart stay, etc. However, many owners complain that these features don’t work for them. Does this mean the Galaxy S4 smart features don’t live up its reputation as advertised? Probably not.


1. Make sure you turn on in Setting => My Device => Smart Screen

2. Make sure the light is sufficiently bright for your S4 to see you.

  Galaxy S4 Lag Issue

You can’t accept the fact that Samsung’s flagship smartphone lags often without apparent reason. However, according to the developers, this is the new feature of Galaxy S4 -- S Lag, which was caused by bloatware that caused TouchWiz to freeze sometimes.


1. Settings => More => Application Manager => All => Tap Apps One by One => Disable

2. Settings => My Device => Lock Screen, then tap Unlock Effect and change it to None

3. If the home button lags, you have to double press the Home Button to launch S Voice, then press the Menu key and choose Settings to uncheck Open Via the Home Key.

If you have met other S4 problems rather than the above mentioned, leave your comments. We’ll do our utmost to help you.

  1. BY Silas Petrus Dacxlam

    There is no radio in my phone s4 what can i do? The radio which i want is the one which i can not use internet when i am operating the radio

    • BY kaye

      Hi Silas, you can install a Radio App into your smartphone, May this can help you.

  2. BY muslim khan

    My samsung galaxy s4 mini dosnt work propery
    Sometimes its data doesnt turn on easily and sims signal is so weak sometimes its even lost sims for three or four hours even all days what can i do
    Should i full software it or what please samsung
    Show me a way as soon as you can
    Or you can call me for solution

    • BY kaye

      Hi muslim, maybe you can try to update your phone system to the newest to have a try.

  3. BY Wanda emerson

    I’ve got a problem myself. I just purchased a phone from Metro pc and I paid 69.00 for it. My granddaughter had taken one from me a few months ago almost just like the one I have. Mine was a samsung j3 I guess. But since I’ve had it my phone has changed colors on the front. My icons have disappeared that were on home page. Also it seems that since she lives next door that maybe she has may e gotten a hold of my phone.and got my info off my sim card while it was laying around and I wasn’t watching. Question is if her phone is the one I have now with my son card I. It how would I know the difference? I’m not a specialist about phones but I know she’s take it in a heart beat. The family is tore up and would steal and has stolen from me. But how would I know the difference?


    my problem is when somebody calls me,my mobile will wake up with this message
    ‘Unfortunately.Phone has stopped”.i using samsung note 4

  5. BY shaha

    Always sound icon popping out
    What will i do??

  6. BY mhy

    I have a samsung galaxy s4 i have recently updated the software to the new lollipop but watsapp messages are showing a preview of it on my screen and i hate that especially when someone is using my phone thy are able to see part of the messages. I want the notifaction bit but dont want it to show part of the message on my screen please how do i turn it off?? I have tried to find ways but I coudn’t find it. It really annoys me. I would appreciate if somebody could help me with this matter.

  7. BY sophie

    i am having trouble with my s4 mini its got text speak on so i can type and when i go to turn it of in the settings its restarts it self ..this is happening evey time i have tryed resetting the phone and still no luck is there any advise u can give me on what else to try befor i throw the thing at a wall

  8. BY Jason P

    I lately have been having lag issues with sending text messages. I have cleared all texts on the device and I have even cleared the cache partition. Still the same issue persists. Please help… it takes over 30 minutes and up to 8+ hours for text messages to send/receive

  9. BY Taslimah

    I have an s4 I am having problem with the home button and the other button, return button and setting button. These three button are not working.i can’t understand what is going on with my phone. Please I need some help.
    Thank you

  10. BY Greg

    I sometimes have to use my phone as a hotspot for VPN connections. It works amazingly well and is very stable…until I get a phone call. it breaks my VPN connection and is very disruptive. Is there some what to prevent this?
    Appreciate any comments

    • BY Wesley

      The only way to prevent this is to be connected to a WiFi connection. If your surfing over 3g with a vpn for example both the 3g and your cell signal are one in the same, and it is like those old dial up connections. If your surfing the web on a dial up connection and someone answers the phone or makes a call you lose connection because both signals are going through the one cable; exactly the same as with your phone.

  11. BY Narayana Rao

    My S4 goes back to Home screen or reboots suddenly when I am viewing e-mails/internet/other applications like facebook/whatsup etc. This is happening for last one month only and before that I have not downloaded any new applications nor updations of software. May advise how to resolve this issue. Thanks in anticipation.

  12. BY Roy:)

    Thanks for your solutions But Nothing worked here. My Samsung GT-1905 has been shutting off frequently. I tried to replace another battery and try. But still can’t. When I put the battery on my phone, the Samsung galaxy S4 logo is there for a few seconds and just went blank!

  13. BY deo lubega

    Add a comment…nice it worked

  14. BY Khalil

    Hi everyone;
    I’ve Samsung galaxy S4 i9505 with android 4.4.2;
    Having problem with wifi, every time i restart or turn off wifi my all wifi connections saved are lost and i’ve to connect and save them again.
    i’ve tried mostly solutions given on different sites but in-vain. Also wifi working is too slow and it drops the connection as 2-signals are remaining whereas on same distant other phones are working.

  15. BY bijay kc

    mobile tower doesn’t work when it is locked

  16. BY Carol Wiliams

    I keep losing my google account and I have to log back in. My phone is 1 month old and the google account has dropped out at least 6 time in that short time.
    Also occasionally I get a flashing blue light. Don’t know what that means either.
    Please can you help. I have a Samsung Galaxt S4 i9500.


    Carol Williams

  17. BY sharron

    My samsung s4 keeps moving to sound when i put it on vibrate i never had this problem with the s3

  18. BY rose

    my texts are no longer staggered….all incoming are together and all outgoing are together….this is very annoying..when I get an incoming text I have to search for it…can someone help me out. I tried to get help from Samsung online chat but I keep getting cut off befpre I get a solution

  19. BY MAK

    upon activating Smart Network Switch, I am unable to de-select the same and I am unable to switch on fully WIFI application with gree tab brightly on.

