Nex-gen iPhone and Lower-Range iPhone Rumored to be Multicolored

On Thursday, Japanese blog Macotakara reported that the nex-gen flagship iPhone and lower-range iPhone will come in an array of colors. The site claimed that the cheaper iPhone will feature a plastic shell with navy, gold, orange, white, pink, green, blue, and yellow as the available colors. Apple plans to start limited production of 1,000 units in June for field testing, the phone is rumored to cost around $350 to $400. [caption id="attachment_2714" align="alignnone" width="300"]Nex-gen iPhone and Loer-Range iPhone Rumored to be Multicolored Nex-gen iPhone and Loer-Range iPhone Rumored to be Multicolored[/caption] The website claims that the speculated iPhone 5S could also get new colors. Apart from previous black and white models, the device could be available in green or gold as well. Before there were many speculations that the phone may come in pink. Currently MacRumors claims that the iPhone 5S could also have a dual-LED flash. The latest iPod Touch 7 already hit the shelves in some colors, which may suggests Apple is planning to replicate this feature with its forthcoming smartphones. According to MacRumors, the cheaper iPhone is said to begin trial production as early as June. However, many rumors speculate the device won't come out until 2014. The nex-gen iPhone is speculated to be set for release sometime this fall, previously it was said that the device will be released as soon as July. News from Macotakara and Macrumor


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