Leaked BlackBerry A10 Middle Plate – Could Possibly be Called BlackBerry Z30

Last month, ETrade Supply showed you for the first time the new BlackBerry A10 display and back cover in a detailed comparison with the BlackBerry Z10’s parts. However, recent reports said that the first A-series device BlackBerry A10 could likely come out as BlackBerry Z30. And this is actually quite possible since we have got from reliable sources some leaked pictures of this could-be BlackBerry Z30. From the pictures we can see clearly that it has big words showing 5.0” HD AMOLED DISPLAY and 2800mAhr BATTERY POWER. These two figures are exactly the same as previously leaked specs for the BlackBerry A10. But the catchiest information in this middle plate is the “BlackBerry Z00”, which is possibly indicating that the BlackBerry A10 could actually belong to the Z-series. This BlackBerry’s new flagship is rumored to launch in November, so there is still some time to go, during which anything could happen. Stay focused on ETradeSupply.com for the latest parts and updates. BlackBerry A10/Z30 Middle Plate 2 BlackBerry A10/Z30 Middle Plate 1 BlackBerry A10/Z30 Battery Door


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