  20. BY timbit

    ive had my s4 for about 6 months now and it started doing this yesterday where my screen would go black but I could use my phone like nothing else was wrong it turned back on after work two days ago so I thought it was ok then it did it again last night but this time my screen didn’t come back I need my phone anyone help???

  21. BY howdi4

    when I press the phone button in my Chrysler and say “call anyone”, it rings that persons phone once, then says “call complete” and disconnects. I am using a Galaxy S4 on Verizon’s network.

  22. BY robilee

    My problem is with the WiFi. I want to turn it off to save battery. I swipe the screen down, long press the WiFi icon, move the switch to OFF. Then a few minutes later it has turned itself on. Is an app doing this? I have downloaded several. Once it stayed OFF but was not really off. It was doing that not grey but not green thing with a message that it was turning on for days. I had to reboot to get it to stop but now I again can’t get it to stay OFF. Any suggestions?

  23. BY Zee


    I’ve Samsun g S4 mini for over a 6 months but there are few problems I’m facing.

    1)How I can save photos from a browser, for example If I search any photos through google how I can save into my phone, I tried left menu button but its just gives me option of sharing etc but no option to save.

    2)I’ve email account in my s4 mini the other issue I cant see my older emails like emails from couple of days , its always shows me couple of latest emails and that’s it I cant even search old emails If I try it doesn’t come up with anything?

    Please help !!!!

  24. BY Stephen

    i resetted my Samsung s4 mini and the Samsung tone and logo don’t come when i switch off or restart my phone.
    also i can’t change from 2G to 3G

  25. BY Lynette

    I have an Samsung S4 and for a whine now when I make a call, I will not hear it ring but the other person will hear it . I will have to redial and on the second time the call will go through. The same thing happens if some one call me I will hear my phone ring and answer it but will not hear anything. They will have to re-call me and it will works then. Can any one help?

  26. BY Martina Thomas

    Here is a video that will show you how to save valuable battery life in Samsung Galaxy S 5

  27. BY yehya

    i have a samsung S4 i9505, when i turn on the WCDMA when i lock it the network disappears, so any help plzzzz!!!

    • BY May

      Check if you have opend the battery save mode.

  28. BY suganya

    While seeing videos in facebook white light appears in between. ..but not in you tube what may be the reason…

  29. BY Marwan Jaber

    8 months ago I bought Samsung Galaxy S4 phone in Jordan – Amman and I paid 450 JDs for it, after 4 months I started facing problems with phone, some times it is rebooting it self alone, some times it switch it self alone, the big problem is that for charging I have to tray many many times , it is look like as a luck, where some times I have to try 10 times or 15 times , as i said it is by luck. I tried to repair it , but same problem, I need a miracle to do that, no body wants to repair it.
    I feel that I paid my money for NOTHING.

  30. BY phoenix

    hi my gs4 camera is no bright its either having a yellowish or green covering on my pix and the flash dont seem to do much wen taking a pix at nyt . and also my phone keeps freezing wen am chating on any social media and i cant even install games on my device and if eventually i do it wont run in d phone

  31. BY Sabrina

    it just happened today. . I was listening music on my music player on s4 with earpieces plugged in and I was lying down my bed. the music would stop for no reason and the volume will suddenly change to very loud or no sound when I didn’t even touch anything. I get so frustrated having to keep start playing the music and to change the volume. can anyone help me? ):

  32. BY Tali

    Well, it seems I am the first who has this problem of interference between WiFi and bluetooth. Whenever I connect to homeplug for wifi and bluetooth speakers, the bluetooth kills the wifi of homeplug. Have tried combinations of bluetooth speaker devices (2 receivers) and wifi sources (1 router and one homeplug) and two smartphones. So I tried all sorts of combinations of the three. First, GS4 mini appears to have only problem. The SonyEriksson Experia Ray is fine with the wifi plug and the bluetooth speakers. GS4 mini has problem with both two bluetooth speakers I tried when connected to homeplug.
    On the contrary, when GS4 mini connects to the wifi rooter plays music to the bluetooth speakers fine, but when connected to WiFi through homeplug, it stalls after a mnute. After I disconnect the bluetooth and reconnect the wifi, everything is fine. When it connects to bluetooth speakers, it kills wifi within a minute. And so much that I do not have internet even in the pc.. Strange!
    Any ideas out there???? When can I change in the settings of the devices that could solve this issue?? Thanks!

  33. BY Md.Rahat

    When I reset my Samsung Galaxy s4 mini then I can’t use phone memory 16 GB and camera is very dark .my galaxy s4 mini work is very slowly. Please tell me what I do.

  34. BY Raj kumar Talreja

    Hi, I have received a new S4 Black edition i9505
    it worked fine for 3-4 days suddenly I had issue with call, I was unable to make calls ( the person was getting missed call from myside )
    1. and anyone who was calling me I was not even able to see it on my phone, and suddenly its a missed bell
    2. Suddenly it was giving error when I was trying to open other apps it says something has stopped / not responding
    3. I tried to pull the battery out and put back in and also changed sim card but doesn’t work, and finally android error on every app.
    4. It also gets hang on when I open call log or dial and also contacts
    5. End up factory reset , it stopped the android error but didn’t help on calls
    6. Did factory reset ( hard reset FORMA erase all data) and also cache format
    I receive no android error but when I open screen lock it un-cloked late or doesn’t and I have to press power button or home button many times and screen doesn’t come ( lags behind the scene )
    7. Still same issue with calls when I open dial or contact together it gives contact not load or error and dial doesn’t open quickly and i still gets missed bell and unable to make call due to slow
    I really don’t know what happened suddenly
    8.Sometimes it says touchwiz not responding wait or okay sometime touchwiz issue
    camera option when open it says FAILD after few seconds ( it delays aswell )

    Tried factory reset many times and also hard reset but no luck :'(
    its android 4.4
    before problem arise it was 4.2 something and then I also upgraded but didnot help either

    Please advise its a darling new phone only used 3-4 days
    Raj karachi pakistan

    • BY phoenix

      hi pls have u found a solution yet on d camera of ur phone myn is really furstrating i just feel like throwing it to hit d wall but i spent alot in gatting it ;-(

  35. BY amelia singh

    I have a Samsung galaxy s4 everything is working but the screen light is not coming on.. help????

