How to Solve the Common iPhone 5S Problems

We have listed several iOS 7 tips and tricks after it was released. Now it comes to the iPhone 5S since some owners have reported that they encountered many issues on their new iPhone 5S, such as apps crashing issue or blue screen of death. Today we’ll cover the solutions to the common iPhone 5S problems one by one.

How to Solve the Common iPhone 5S Problems

How to Fix the Blue Screen of Death Issue on the iPhone 5S A lot of owners reveal they have encountered the blue screen of death on their iPhone 5S. They report that if they use Pages, Keynote or Numbers while editing documents, pressing the Home button can cause the iPhone 5S to crash to a blue screen. A reboot doesn’t work. The apps crashing issue is said to be related with the 64-bit processor, which tries to run 32-bit software. However, currently Apple hasn’t released an update to fix it. Here are the temporary solutions.
  1. Make sure you back out of documents before pressing the Home button.
  2. Go to Settings=>iCloud=>Documents & Data to disable iCloud sync for iWork apps by turn off Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
How to Deal with the Problem of Apps Automatically Logging Out Some users are noticing they have to log in certain apps again and again when they use the iPhone 5S. The culprit could be the background app refresh. Fortunately, some developers have fixed this issue by removing the feature. However, iPhone 5S owners can also go Settings=>General=>Background App Refresh to turn it off. How to Figure out the Issue that Microphone Doesn’t Work Some people are suffering the issues with the microphone, which doesn’t pick up their voice clearly. The iPhone 5S users said they can’t record voice notes in a specific app or they can’t be heard during calls. You can follow the solutions below to fix these issues.
  1. Make sure you have remove the protective film from the screen before you use iPhone 5S.
  2. Go to Settings=>Privacy=>Microphone to make sure a specific app has permission to use the microphone.
  3. If the culprit is the noise cancelation, go to Settings=>General=>Accessibility to turn off Phone Noise Cancelation.
How to Settle the Issue that Touch ID Doesn’t Work for iTunes Purchases Some owners complained that the iPhone 5S would not accept the fingerprint to authenticate an iTunes purchase and would insist on then entering their password. Apple addressed this is a bug issue and has already fixed it in the 7.0.1 update. Therefore, the solution is to make sure you have the latest iOS 7 by going to Settings=>General=>Software Update. Additional: iPhone 5S Issues without Solutions at Present. (We are expecting Apple could fix the following issues in the future and we’ll update once the solutions are available.) Level and Compass Measurements Issues It’s reported that the iPhone 5S has incorrect level and compass measurements, which could be caused due to a switch in supplier for the accelerometer in the iPhone 5S. Because the iPhone 5 doesn’t suffer from these issues and the suppliers for the accelerometer in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 are different. It’s said these issues could be solved with software on Apple’s part but for now developers can compensate for the increased offset. However, Apple hasn’t responded to these issues yet. Buttons Rattling Issues Some users have reported that their iPhone 5S Home button clicks loudly and the Power button rattles when the iPhone 5S is shaken. And a new replacement iPhone 5S doesn’t help. Some owners said this could be caused by a loose battery. If so, you can take your iPhone 5S into an Apple store and ask them to fix it. But if not, you may have to get used to the “Noise”. Have you ever experienced any other issues on your iPhone 5S? Post in the comment box and we’ll try our best to help you out.
  1. BY mike

    the “white” apple will just appearAny ideas as if it is rebooting. Last time it was followed by frozen screen, then blue screen then reboot.

  2. BY Regina Marie Fuentes

    my slide to power off didn’t worked out, how can i fix this??

  3. BY Wanda Crumpler

    When I receive a new e-mail the sound will come when I click and will stay on until I go out of the e-mail. How do I prevent this from happen?

  4. BY Name (required)

    Plz my iPhone 4s can not be activated by a server it keep on displaying server can not be reached or sim not valid after I have reset it, fail to activate on cellular an wifi network please help me with a solution pleace

  5. BY sheilah ruppel

    My Iphone 5s has been shutting off and on….the scree turns white and then blue and then black and it goes through this process for 15 minutes before it comes back on…..It does this about 30 or 40 times a day making it almost impossible to use. Plus the battery icon is always on white…and if the screen is white it shows black…..making using a iphone frustrating and discouraging

  6. BY ric

    im having same problem, hopefully it gets fixed, its so annoying I may switch back to samsung

  7. BY Dennis Bowen

    Fully charged 5s iPhone will not turn on and stay on. Pressing buttons many times may get startup screen to display briefly then it darkens.


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