iPhone 5S LCD Assembly Photos Leaked

Two different sources release two different sets of pictures of the new iPhone 5S LCD and digitizer assembly. Famous for leaking parts website Moumantai released photos of the logic board earlier Monday. Then today two different sources released photos of the LCD assembly. A blurry one by Macrumors.com and hi-def photos from fanaticfone. According to fanaticfone’s images and descriptions, including a comparison with the iphone 5, the LCD assemblies are very similar. The iPhone 5S it appears will have a longer flex cable and the front housing seems like it will have a few small differences than its predecessor. There is also a noticeable sensor hole in the top right where there used to be a screw hole.  Aside from these little differences, it looks like there aren’t going to be any big surprises with the new iPhone 5s. What it will offer on the inside we are yet to see. But I don’t think anyone is expecting too much. More exciting perhaps as we mentioned a few months ago, is the unofficial “confirmation” of the lower-range iPhones expected to come out later this year. We will keep updating this topic, so if you want to get the latest news for iPhone 5S, you could come and like your facebook page, follow our twitter account or our google+ page to get the latest update!

IMG_9014 IMG_9037 IMG_9031 IMG_9026 IMG_9017

  Sources: Macrumors, Moumantai, FanaticFone.com
  1. BY Presley

    those are great updates of the new iphone 5s. All iphones look slightly the same what matters in the new features.


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