  36. BY ayse Ayfer

    I wanted to play videos on my phone, and instead of playing, the videos started downloading to my phone. Some option suddenly popped out, about stopping the downloads and i pressed it. Next thing i know, i can’t download anything, not even apps, and my playstore is not working properly, it doesn’t even open the app, it shuts down. I looked everywhere, and i can’t find that option again. I also cleaned cache and all that…

  37. BY Aurel

    Hi.. i just bought my samsung for about 3 days but everyday the display sometimes becoming like move by its self.. like the display is vibrating..
    did anyone also experiencing the same? can u tell me how to fix it?

  38. BY Ronald

    Hi, my Galaxy S4 keeps complaining ‘Storage space running out’ and refuses to install updates, load new mails etc. However when i go to settings/more/storage it says
    Internal Storage – Total space 16.00 Gb – Available 15.05 Gb – Storage space is running out
    Phone Storage – Total space 16.00 Gb – Available 15.27 Gb
    SD card – Total space 7.4 Gb – Available 1.25 Gb

    so there should be ample storage available!!! How can this be? Why do I see and Internal Storage and Phone storage? Aren’t these the same physical RAM?

    How to resolve?
    Any help much appreciated!

  39. BY Lynn

    I have been having problems with internet connection, incoming/outgoing email, etc. ever since the last Samsung Update. It’s driving me crazy!

    At least once every two weeks I have to REMOVE my email account and then set it up again but this wipes out all my email history and contact information.

    Today, I can’t even connect to Facebook!

    I contacted Samsung and they told me that I have to backup the phone, wipe out EVERYTHING and then restore the backup but the website they gave me doesn’t seem to work properly and I’m scared about wiping out my whole calendar and contact list (I have over 400 contacts on my phone – impossible to replace them all).

    PLEASE can someone help me?

    • BY Lynne

      I went through a complete factory reset with Samsung over the phone and this has still not solved the problem. I also have to delete my email account and reinstate it nearly every day, sometimes more than once.

  40. BY PETER

    I have a Galexy S4 GT-I9505 and cannot turn the camera flash of when my phone rings can you please help as I have gone through every setting and cannot locate how to switch of.Thanks in advance

  41. BY shamnaz

    im using galaxy s4,I cannot download videos from facebook ,even though I have video downloader
    I can download from all other sites , when I play the videos from other sites it wil show “complete action using”dialogue box so I can select the desired app for open that video.but when im u
    playing facebook videos it automaticaly playing .I cannot choose certaion app for playing that video , the dialogu box which showing “complete action using” is not coming in facebook videos..pls help me

  42. BY aniqa

    My phone’s screen is lagging..urs sugstn didnt wrk..wot to dooo???

  43. BY majore

    I have a volume problelm. When I call out, i cannot hear the peson answer nor can they hear me. The same when someone calls me – nothing…the phone rings but I am unable to answer. The volume is set on the max…

  44. BY Leroy

    Excuse me , hopefully someone on here can help me with my problem. When my s4 is turned on , during normal usage , sometimes when i press the power button or home button, the screen just won’t turn on . But after i remove the battery and put it back and reboot the device , it’s working for awhile agin . May i know the cause of the issue ?

  45. BY Madmax

    When going to sertain sites the browser will switch to another page and come up with the whatsapp backgrounds are outdated and i have uninstalled whatsapp and still it comes up have cleared browser data and still it comes back.


  46. BY Jazir

    Hai all,it was all perfect for my galaxy S4 for a year.But the issue related on video as suddenly come up with blinking the screen during the play.Guys is there any solution or whether this is the good time for me to change the phone?

    • BY haydy

      Jazir, did u get any solution as regards the problem with the videos in the s4? thks!

  47. BY chelyah m

    My galaxy won’t play my music and continues to say unable to play music during call but there is no call. What can I do to fix this problem?

  48. BY sandip barot

    I have samsung galaxy s4 mini when I off my data canection after some time it is automatically on by itself… please help me and give the solutions of this problem. ………….

  49. BY billy

    hi I droped my Samson galaxy s3 miny when ovedr it the battery has a dent in it the power botton the camra light keeps flashing and not going on ?????

  50. BY abdi

    my Samsung s4 wont turn on whn i insert the battery the camera light flashes for some time and then it wont start totally i hve also chkd with other working battery bt the same problem hpns
    plse if any one of u hve solution for this tell me as soon as possible

  51. BY Godwin

    please I need you help ,my s4 can not download Facebook and whats app ,it keep on telling me insufficient space because of that I always feel badly all day long ,can I get a help to fix this problems out of my phone

  52. BY Iva

    Hi, I`ve had my S4 for 2 months now and it has changed the contact`s ringtone several times by itself. Why is that?

  53. BY Jennifer

    I have looked through many forums and have not seen this problem. I have had my s4 since they came out. Over the last two months or so, when I am at 2 different locations, I lose all cell service – to the point where the signal bars are replaced by a circle with a line through it. I can connect to wifi at these locations but cannot make a call or send a text. The service will come back on at barely 1 bar and then go back to none and this searching runs down the battery. I have Verizon. Other friends at the same location do not have this problem and though the service may not be terribly strong, they are able to operate their phones without problems. I have tried turning off the wifi and restarting the phone and it makes no difference. The two locations are about 2-3 miles apart. any ideas?

  54. BY John

    I can only speak for Sprint but there is a code to reset your device to the current network in your area. It’s the typical troubleshooting step they have all users do before they assess any further network issues. Go to the Dialer and enter: ##72786#. Be warned that the phone WILL reboot as soon as you enter the code. This will reset the phone to the network and hopefully will help any issues connecting to your wireless network.

