Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat Update Causing Problems for Some Users

When some Nexus 4 users are cheering for the OTA Android 4.4 KitKat update on their handset, others are complaining about the problems caused by the update. Some owners have reported the issues with quick settings problems, broken dialer, lock screen, unresponsive home button and other issues.

Nexus 4 Android 4.4 KitKat Update Causing Problems for Some Users

However, not all Nexus 4 owners are experiencing these problems after installing the KitKat. It seems these problems only haunt those who updated their Nexus 4 to Android 4.4 build KRT16S via OTA update from previous 4.3 build JWR66Y.

Although there is no confirmation from Google, it’s believed these issues are due to the negative interaction between some system files and existing data on some owners’ Nexus 4. Therefore, you can try the solutions below to fix the bugs.

•  Try to do a factory reset. But make sure you make a backup first to avoid losing any important files or apps on the device.

•  Use ADB to run the setup wizard again by sending the command: 'adb shell am start -n'. It’s reported this should fix the home button issues.

If you haven’t upgraded your Nexus 4 to Android 4.4, you'd better wait for the official fix from Google.  But if you can’t wait to update, you can have a try to see whether you are a lucky fellow. After all, these issues are only affecting some users and Google hasn’t acknowledged how widespread the issue is.

Have you encountered any Nexus 4 upgrade issues mentioned above? How did you solve them? Let us know in the comment.

  1. BY RL

    I have the same problem and I never had Instagram installed

  2. BY Raj

    Screen just blacks out after the upgrade when I use it to listen to the voice messages

  3. BY shane parnell

    my nexus 4 (4.4) now overheats, restarts, battery drains in a crazy way, my phone could be fully charged and then it will turn off around 50% battery, i turn it back on and it says 0%!!!! i have only owned this phone for 3 days and already i’m starting to regret it

    • BY Sunita

      I am also having same problem in my Nexus 4. Phone is not reachable , restart it battery drains out . dill number and phone is out of coverage now restart battry zero, i have to plug th charger to get it back

    • BY Suneel

      Hi, I had the same problem with my Nexus 4. It started overheating and draining my battery really very fast. I contacted the Google Play support today regarding the issue and they helped me finding and fixing the issue (Still trying out and so cannot say it with 100% confirmation). I think the issue is mainly because of the applications that continuously run in the background. I went in to the settings and then into the battery, I found that “Virgin Entertain” app that I installed almost 2 weeks ago while I was traveling was using 44% of my battery even though I was not using it at all (every one knows when ever you are using any application the processor and RAM generate heat and so when the app continuously runs in the background and you try to use other apps without knowing what other app is using your resources, it really has a toll on the hardware and heats up not to mention the battery drain). I immediately uninstalled it and then plugged it in for charging… well.. it seems that my Nexus 4 back to normal again. Now it is charging as normal and no more over heating <3 . If you are uncertain about which app is causing this problem. you can always try uninstalling the unimportant apps one by one and then zero in on to the app. But first, to find out if the overheating or rapid battery discharge is caused by the apps that are running in the background, try rebooting you phone into safe mode (all third party apps will be disabled in this mode) and then check for over heating and battery drain. If there is no problem with you phone in this mode then you know how to hunt down the app causing the problem. Hope this helped you in fixing the problem. All the very best 😀

      • BY Suneel

        Ohhh!! by the way.. I forgot to mention… some of the people were saying that this problem was caused by the “Instagram” app which was installed on there phone. I never used one so I cannot be sure 😀

  4. BY soozie bee

    I hate Kit Kat. My Nexus 4 is so frustrating, the dialler blacks the screen out from the moment I dial a number. If I change my mind or ring the wrong number there is nothing I can do to hang up. The screen stays black, I try hitting the power button to get the screen up and it does nothing. I can’t hang up at the end of a conversation, instead have to rely on the other person hanging up. When they do I still have to wait about 30 seconds for the phone to come “back to life” and allow me to use it again.
    Even more annoying is my partner’s Nexus 4, bought at the same time, everything done to it identical to mine, the dialler works fine.
    Just give me a phone that works again!!! Google what the heck are you doing? Major glitches and you aren’t doing anything to fix them. Last time I buy a Google phone.

    • BY Phishfood12

      I have this too! I just got it today when trying to ring a mate… This phone is AMAZING in terms of what it can do don’t get me wrong it’s one of the smartest on the market but SERIOUSLY GOOGLE? You focus too much on adding supercool features to notice that your flagship device is SERIOUSLY lacking in BASIC functions??? D: It’s almost like they forgot that it actually is still used to call people lol ;P

    • BY Tarun Kapoor

      I have the Same problem with my nexus

  5. BY JC Blachere

    My Nexus 4 is totally unusable.
    The screen is irresponsive.
    I tried to flash an earlier version of Android (go back to 4.3) and even that hasn’t solved the problem with the screen

  6. BY dave c

    Nexus 7 virtually unusable since KitKat download, freezes, will not play HD movies, jumps to different pages. Was fine on jellybean. Very Angry.!


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