Smartphone Safety Issues: The Top 7 Safety Tips

The year 2013 has witnessed plenty of cellphone battery explosions. Earlier on July, news from Chinese News Agency claimed that a 23-year-old woman has died while handling her charging iPhone 5. Her family alleged she was electrocuted while answering a call on her iPhone that was charging. At the end of July, the apartment of a Hong Kong resident Mr. Du was destroyed by his Samsung Galaxy S4 explosion. The device Galaxy S4 was allegedly “burst into flames,” while another Galaxy S3 explosion reportedly has caused a third-degree burns for a woman.

smartphone exploding

After these fatal accidents occurred, both Apple and Samsung companies decided to investigate the exact causes leading to the accidents. Anyway, these incidents arouse people’s great attention on cellphone safety problems. How to make sure your handset on your hand is safe? We list some useful cellphone safety tips for your reference.

Tip 1 – Purchase an original cellphone

You’d better purchase an original cellphone from cellphone manufactures’ official shops with normal warranty and cellphone maintenance service.

Tip 2 – Choose genuine smartphone replacement parts

If you plan to buy cellphone replacement part yourselves when your phone parts are damaged, please choose original cellphone components, especially for battery or charger. Considering the counterfeit batteries are most dangerous, we provide the helpful tutorial “How to Identify the Original and Fake Cellphone Battery”.

Tip 3 – Don’t handle a charging phone

Avoid answering a phone call while the phone is charging. A professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology said 'There is a risk using an electrical device while its installed battery is being charged, be it a shaver or a phone.'

Tip 4 – Don’t overcharge smartphone

Do not overcharge your device. Otherwise, it will lead to overheating and may possibly cause the phone to catch fire or explode.

Tip 5 – Keep battery away from direct heat source

It is important to keep battery away from direct heat sources. If you get spare batteries, do not place it next to metal objects, because metal will cause the battery short-circuit.

Tip 6 – Keep the phone away from you when you sleep

Try not to sleep with your phone under the pillow. You’d better keep the phone away from you when you go to bed.

Tip7 – Ask for professional help

When your phone is improperly discharged or appears to be in high temperature, please go to cellphone repair center to ask for professional help.


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