  55. BY Elsa

    how can I keep the wifi open, but close the data? This is for use while travelling. thank-you

  56. BY Dana

    I’ve had my s4 for 2 months now and on 3 or 4 occasions, when I click the side button, the one that makes the phone light up, nothing happens. The phone isn’t off, as my notification lights are blinking, it just won’t ‘wake up’. I had to take the battery out and put it back in for it to come back to life (and trying to get the Otter Box off was a complete pain!). Does anyone know what this could be? I was doing a lot of stuff on it before I set it down and was thinking that maybe it was tired and needed a reboot with the battery taken out. BTW, even when I held the side button down the screen wouldn’t come on with the menu to restart, shut down, or sleep. Do you think this is a phone issue?

    • BY Besim

      Did you find an answer to repair that?

  57. BY Marriam

    my bluetooth is not turning on in s4mini..plzz help me in this regard…

  58. BY Suziesuitcase

    I have a new S4 and am on y second one, only when I dial my husbands number he cannot hear me, it’s driving me mad always have to recall the it works. Also when I end the call my date and time settings come up and I have no idea why?

  59. BY Dan

    I had my s4 just a week and the problem is that any time i want to dial a number it will tell me the contact has stopped.i cant seem to use my phone now, someone help me and tell me what to do

  60. BY hazem

    [Q] Wifi problem – “This network has been disconnected. You need to sign in again” this message appear if i previously connected to to a router and go out and come back again > so when i tab the network name this message ” sign-in is required ” >
    please help me
    note : im sorry about my bad English

  61. BY Flamecrakers111

    My s4 was bought around 1 year ago. Today when i tried to unlock my phone it suddenly freezed and it went on freezing for the entire day. I cant seem to use my phone now, can someone help me and tell me what to do?

  62. BY miss_305

    I have had a problem with picture taking. I am not on a phone call and every time I want to take a picture or look at a video I get a message saying “unable to take a pic/see a video while on a phone call”…. but I’m NOT on a phone call. Anyone else with this issue? Please email me

  63. BY sziszi


    I just got a brand new unlocked S4 mini a week ago and after a few days I noticed a crossed 0 symbol on my screen where I should see the sign of signal strength. I am unable to either make or receive a call. I am told it seems to be a software issue. The buyer doesnt want to accept my return request…
    Do you have any idea what is the problem with my phone??

    I really appreciate if you could help me…

  64. BY Ashley!!

    my key bored keeps freezing. like i go to text and it does nothing then it goes away and when it comes back this little thing pops up showing the lang. i picked and then it works. it usually does it after i lock my screen then go to unlock it

  65. BY tracy

    My fone wont let me turn the volume up 2 watch videos but it does for the volume for my ring tone and everything else

  66. BY Elaina

    My phone still thinks it’s on a call even though I hung up the call. After using my phone to make a call and trying to open the camera it says unable to open camera during call. I have had my phone replaced and still the same issue. The software is up to date and the only work around is to restart my phone. I have even tried clearing the apps and the ram. Is there going to be a fix for the software soon?

  67. BY Mumzy

    l have also started having a problem with my Galaxy S4 over the last couple of days too. Purchased in July 2013 and now when l press the home screen button, it comes on then goes to a black screen and then it turns itself off and then back on. Anyone know what could be causing this? Rang Samsung and they said try a factory reset first, did that but it’s still happening.

  68. BY Hoxa Wales

    My s4 has started to shut its display down and then re-start back up on its own. its now phone unusable, i am unable to play games or use any other application as display turns blank and then instantly it turns back on. It even turns on/off even when not being used.

  69. BY Susie Rogers

    I can text my sons s4 but im not receiving his texts help

  70. BY Ray

    Hi, I downloaded music to my S4 from my PC but it does not play most of the tunes.I have previously DL to my iphone and all worked perfect. Any ideas ? Thanks

  71. BY terrytee

    Hi. I can’t download any music or videos straight from the net on my s4.i used to do this on my s2.someone help

  72. BY Cynthia

    I have had my galaxy s4 since August and have had no problems up until a couple of weeks ago. Every 5 minutes my phone vibrates and I can’t figure out why. It’s not a text message, missed call, or email. And all of the apps that send me notifications usually show an icon in the notification bar if they send me a push notification. I can’t figure out why it keeps doing it and it is draining my battery more than usual. I would appreciate any help or advice. Just to clarify, I know when I get a text message, email, or missed call notification and know it is not that that is making it vibrate. Thanks!

  73. BY Nik.onsafari

    Hi my British issue S4 gt-i9505 totally useless if I want internet or email. It will not connect to 3G even though my Blackberry Curve 9300 connects to 3G all day……WHY??? This problem is driving me nuts, my Curve 9300 kicks the S4 butt! Please help me someone, I need to use my S4 for data or should I dump it for an Iphone? Very dissapointed that my S4 is as usefull as my old Nokia 1810 and yet many times the price. Samsung if you are reading this please sort out my phone IT IS EXPENSIVE RUBBISH.

    • BY Romi

      Hi Nick,
      I am having same problem, was your problem resolved? if yes, can you help let me know what was the issue.
      my id:


  74. BY Haytham Taha

    when i installed a new SD card, the missed, received or dialed nummbers aren’t displayed in the call log, when i removed the card it still not displaying the calls in the call log…… can anybody help me

  75. BY victoria

    My granddaughter has recently deleted instagram off my galaxy s4 and when I went to download it again it wouldn’t show up in the appstore please help

  76. BY Ross

    I accidentally reset my phone to factory default, now I always see an annoying android logo at startup, how to get back samsung galaxy logo at startup, thanks…

  77. BY Jamie

    The problem I’ve run into is the gallery not showing my pictures. The only solution that worked for me was to download quickpic app to view my pictures instead.

  78. BY Jessica

    When I am on the phone and another call comes in, I usually try to answer the other call… only on my S4 its impossible. I’ve tried to put the original call on hold and then tried to disconnect from the original call all together, but when I swipe the green circle to answer the new incoming call NOTHING HAPPENS! I just sit there watching my phone ring and ring, and I am powerless to answer it. Is this a common problem?? What do I do?

