Blackberry A10 LCD Screen and Digitizer Assembly and Battery Door Leaked

As the time goes, rumors are spreading about new and upcoming devices, and one of the hottest rumors right now is about Blackberry's new flagship device – the Blackberry A10. The latest rumors on this device are based on the specs and the so-called battery door of A10. It is said that the A10 will have a 5” 1280x720 display and a dual-core processor. And from the leaked pictures of the A10 battery door, it looks similar to the Z10 battery door while the material is more like that used for the Q10.

A10-battery-door-and-lcd-screen-assembly- has got their hands on two A10 parts: a digitizer and LCD screen assembly and a battery door with Verizon 4G LTE logo on it. After we measured the exact specs of them, it seems that the former rumors are right. The Dimension of the LCD assembly is 130 x 70 x 1.9 mm, and the display of A10 is a Samsung-made 5” super AMOLED screen. We are not sure whether the resolution of this display is 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1080, but we hope Blackberry can get the same display used in the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the PPI of its new flagship (295 ppi), which is even lower than the Z10(355 ppi).

A 10 lcd screen assembly compared z10

A10 lcd screen assembly compared with Z10

A10 lcd screen assembly compared with Z10

The dimension of the A10 battery door is 140 x 71 mm compared with Z10's 130 x 65.6 mm.

 Blackberry A10 battery door

The battery door of the A10 has a much more solid feeling than the battery door of Samsung, though they are all made from plastic. On top and bottom of the battery door, there are 3 loud speaker holes, very different from that on the Z10. Focus on to get the latest cell phone news!


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