Another iPhone 5S Part Leaked

The phone part leaker website, who leaked the LCD display of the iPhone 5s last week, have again leaked photos of the iPhone 5s front-facing camera and again claims that the pictures are real. The website also mentions that the previously leaked iPhone 5s front facing camera pictures by letemsvetemapplem is actually the front camera of the iPhone 5, and not the 5S.

From the photos, it is easy to see that the part, which keeps the ribbon in place, is exactly the same as the iPhone 5. But in the iPhone 5S, we can see that the front-facing camera ribbon has a few changes. We believe this could be due to the design changes in the logic board. In this leak, Fanatic one does not mention the camera’s resolution. But according to other rumors, the front-facing camera of the next-generation iPhone is expected to be 2MP and the rear-facing camera will be upgraded to 13MP with dual LED flash. It is believed that these upgrades in the hardware, plus the latest iOS7 will bring a better and new experience to users.  


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