  79. BY Riel

    My S4 asks me if I want to use touch wiz lite or full … almost every time I press it
    Even though I press … “always” when I select it

    It used to happen after every restart of my phone
    which was moderately annoying by I could deal with it

    Now it’s almost every time I click the “home” button
    Choose the version of touch wiz I want, click ALWAYS… the OK when it tells me where to change the settings
    very very annoying

    Anyone help with this?
    I’d love to have a one click option
    (who uses the ‘lite’ version anyway … can we just remove it so it’s not an option?)


  80. BY Jeff

    Whenever I power cycle my phone it forgets all my alarm ringtone settings. My old Motorola droid never did that but this Samsung keeps testing the default alarm ringtone to morning melody instead off the music I have chosen. This seems to happen on days I power sucks my phone.

  81. BY sherwin pereira

    I have the GT -i9500 and I have a black screen popping up randomly. The screen displays the same info like as if I have the s cover closed (I dont use the s cover). I have formatted my phone, switched off all motions and gestures, used the phone without the memory card but no resolution. Is there a solution??

    • BY Jimmy Macgoo

      S4 …black screen popping up problem. very annoying while in the middle of texting!
      Solved……Switch off power saving mode.

  82. BY gary

    My phone turns off my music everytime my phone sleeps. Its irritating when im at the gym and my music just turns off also while im in the car with bluetooth playing music in my car.

  83. BY Jo

    lock screen or smart screen option disabled on my s4 .any idea to solve?
    factory reset tried already

  84. BY owner

    My galaxy s4 keeps losing internet signal when locked. Downloads are just stopping. Does anyone know how I can make it stay on? Thanks.

  85. BY Ann

    Menu and Back buttons are not working!

    • BY Megan


      Hi, I am experiencing the same issue with the menu and back buttons not working. Have you found any solutions?? I would REALLY appreciate your help if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

  86. BY ctleng76

    Disabling apps doesn’t give you more storage. The apps are still stored there whether they are running or not. Disabling them only frees up RAM which is a different number altogether. Disabling apps also can speed the phone up by keeping them from needlessly running in the background.

  87. BY Michelle

    I just go the S4 yesterday. I had the S2 for the longest time. I could talk on the phone and Google things at the same time. Now when I am on a phone call with the S4, I can’t even access my email or go online to search things. Why not? Does the S4 not allow you to go online while being on the phone? Before I did not need to be on WiFi. Do I need to be on that all the time now?

    Also I live in Hawaii and Sprint said we don’t have the updated 4G towers for the new 4G for these newer phones. My internet is so slow. When I’m a phone call, the 3G doesn’t show up at the top of my screen. Not understanding why my S2 worked just fine, but this new updated one does not. 🙁 Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

  88. BY affan

    This is a serious issue !
    For a few milliseconds my screen turns black with a clock…
    N if i am using my keyboard the screen turns black i get the clock n the keyboard disappears

    • BY Arron

      did you find a fix cause i have the same issue but mine wont go bk to normal all i get is the clock

      • BY May C

        Mine too. Please find solution to this A.S.A.P.

  89. BY riel

    I keep choosing touch wiz home when clicking tge home button but it won’t save the setting so next time I click the home button I have to choose which touchwiz interface I want to use.

    Over and over. ….

  90. BY kym

    my s4 when using internet after few minutes it goes black i try to turn it on again and it starts up to the samsung logo then shuts off i keep trying to turn on but it wont,i have to wait 10 or so minutes before it will turn back on this is with a full battery??any ideas??

  91. BY Jacky

    im hating S4 so much. useless phone that freezes and funny messages keeps popping out. unfortunately has stopped. goggle play has stopped. what the hell samsung.

    • BY inspirit

      Hello, I had it too. It means that ur google playstore software has crashed. U need to reset ur whole phone, but ur data will all be lost. So i advice u to save ur data first before resetting ur S4. Go to ->Settings-> Account-> Back up and Reset. I did it and its working normally again. But the downside is u nd to download back all the apps since after resetting it, its like getting a totally new phone again. hope this is helpful! 

  92. BY Muneer

    Recently my Samsung S4 is giving me serious problem with pictures. After I take picture it is available for few moments and then show sign picture corrupted. Some of the picture some parts are not showing. I went to Samsung customer care they reinstalled/formatted the phone but still the problem persist. I have even change my SD card but of no use 🙁

  93. BY Sam

    My phone also keeps freezing..I get ps….has stopped working….how do I fix it? Thanks

    • BY inspirit

      Hello, I had it too. It means that ur google playstore software has crashed. U need to reset ur whole phone, but ur data will all be lost. So i advice u to save ur data first before resetting ur S4. Go to ->Settings-> Account-> Back up and Reset. I did it and its working normally again. But the downside is u nd to download back all the apps since after resetting it, its like getting a totally new phone again. hope this is helpful! 🙂

      • BY Susan

        Can’t you jut clear cache, force close and reboot phone? I used to have to do that on my razr maxx because all of the sudden I couldn’t update my apps and would get error message. Haven’t had any issues with my s4 yet but haven’t had it for a week yet.

  94. BY Annamarie

    It seems that whenever i close out of an application and go back to my phones home screen that it will pause ( as in my app layout originally wont show up) until after a few seconds or so. is that an app that would be causing that or is is the launcher? recently just got my phone so im still trying to figure it out.

  95. BY Biggles

    Compared to my wifes Galaxy S4 when i take a picture using the flash and it seems to lag behind the picture leaving the picture slightly darker than her’s and what seems to dark.

  96. BY Judy Breighner

    Prior to the update a few days ago my Samsung S4 had synced with my NEW car Bluetooth. Since update it nows says “device does not support voice recognition”. I can recieve calls and make, as long as I go through my contacts manually. Very frustrating as I am on the road a lot and need to pull over to go through my contacts to find who I want to call. Please help as this is driving hazard!


  97. BY Julio

    Why is it that some of my apps have the little android icon and it says SD?.

  98. BY Dovi

    Hi all. I had the samsung galaxy s4 for over 6 months now, had it replaced by insurance company about 2 months ago after loosing it. the new one work fine until 2 days ago when I picked it up from my bedside cabinet where I usually charge it over night and wanted to write a text and it switched off all by it self. I didn’t think anything of it because it does that rarely. But after it rebooted I again proceeded to text message menu but it switched off again. There is no sound after it reboots and it just keeps switching on and off continuously and I just don’t have enough time to go to settings menu or to any other menu before it switches off again and on again. Has anyone had this problem? How did you resolve it? I contacted my insurance company to fix it or replace it but it might take a long time and I am phoneless now:((((

  99. BY coffee1976

    Hi. I used iphones for years. Just few weeks ago upgraded to samsung s4 only as needed bigger screen for my eyes. I downloaded all my aps I used on iphone 16gb..and it keeps saying no storage. So deleted most of them and still get message no storage left!!! With iphone never had that alert! Other issue is poor battery life…wouldnt wouldn’t go

  100. BY Becef007

    HI, When I restart my S4 Mini my Fixed Dial settings are reset and there are no numbers stored in fixed dial menu.

  101. BY dimple

    Thank you so much for the wifi solution turning off the wifi power saver mode worked!! Now its working amazingly.. thank u again!

  102. BY tonkas girl

    Hi everybody! I have a new issue to report maybe someone can help me out. I was trying to connect my active to our home stereo with the bluetooth and it shows that it is connected to the stereo but it will not play the music off my phone and after a couple minutes my phone will disconnect from the stereo. And my phone shuts off by itself and sometimes doesn’t come right back on I have to turn it on.i have also experienced the overheating and freezing and the poir battery life. So frustrated especially how much I spent for this phone!!

  103. BY bong amir

    I had my s4 2 days ago and my problem was the screen time out was setted and when the setted time was reached,my phone was shutting down by itself, how can I fix it pls help me with this concern..

  104. BY tsmith154

    I thought my sd card was the problem until I read your comment. I have a 32gb card that did the same thing. About 2 or three days and the card was not reconized. I will try your trick and re format it. Thanks for posting.

  105. BY mysterio

    I had a problem my s4 was continuously restarting. I read one solution to stop restart which is removing sd card, it worked however when I put sd card the problem of restart starts again. Please if anybody can give me the solution how I can use my sd card since most of my apps and games are in sd card.

  106. BY Abdul kareem

    I have galaxy s4 at&t , I have unlock it but in every three to four minutes my s4 stop working and shows that the google play store stop working and Google search stop working ..Please help me out if you have any solution

  107. BY AZIZ

    I have a problem in my Galaxy S4. It always freeze when I use phone app i.e. contacts, logs…etc . Could you please advice on this ?

  108. BY Matthew

    When I switch my phone off because I don’t want it to ring, and when I switch it back on again my ringer volume decreases to very low so I can’t hear when it rings. I keep missing calls and it is very annoying I bought the s4 mini 5 weeks ago and I noticed this problem for a while now. I would appreciate some help if anybody has any ideas why it is doing this

  109. BY Sue-n-Bob

    I have used a docking station since my galaxy s2. Now that I have upgraded to a samsung galaxy s 4, I have noticed that my display comes on indiscriminately. I of course have wifi and Bluetooth on, and have my display set to go off after 2 minutes. Sometimes this works and other times it does not and I must hit the power button.sometimes I will wake in the middle of the night and my screen is on and I do not know why. Any recommendations?

  110. BY Nilesh

    I use to always turn off mobile in night I start again in morning.
    Today I started my mobile and it is starting for 1 or 2 min and then switching off itself and restaring again ismy battery is gone.
    Please share some idea..

  111. BY Vikas kumar

    Samsung galaxy s4 is not good . It has 2 problem that occurs very frequently. Its software hang automatically without any reason. The 2nd major problem is that , my s4 stopped display anything on screen. I was receiving message notification, call but it was not displaying on screen just a whole blank screen. It is something weird.

    I would recommend everyone not to take s4. its expensive and not good .

  112. BY jo

    I bought my Galaxy S4 from AT&T store, unlocked it with a code I bought and everything worked great for two months now, untill last week. suddenly calls started dropping in the middle, like after 2 minutes talking the call drops or even when calling befor the other person answers their phone, the call just drops. please help:/

  113. BY zoro

    I have same problem too …..restarting when battery is 50 % and battery became strange and swelling …sometime phone stop immediately and can’t restart…I must to mentioned i bought 2 samsung s4 ….and they have same problems with battery with restarting and etc. ….Solution I dont think$#@!….S4 is not good phone. ..

  114. BY Baveh

    My phone keeps freezing..I get ps….has stopped working….how do I fix it? Thanks

  115. BY AF

    I have been having problems with my s4. Things have popped up on my phone and I can’t explain nor know where they came from. Pictures and videos. Can anyone explain to me why. I haven’t down loaded anything on my phone. Every time these pictures and videos show up they are under a downloaded file in my gallery. I know for a fact I didn’t download any of them. There was nothing on my phone when I took a picture of my daughter. When I went back to my gallery to look at the pic I noticed a video was in the downloaded file which wasn’t there before.

  116. BY sterl benson

    I have installed 2 separate 32GB sdhc class 10 cards ,the first was a Samsung one the second was a branded one.. after a couple of weeks the phone rebooted and it told me that I had no card installed.. so I took it out and the card would no longer work in any other phone or on any pc.. so sent it back and bought another, one week down the line the phone rebooted it self and when restarted . I check for the card to find the same thing has happened.. but this time I have managed to reformat the card after losing everything that was on it and replace it in the phone and it seems ok so far..has any one else had sdhc not being recognised trouble ..also noticed that the flash is not really in syncro to the shutter on the camera..

  117. BY phill


  118. BY rishav

    Hi there,

    As for the wifi issues resolved. I have same problems for my mobile network service. Please is there a code for mobile network like the wifi *#0011#. My mobile network keep turn off automatically while I’m still using my phone.

    I have samsung S4.

    • BY Reza

      I use galaxy S4 till 1 year. now showing 1 problem. now I live in Qatar. my mobile is not properly working when on 3G mode. only working on 2G. plz give me soliution.

  119. BY Anu

    I have purchased samsung s4 mini on 15th Sept. Today suddenly it got reset, when it was in pouch. Is there any serious problem?

  120. BY Louis

    I have had my S4 now for 4 months and experienced simular issues. My phone would also reboot it self and drain the battery instantly. I had the battery replaced and problem solved. But I’m still experiencing another issue … the screen will for no reason brighten up and dim again and every time that happens my keyboard dissapear.

    • BY Aasia

      Experiencing same problem even after replacing the battery. Till it is connected with the usb charger it is fine. Once I disconnect it the battery drains in no time. I shall give in the service centre soon.

  121. BY jo lewis

    Hi thx for this I have encountered all above.memory one most annoying. However im now having trouble with texts. I cannot seem to receive my husband or sons texts but every1 else is fine. Im on 3 network and the technical team are even lost. Any ideas. Btw thy are able to recieve mine.

    • BY Ejla

      Try deleting them from your contacts, and than write again as new contacts. (My husband coldn’t send me a message, and this fixed it.)

  122. BY shaniel

    hello guys i have the same problem as phones turns off and on by itself continiously..what shoud i do? i bought it on amazon and have no waranty on it

    • BY howard

      mine did the same thing i took the SD card or chip out and the phone worked fine the sd card has to be formated

  123. BY MarkofLA

    Moral of all these stories … should have bought an iPhone. I’ve had iPhones for years now and never, EVER experienced any problems like these. In fact, never experienced any problems at all. I was thinking of getting a Galaxy S4 just for something new but these stories and many others like them have turned me off. So I’ll be getting the new iPhone 5S, thank you very much.

  124. BY SShah

    I am having a nuisance problem with my Galaxy S4 lately. The display does not turn ON by its own, so I can push the End Call button at the end of conversation. This is also an issue that does not allow seeing who is on my call waiting during the ongoing call since no display. Only way to bring the display ON is by pushing the right side power button. I bought this phone brand new four months ago. Can someone help me resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

    • BY jim

      Did you get a solution to the screen not lighting up when a call waiting call comes in? I have the same problem, hopefully you can help.

    • BY Rafael

      Hi . I have the exact same issue . Have you managed to solve it ? Please tell me how as I am struggling with this device now . Many thanks

  125. BY Rutuja

    My Google play aint workin properly gets automatically closed ..”Unfortunately,Google Play Store has stopped ”
    “Unfortunately,the has stopped”
    this msgs appears constantly which leads the phn to hang fr a bit of time ..:(
    No apps get downloaded on my phn..:(:(
    Plz i need sum help on dis prblm..:'(

  126. BY iyke

    i got my s4 on june and it has been working fine since then, but recently it has been driving me crazy. sometimes it doesnt recognize my 32gd sd card again and it keeps telling me “sd card unmounted”. now, its no longer charging. i have tried to charge it with different charger but it still doesnt charge instead it tells me “hdmi cable connected”. when i put the battery into another phone, it charges perfectly but still doesnt charge in mine.
    please guys, i really need help.

  127. BY Ian Andrews

    Thanks very much for these tips.
    1 When I touch Settings => My Device => Lock Screen, I’m only presented with Home and lock screens – no other options. How to get round that?
    2 The multi screen is very difficult to edit: it’s almost impossible to pick up icons and, when I do, they won’t move on or off the strip.
    3 I wouldn’t mind rooting the phone but, when I do a hard boot, I’m presented with a screen in Korean. How to obtain the screen in English?
    Thanks for your help.

  128. BY fran

    Same as the others, my S4 suddenly turns off…i just got it for 2 months…and i thought at first that it might be because i was just out of battery…but when i charged it and tried to turn it on, it shut down again and i have to try to turn it on again…for the nth time…so today i am planing to have the phone check…

  129. BY HK

    hi, i have problem of wi-fi with my S4. i switched on wifi hotspot once and it worked for only 4-5 mins and later got disconnected automatically. since then i’m not able to switch on wifi hot spot and not even just wifi. whenever i try to switch on wifi the button turns to right but in grey color and after some seconds it goes back to off state but message shows “turning on” which also after some time goes off. anyone has solution to this problem?

  130. BY Lindsey

    Good day, I’ve had my galaxy for some time now, and I started experiencing an issue with it some day ago.

    My phone goes on speaker automatically every time I answer a call. Please help as this is quite embarrassing!

    • BY Misawa Mandi

      You probably inadvertently turned on “Hands-Free” mode. You can find it under Settings –>My device.

    • BY Ariel

      You may have driving mode switched on.
      swipe down from the top to get to the toggles (WFI, GPS etc) and turn it off from there if it’s on. if not Google ‘talking android phone’

  131. BY Tom

    My S4 started to reboot as well till at one point all it was doing was in a reboot cycle over and over again. Found out is was my SD card that was causing the issue. After removing and starting up the phone, the reboots stopped. The SD card used to work on this phone so I put it back into another droid phone and it worked there. Inserted it again to the S4 and the phone started it’s reboot cycle over and over again. Moved the card back to the other Droid phone and notice that I was unable to format the SD Card. After downloading all my pictures from the micro SD Card I inserted it into a standard SD sleave and inserted it into the SD slot of the computer and reformated it to fat32. After the format, the SD Card was recognized by both phones and the S4 was no longer rebooting.

  132. BY Kim

    I have a Samsung GalaxyS, I had some problems last month my phone wasn’t charging when it was on the charger..I went into the store( Forgot to bring my charger with me) it was the one that came with the phone originally. She put it on a charger and it started charging. She sold me a new charger and everything has been fine up until recently. Now I’m having the same issue again. Anyone having problems like this? What did you do to resolve the problem??

    • BY Shan

      was this issue fixed ? i’m having the same issue and its really frustrating 🙁

  133. BY Kirk

    My phone keeps freezing..I get ps….has stopped working….how do I fix it? Thanks

  134. BY shahalam

    hello sri my galaxy s4 some time work some time not working whats problem i dont no please give me solution

  135. BY Mark

    Ive had my S4 for 5 days and is constantly turning itself off and on since I got it out the box. its an upgrade so is going back and im going to iphone for the first time, had S2 for the last 2 years although I had 4-5 of those in those 2 years due to software malfunctions. Fed up with android now

  136. BY Milos

    I have serious problem with my S4 and wifi – not with connection, but with wifi turning on/off. If i use phone connected with wifi about hour (browsing, playing video, youtube, etc) – and this is important, phone become hot (35-40C by sensors .. this is normal), but wifi module freezes (icon is not green and not grey – some state between, and in wifi setting is written turning on for hours). After this battery rapidly drain (15% per hour), even if no app using or phone sleeps, some time phone restarts and freezes. Only help is to turn phone for one or more hours, and after boot turn off wifi and use only mobile data. I do some research and found process who drains battery – wifi state machine (running under android system, cant be killed) it has 1000 and more wakelocks in 10min. I try to do factory reset, use couple other wifi networks, use many wifi repair tools and no result. Have you solution for me please? Maybe it is HW trouble?

    • BY PEDRO


  137. BY Rachel

    My s4 has also started to shut itself down and then re-start back up on it own. Over the last few weeks this has been increasing and is now making phone unusable at times. It even turns on/off even when not being used. Off to get checked out. If get ans will post.

    • BY Hoxa Wales

      hey Rachel. my phone is just two weeks old and facing the same issue. did you get your phone checked? can u let me know any details in this regard?

    • BY very irate

      I am having the same problem, It doesn’t matter what i am doing, phone switches off and rstarts but unable to unlock it as numbers do not appear for a while and even when they do it doesn’t accept the numbers till curser appears which also takes ages. Getting worse. Would a factory restore help? Loved this phone but won’t put up with this much longer. Its been a few months now 🙁

    • BY irritated

      My s4 has been shutting itself off randomly also. And after it does that it runs slow and apps wont work or internet won’t load. And it will also not send messages either. So I have to take it apart and take the battery out for about 30seconds and restart it up. But its such an inconvenience. I’ve heard this phone has many problems after I bought it. Wish they could fix this

      • BY che

        hi.i got my s4 mini 6m0s from now and I had encounter this problem last tuesday when my phone shut off while im charging it.but when I pressed the power button it does not re start and vibrates only..until now nothing appear on the screen, it had no power at all.. have no idea what happen to my phone? i always took extra care with my stuff, im stressed having encountered this kind of problem. its still on warranty period but I can’t take it to the store where it was purchased since my brother bought it in Qatar last sept. Does anyone know what could this be?

  138. BY Drew

    I’ve had the s4 for a few weeks now and had no problems until 2 days ago when it started shutting down and rebooting continuously, by itself. I have not heard off anyone else with this problem as of this post. As it is under warranty it is’nt such a big deal for me but I thought I would mention it here anyways.

    • BY PEDRO


    • BY tom

      Yes I have had my s4 for nearly a week now, and frequently when on web it stops and I have to reload again. I think samsung really jumped the gun with the s4. I do like it, but wish they spent a little more time on tech design. Also, mine won’t dl apps any more. Iv had an app “installing” now for 3 whole days. Ws able to get fb at 1st, then that’s all. Actually preffer my iphone4 haha. Least it functions.

      • BY Lauren

        same issue – cannot use google maps/internet for more than 10 mins or so or the phone turns itself off. Awful battery retention. It is a shame as it is a nice phone. very frustrating!

    • BY gaither

      Have the same issue as of last night. How did they fix it?

    • BY Derek

      I’ve had the same problem after downloading a software update last week. Phone keeps turning itself off and when in apps or when surfing the web after 10 minutes and battery drain is extraordinary now. This has persisted to the point where the phone is now unreliable and I have to return it.

  139. BY ki

    So I got an issue when I try to go on instagram on the 4g lte my pics load slow why is that

  140. BY Tarek Mansour

    Yes i had the same problem exactly, when i coud not connect to the 3g i tried to do restart the device, but it stuck on the samsung logo, what you have to do to overcome this problem, is the fllowing:-
    1- dont remove the battery, you just long press the power button with the volume up key until the device boots up
    2- if you have installed the go launcher or the next launcher or any launcher, or any launcher, this is your main problem, before you restart the device , disable the launcher first to let the device to boot on the touch wizard
    3- you dont have to go to any one, just try this many times and you will find it helpful
    4- i dont know what causes the 3g or wi fi problem but i appeared that it is a common sofware problem, so try to update to the latest version of software

    • BY Afsar

      Thanks Bro for your suggestion. it works

  141. BY Mirza Ismail Baig

    Thanks for the solutions. The wifi one helped. 🙂

    Recently i incurred a serious error on my phone. I came back home and removed my phone from pocket and saw a message on whatsapp. Opened it to reply but couldn’t coz my 3G was not connecting. Tried connecting my wifi but failed on it as well. I thought may be some network issue and rebooted. And while rebooting it came to the Samsung logo animation and stopped at the Samsung name. And didn’t start 🙁 Removed batter many times and opened but failed to open the phone. Had to visit a technician as it was night and he did a Hard Reset to the phone by which it opened up and is working fine since then. Did anyone else suffered with this issue ? I am scared to restart my phone or switch it off after this.

    • BY zahra

      hi i read ur problem about ur phone and i have the same issue as well, but i do not want to send my phone to the phone company. do u have any advice of how i can stop the phone from going off by itself, it is extremly annoying and frustrating when i turn it on and it goes back off


      • BY Palesa

        i am having the same problem with my Gs4.. it gets soo annoying… it goes off on its own, i turn it on, then it freezes right at the sumsung logo too.. sometimes it just freezes or worse cant unlock it… as we speak, i cant use it… i have given up… help


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